Case Keenum out with concussion; Dwayne Haskins playing


Dwayne Haskins has replaced Case Keenum to open the second half.

Keenum is out with a concussion, according to the team.

It appears Keenum was injured on a sack by Vikings defensive tackle Linval Joseph when he came down on his head on second down with 2:05 remaining. Washington’s quarterback stayed in for another down, throwing an incompletion before a Dustin Hopkins field goal.

Washington did not take another snap from scrimmage in the first half.

He went 12-of-16 for 130 yards and lost a fumble before leaving.

Haskins is making his second appearance of the season, with the 15th overall choice making his debut against the Giants in Week Four.

Haskins went 1-for-2 for 6 yards on the opening possession of the second half, forcing the game’s first punt. The Ohio State product was 9-of-17 for 107 yards and three touchdowns in the loss to the Giants.

40 responses to “Case Keenum out with concussion; Dwayne Haskins playing

  1. There goes the ball game, unfortunately. Hope Keenum can come back and at least make it interesting. He was playing well.

  2. Oh, goodie – Haskins-Robbins is playing – time for the multi-flavored interceptions he’ll throw! Can’t wait. Can he throw more than 3 picks tonight?

  3. For awhile there I thought I was watching the Washington Hot Knives against The Minnesota Butter.

    Go Redskins! Great stop on 4th!

  4. Haskins is just another Ohio State QB that won’t be worth the spot they were taken in the draft….terrible pick by Washington

  5. There is the first interception of Haskins-Robbins – what a joke and a clown this fool is. He has no business being in the NFL!

  6. Why did the Vikings go for it on fourth down at their 35 yard line.

    They knew that they’d get the ball back before any field goal would be attempted.

    Haskins-Robbins. The turnover machine that Cousins’ haters deserve!

  7. Haskins has gotten FAT since he’s signed with Washington….Guess we know where he’s spending that rookie cash

  8. I see the officals are doing everything they can to make sure the Vikings don’t choke another prime time game. Terrible roughing call on Cousins. I do like the fact that Zimmer went for it on his own 34. Great offensive mind

  9. Colt McCoy is inactive today. That would be like running a car with four bald tires and then putting four rims in the trunk without any tires as spares.

  10. It was a good game, until that rookie qb that’s a bust stepped in, it was over then. He stinks. He doesn’t belong in the nfl. A 350 Pound lineman can do a better job at qb. What a waste of a,pick . Worst “qb” I’ve ever seen try to play qb. What an embarrassment. The redskins should play the 3rd string qb. He can’t do any worse than haskins. I can do a better job passing the ball.

  11. Where are the naysayers who criticized the Giants for passing on Haskins in the draft? It looks like the Giants made the right choice going with Daniel Jones.

  12. Josh Norman was given a tarp. He was asked to cover the best wide receiver. He couldn’t open the plastic wrapping on the tarp.

  13. All of these holding calls against the Vikings because the line is 16.5 , Vikings score and it’s 17. Obviously Vegas needs Washington to cover. This is ridiculous

  14. Haskins is another sorry overrated joke out of Ohio state. Max kellerman and Stephen A Smith crying for this guy over Jones and now they are hoping everyone forgot about it.

  15. Yeah he was playing pretty well. But Redskins says Haskins not yet ready for the big time. True he is a rookie. But still they say he is not yet ready.

  16. Haskins is a bust. Kid thinks he should play but anytime he gets in he’s awful. I’m sick of the excuses, the pick he threw was to a guy he’s been throwing to for 3+ years he doesn’t know how McLaurin runs routes?

    They need to play him now so they can see how bad he is to get a new QB next year

  17. Sorry to see Case get hurt. Wish we would have kept him. Class guy and good competitor.

  18. Keenum looked at least comfortable playing against our defense, which was to be somewhat expected as he practiced against this defense for an entire year. Hope he recovers fast.

  19. Ultraviolet Thunder on an absolute tear – as a depressed skins fan I can’t help but lol, grin and bear it

  20. Id like to reserve judgement until Haskins gets full prep as the starter going into a week, but so far preseason and spot duty it sure doesnt look good

  21. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 24, 2019 at 10:47 pm
    Where are the naysayers who criticized the Giants for passing on Haskins in the draft? It looks like the Giants made the right choice going with Daniel Jones.
    Uhhh have you seen Daniel Jones play recently? He’s been terrible in every game he’s played since his debut. Jones might be a bust to, though at worst he’ll carve out a career as a back-up. Haskins hasn’t shown he can even be a successful back-up in this league, he has just been flatout horrible.

  22. Judging from Redskins Instagram page comments, I’m very surprised to see how many people think that Haskins is better than Keenum. I can tell just from the small sample that I’ve seen from him that he is extremely inaccurate and doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL Quarterback. Only reason why I want him to keep playing is so that everybody else starts seeing what I see and we can try to draft a new QB next year. People keep saying that he hasn’t gotten a true start yet and that he needs time to develop and learn the offense and playbook….you can know a teams playbook and offense like the back of your hand but if you’re throwing a ball 3 feet above a wide open Mclaurin with no pressure, then you simply just don’t have what it takes. Our record is 1-7 now and that will also be Haskins touchdown to interception ratio if he is allowed to play a whole game.

  23. This game would have looked different if Keenum didn’t get hurt. He was having success against the Vikings. Also, Rhodes has turned into one of the worst corners in the NFL. He’s just awful.

  24. flviking says:
    October 24, 2019 at 11:19 pm
    Man there are a lot of jealous packer fans here tonight


    With all due respect, I mostly see negative posts regarding Haskins’ performance… Rightfully so, because that outing was almost unwatchable. Those posts significantly outnumber the posts you’re trying to point out. It was a solid performance for the Vikings offensive line tonight.

  25. ““The Ohio State product was 9-of-17 for 107 yards and three touchdowns in the loss to the Giants.”

    I knew the NFL had been tweaking rules but changing TDs to be only worth 3 points is ridiculous. And what an awesome thing that one of every three passes completed went for a TD.

  26. ‘Skins aren’t going back to the playoffs anytime soon.
    2015 seems like 20 years ago.

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