As if it isn’t obvious, Dwayne Haskins needs “a little bit more work”

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Dwayne Haskins might turn out to be a great quarterback. He’s not yet.

For the second time this season, Haskins took over for an injured Case Keenum. For the second time this season, the 15th overall choice showed he has a long way to go before he’s ready to start.

Haskins, 22, went 3-for-5 for 33 yards and an interception in the loss to the Vikings. He led one scoring drive, with Washington getting a field goal on a six-play, 50-yard drive.

“I think he needs a little bit more work,” Washington coach Bill Callahan said Friday, via Matt Weyrich of “I think time is invaluable where he can sit back and learn from quarterbacks like Case and Colt [McCoy] as well as players like Alex [Smith], who is around the building. It is a fine line. We are trying to win games still.”

Haskins is 12-for-22 for 140 yards and four interceptions in two appearances. He needs more of everything, especially time and reps.

Haskins didn’t start right away at Ohio State. He had only 171 plays of experience on offense before 2018 when he set 28 Ohio State records and seven Big Ten records as he passed for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns.

That’s why, if Keenum is healthy, the veteran quarterback will continue to start.

“It’s very similar to quarterbacks like [Aaron] Rodgers, Steve Young, you know really good quarterbacks in our league that have sat back not only for one season but several and learned and grew and got the experience and the knowledge to go out and execute at a high level,” Callahan said. “When you’re thrust into a situation as a young rookie, boy, it’s challenging.

“I mentioned this last night, you could look at Troy Aikman when he was first drafted by Dallas. You can look at Peyton Manning when he came out in Indianapolis. They struggled. They really struggled. You’re going to have some growing pains with young quarterbacks and we get that.”

26 responses to “As if it isn’t obvious, Dwayne Haskins needs “a little bit more work”

  1. On the one hand, he does need some more playing time. On the other hand, no sense sending him out there when he isn’t ready and risk the chance of destroying him. Let’s be honest though…that team is a mess and has been for years.

  2. Troy Aikman isn’t who you want this man to be. Most overrated HOFer ever. 81.6 career passer rating… That’s below Jason Campbell and Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell and Sam Bradford! He had a great team around him. Without them he doesn’t have that jacket and might not even have held that starting job!

  3. He isn’t Peyton Manning. He isn’t Aaron Rodgers. Or Troy Aikman or any other QB mentioned. He isn’t even close to those QB’s. He is what he is, horrible and playing like the 5th round prospect he should have been. You can give him all the time in the World, his ceiling isn’t going to magically rise to a competent level.

  4. Aikman and Manning??? Surely you jest. Haskins is not close to either Aikman or Manning. Maybe he runs a better 40 but not close to field leadership and confidence. Not close as a quarterback

  5. It’s baptism by fire time. At the very least he needs to split 1 team reps in practice. Who are we kidding here. He going to struggle regardless but looks unprepared as well. F he is going to struggle then give him the reps and game plan to work off. Bottomline we drafted him, time to start seeing what we got at 1-6!

  6. Well, he’s no Peyton Manning or Aikman, but the lesson still applies.

    Fun fact: Haskins went to the same high school as Little Danny’s kids. Most locals know he was going for the local PR appeal because he’s losing fans every week.

    Another fine Little Danny Snyder/Bruce Allen production.

  7. So tell me Mr Callahan, in your opinion will Dwayne ultimately be more like Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Troy Aikmen or Peyton Manning?

  8. He was great in college. Look at the records he amassed. He crushed my Wolverines, so let’s give the kid a little time to learn and grow. Two games is not a very big sample size, especially when he’s thrown in there without any real preparation. Based on what I saw of him at Ohio State the kid has a lot of potential. I’m not ready to throw him under the bus just yet. Time will tell. I’m hopeful he’ll start getting better soon….

  9. If it’s obvious what Haskins needs, what is it obvious that Jets savior Sam Darnold needs? Ghostbusters? I’m amazed at the contrast.

  10. Haskins will experience Growing Pains, but he needs to remember that Family Matters.
    Just take it all Step By Step.

  11. For me with these QB’s is always…can they read a defense that is always in motion and cleaver in hiding their coverage.
    Travaris J and Geno Smith are two good examples from the past. Both looked impressive running, rolling out and passing. Unfortunately both completed as many passes to the opposing team as their own.

    I read Haskins may have the same problemo and is making his own dbacks look pro bowlish in practice.

    Smart is one thing, vision and concepts is another.

  12. Lets not forget he joined the team in the spring, pre season and now week 8 and he should be way farther ahead then he is now. He looked good in college playing against weak defenses. He wont see that in the pros and its bothering him.

  13. The sad thing is he actually looked a little bit better this time than last. Realistically though it doesnt look like he will be ready at any point this yr. That makes it a tough situation for Callahan because Haskins probably should be getting more 1st team reps in practice but Callahan knows he wont be there to reap any benefits next yr and taking reps from Keenum could make their offense look worse than it already is which would only hurt Callahan when trying for future jobs.

  14. I also love all the people here talking about Haskins being a reach at 15 because I’m sure these are the same people saying the Giants reached for Jones and should have went Haskins instead. I’m not a fan of either team but revisionist history and everyone acting like they knew he would be a bust this yr is kinda ridiculous.

  15. You critics really need to slow your roll with Haskins.
    Each appearance he has made so far has been after practice week on the second team he still hasn’t had time to adjust yet
    Even Danny dimes in New York has taken a step back the last couple weeks. They need to keep throwing him out there giving him practice reps with the first-team sooner or later the game will start to slow down for him and he will see the field better no other way this can happen without being actually on the field

  16. They really need to play him the rest of the season to see what he has. I doubt they win another game, so the most important thing the Redskins can do is determine if they need to spend their top 3 pick on a QB or not.

  17. From what we have seen of Haskins-Robbins shows he will never be ready:

    1. He is unprepared as a backup. He doesn’t know the office. Period.
    2. He cannot spot obvious pass rushes and has no plan to combat them. See number 1.
    3. He is slow to process what he sees.
    4. He is a running back with no obvious talent to throw any pass in the NFL.
    5. Repetition or more playing time will not change a thing. See number 1.

  18. Rodgers and Young sat because they were behind Favre and Montana. Haskins is behind Case Keenum. Big difference. The word coming out of college was haskins was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Combine that with a bad work ethic and that is not a recipe for success. Everybody in NFL is superior athlete (except OL) so the ones who excel are the ones who put in the mental work.

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