Michael Thomas playing better than ever, despite Drew Brees injury

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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas led the league in catches and was a first-team All-Pro last year, but it was fair to ask how much of his success was attributable to having a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees.

Now we know the answer: Thomas has played most of this season without Brees, and his numbers are even better.

Despite Brees’s Week Two injury, Thomas is leading the league with 62 catches and 763 receiving yards. After totaling 125 catches for 1,405 yards last year, Thomas is on pace for 142 catches and 1,744 receiving yards this year.

It turns out that Thomas can do the same things with Bridgewater passing to him as he did with Brees passing to him. The quarterback changes, but Thomas’s production does not.

Last year Brees finished second in league MVP voting. This year, with the Saints remaining a top team despite Brees’s absence, Thomas may end up in the MVP discussion.

23 responses to “Michael Thomas playing better than ever, despite Drew Brees injury

  1. Brees is the system. Bridgewater has been better than expected but he is not playing near Drew Brees level. The offense without Drew is just not the same. However MT is a monster. Making MT even more impressive is considering the lack of other receivers the saints have. Defenses go into every game scheming to limit him. Without that guy the offense would suffer almost as much as missing Drew bc of the lack of other WR the saints have.

  2. I was about to say “well, this is probably just an increase in volume, and his efficiency has dropped off”, but I checked the numbers and Thomas indeed has kept up his efficiency too! His volume is up, but that is why his overall number pace is so impressive too. Oh, if only MVP discussions actually had a broader mind and would consider special players/seasons such as this.

  3. I love watching future HOF’rs. Their role in college, draft pundit sense or nonsense, then the play. Then building on it. Then proof. This is the proof. He’s a gamer.

    Like Hopkins never had a QB so everyone ‘knows’ how great he is. Well now they know about Thomas.

    PS: Discuss? That’s stupid. We’re not here to take commands from a less intelligent life form with an idiotic comment slash suggestion. There, I discussed…

  4. Thomas is a beast.

    That dude wants the ball. Does not cry about wanting the ball just out works everyone.

    He gets the ball cuz he is open. He gets the ball cuz he does not drop them.

    The only wr in his class is Hopkins.

  5. I’m not sure what there is to discuss about Brees. But, i guess we can discuss that the Pats have a better win % without Brady than the Saints do without Brees. They’ve also averaged less points offensively on offense without Brees than the Pats do without Brady. So, i guess the discussion is…Why is Brady more of a system Qb than Brees?

    Whether you dislike, like, or are indifferent its hard to argue that Michael Thomas is the best receiver in the game. I don’t really have a dog in the fight but this dude is the epitome of an elite hof receiver.

  6. Best overall team in the league in all phases.
    Yep! We’ll unfortunately have to see if the NFL decides to rob the best team in the league two years in a row.

  7. Boy am I glad I traded Melvin Gordon for MT back in week 4!
    You traded a RB that was in a holdout with strong chances to sit all year for an all star WR, boy, I wish I was playing in your league.

  8. You know he is there because he wants to be great, true football player, he didn’t take his foot off the pedal after the contract, he is going even harder now. Some players get the contract and then coast, and some go as hard as possible and leave it all on the field and can play more freely knowing that they are financially secure. Teams just need to know who they have before the shell out the big money. Michael Thomas is earning his paycheck.

  9. Thomas would not be doing this well if the quarterback couldn’t get him the ball. Teddy deserves a lot of credit.

  10. Can someone explain to me again why would Sean Payton bench Bridgewater? Loyalty to Brees so he can pad his stats? At this point in their careers

    Bridgewater > Brees

  11. Bridgewater > Brees
    Only in your alternate reality

  12. Different New Lions says:
    October 24, 2019 at 10:07 am
    Boy am I glad I traded Melvin Gordon for MT back in week 4!
    Whoever actually agreed to make that trade….PLEASE send me his info so I can invite him to every single fantasy league I ever play in for the rest of my life!!

  13. The difference between Teddy B and Drew Brees is not in how they throw to Mike Thomas, but how they throw to the Austin Carrs and Dan Arnolds in the Saints offense. Drew makes those players useful in the passing game. With Teddy at QB they are essentially blockers or decoys just trying to pull one defender away from the play. Teddy B is great but Brees will take this Toyota offense and make it a Lexus offense.

    Also, why are some Patriots fans so damn insecure? It’s the most bizarre thing. If my team had won 6 rings I wouldn’t give two wet farts what anybody said.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 24, 2019 at 1:19 pm
    Can someone explain to me again why would Sean Payton bench Bridgewater? Loyalty to Brees so he can pad his stats? At this point in their careers

    Bridgewater > Brees

    Well Patsfan. Because it’s Drew Brees position and team and Teddy is a BACKUP to a proven winner and HOFer. It’s Drew’s job. Why is that hard for some to comprehend? The team isn’t riding Teddy’s arm for God sake. The team has rallied around him to make him better than he actually is. I like Teddy but he is not Drew. The whole team has changed to accommodate Teddy’s style of play. He is also playing with a great defense. Teddy time will come , just not while Drew is capable. That’s reality. Would you make the same argument for your backup if Brady was ready to come back? Exactly

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