Darius Slay still unhappy Lions traded away Quandre Diggs

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On Tuesday, the Lions made the surprising decision to trade safety Quandre Diggs, a team captain and one of the most respected men in the locker room. Unsurprisingly, teammates aren’t happy.

Lions cornerback Darius Slay, who expressed his unhappiness on Twitter immediately after news of the trade broke, confirmed to reporters today that he still doesn’t like it one bit.

Slay said he’s feeling “like s–t” after Diggs was traded, and feels like there’s no loyalty in the NFL, according to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News.

Although Slay, whose contract expires after the 2020 season, has previously indicated that he’d like to sign a long-term extension in Detroit, today he wouldn’t say he wants to stay with the Lions, and he said he’d be fine with them trading him.

“Anybody can get traded. I personally wouldn’t care,” Slay said.

If the Lions lose to the Giants on Sunday, they might decide to become sellers at the trade deadline. Perhaps Slay could be the next to go.

32 responses to “Darius Slay still unhappy Lions traded away Quandre Diggs

  1. You do realize the beneficiary of the Diggs trade is Will Harris. Will Harris just happens to be the cousin of Justin Coleman and Slay. Slay has no filter and is an emotional dude but he’ll get over it. Now we’ll see if Quin’s gamble on Harris pays off.

    Diggs was a good dude but really wasn’t playing well. As a Lion fan, I wish him the best of luck with Seattle.

  2. Matt has lost the locker room. If the Giants beat the Lions, he and Quinn should also lose their jobs.

  3. Long time Lions fan here. Slay is part of a number of handful who have not gotten along with Patricia since day one. Then the holdout this off-season, now the way the Lions let Diggs go. I’m sure Patricia/Quinn want Slay gone as well, but who knows what compensation they could get at this point. If he doesn’t get traded, don’t be surprised if Slays hamstring injury lasts all season…

  4. Overrated slay is upset, but its ok, the fire sale will ship him off next.

    That 62 year dumpster fire in Detroit only took 7 weeks to start raging again.

  5. Frequently gets hammered by top receivers, held out of team activities even though he has a contract and rarely makes huge plays. All of this while expecting to be paid like a superstar. If he chooses to hold out and hurt his team because it’s a business then realize that cuts both ways. For whatever reason the Lions figured they were better without Diggs. Just maybe they would be a better “team” without Mr. Slay. I would be willing to bet that his return would be far less than Ramsey.

  6. The sad sack teams in the NFL, like the Lions, will never be good. It’s really disappointing that despite their efforts toward parity that the league watches these teams go on year after year without any relevance to other teams or their disappointed fans.

  7. I kinda like all the MLB-like “trade deadline drama” that’s going on in the NFL these days. I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t capitalized on a NFL Trade Deadline Special for Friday night Prime time.

  8. Thank goodness Diggs got out of Detroit! He now has a chance of a career unlike the remaining Lions players!

  9. Slay has really skinny legs. This means his hamstrings are exceptionally thin, like that old rubber band you twisted around a drawer handle 12 years ago.

  10. Justin Coleman has actually made big plays while Slay had to make up his own nickname a couple years ago. As a 50 year Lions fan, I say get rid of the bad actors cause waiting has become normal anyway. Build it the right way.

  11. Dang Slay, you should have talked Diggs into upping his game. He was the worst safety on the roster this year. If he played like the last two years, like he was just paid to do, this wouldn’t have happened. What did you expect, another extension for him? Baby!

  12. This is why players in all sports must do what’s best FOR THEM, not the team. It happens all the time. Fans have a fit when a great player leaves as a free agent, but when they are traded against their will–not a damn peep from the fickle fans! You rarely hear them go after the management or ownership after player movements.

    To the fans, this is a sport. To the players and team, it’s a business. Having covered the then-San Diego Chargers and SD Padres in the past, I know a lot more about what goes on than fans who have never been in their lockerrooms speaking to them as I have.

    So, regardless of your talent, GET YOUR MONEY because when the teams are through with you–they can be heartless and don’t give a damn if you just bought a new house, just moved your parents to the city, and your children just started a new school.

    Players, do you!

  13. Players have C’s on their jerseys for a reason. I can’t imagine a team out there wouldn’t have players outwardly mad that a team captain gets traded mid season.

  14. whodatnhollywood says: “Fans have a fit when a great player leaves as a free agent, but when they are traded against their will–not a damn peep from the fickle fans!”

    Ridiculous. Strange, for someone “in the business”, you don’t get it. Fans cheer for their team to win and whichever players that are on it. If a star player leaves, that’s fine, but don’t expect fans to suddenly switch team loyalty and continue cheering for him ON ANOTHER TEAM.

  15. They should trade Slay too. For better or worse, they are all-in on Matt Patricia. Personally, I’m fine with it. They’ve been very mediocre the last few years, might as well shoot for the moon and either succeed or fail. So far, I like what I’m seeing this year

  16. Slay needs to get over it and worry about playing and not riding the bike on the sidelines. I loved Diggs but facts are they have 3 safeties playing better.

  17. When the 60th last place season finishes, does Patricia, Quinn and Stafford get off loaded and we once again reset for the 61st time in our deeply rooted history of failure and disappointment?

  18. Same Old Lions says:

    October 25, 2019 at 10:07 am


    Don’t worry about that, name-mocker. The Lions won’t be in last place. Your Bears will, where they belong, like they were for six straight years before last year. Mahomes > Watson > Trubisky, you should’ve told your GM that

  19. Patricia needs to purge the roster starting with the QB and any complainers for draft picks. Guessing several if not close to 10 teams that aren’t sucking for often sprained ankle Tua or pick throwing Lawrence would give several 1st rounders and other picks for Stafford compared to what those teams currently have…

  20. Didn’t Chase Daniel and Mitch TruBUSTsky sweep the Lions last year. Whoopsie….

    The Lions are not going to finish ahead of the Bears. Keep dreaming.

  21. Didn’t Chase Daniel and Mitch Trubisky sweep the Lions last year. Whoopsie….

    The Lions are not going to finish ahead of the Bears. Keep dreaming.

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