Lions sign safety Marcus Gilchrist

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Two days after trading away a safety, the Lions have signed one.

Free agent safety Marcus Gilchrist has signed with Detroit.

Gilchrist started all 16 games for the Raiders last year, but this year he hasn’t received much attention. He had workouts with the Colts and Buccaneers but hasn’t spent any time on an NFL roster.

The Lions are adding a safety after trading away Quandre Diggs to Seattle. That was an unpopular move in the Lions’ locker room, where Diggs was voted a team captain this season. It was also a head-scratcher for the Lions, given that just 13 months ago they signed Diggs to a three-year contract extension and had already paid him $6.6 million in bonuses on that new contract. The late-round pick they got from the Seahawks wasn’t much of a return on their investment in Diggs.

But perhaps they’ll find that Gilchrist can make a comparable contribution to the defense, at a cheaper price.

5 responses to “Lions sign safety Marcus Gilchrist

  1. Long time Lions fan. Quinn needs to take blame here. He’s the one who signed Diggs to an extension. Diggs was a Pro-bowl alternate and has played well. Was respected in the locker room and was young at 26.

    Its strange that all of a sudden there are stories about Diggs’ play dipping this year, when he was still the best safety on the team. The bigger issue with the defense is the lack of pressure – only 10 sacks through week 7 – and horrible run defense up front – not Diggs or the secondary which kept Mahomes and Rogers from running wild despite the lack of pressure.

    Diggs was essentially given away for free – Diggs and a 7th for a (late) 5th rounder?

    Oh, and why trade him to a direct rival in the midst of fighting for a Wild Card/playoff spot in the NFC then try and sell us on the idea that the team hasn’t given up on the season?

    Let’s not forget that Quinn is the one who also let Van Noy walk away for peanuts as well.

    Fire up the hot seat.

  2. What team are you watching he played like crap and wasn’t the best safety on the team , did you see cook run through his poor tackling ? How many turnovers has diggs got this year? Walker and Harris can more than makeup for his subpar play

  3. Diggs must have done something detrimental to the team such as questioning his role or coaches decisions. This is the Patriots way and came over to Detroit. Its the front office / coach showing who is boss – which is a good thing.

  4. All I’m sayin’ on Diggs – loved him last year… don’t think I’ve even heard his name during a game this year.

    BTW, Walker has CLEARLY been the best Safety on the team this year; dude is flyin’ and often seems to be around the ball.

    Gilchrist with some veteran presence and a reliable worst case if Walker/Harris goes down. As long as Harris is solid and we repurpose the Diggs cash elsewhere, I’m cool with all this.

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