Davante Adams feels “two million” times better, but still “limited”

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Davante Adams is putting up big numbers lately, at least in the trainer’s room.

The Packers wide receiver said his turf toe was “two million” times better than when he injured it in Week Four, but that’s not the same as being ready to play this week against the Chiefs.

I’m a little limited right now,” Adams said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “But for the most part I can do a lot of different footwork stuff. It’s just the full-speed routes right now that are a little tougher for me. So I’m trying to fight through that, but I’m in a really good spot right now.

“Just got to keep letting it heal, because it’s not fully healed yet. Keep letting it heal and just be smart about it.”

That’s not encouraging for a return this week.

The Packers have survived reasonably well, as they’re 6-1 and Aaron Rodgers is spreading the ball among his remaining wideouts (themselves in varying degrees of wellness).

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  1. Six recievers catching passes from Rodgers in a game makes it much harder on the defense than one Devonte Adams.just get the toe better and join the fun well rested.

  2. Tae said he is “in a really good spot right now” and *”it’s just about getting the OK from the doctors at this point.”*

    Some have this misconception that it is all up to the player and the head coach to decide whether a player will play or not. A player has to be cleared to play by team doctors and that is what Davante is waiting on.

    The Packers have a number of doctors on staff, but the main team physician is Dr. Patrick McKenzie and he is known to be a bit conservative with injuries. I trust in the Doc and Davante will play when he feels the injury is healed. No reason to send him out early and re-aggravate it and risk it becoming a season-long issue.

    Signs are positive for Davante, and there is hope that he will be cleared this week, but if it has to wait until San Diego next week then so be it. Good news is he will be back soon. We will find out in the next couple days if it is this Sunday or next.


  3. *L.A. Chargers.

    When you say San Diego Chargers for close to 5 decades like I have it still comes out once in a while.

  4. Matt LaFleur has done a great job scheming his way through this stretch and the rest of the roster has stepped up and performed reasonably well in Davante’s absence.
    All of this while still getting comfortable with this new offense.
    I honestly believe all of this will just make this team stronger, as we head in to the second half of the season.

    Getting Darnell Savage back and roaming the back end is a huge benefit for the defense.
    They’ve definitely missed his window closing speed the last few weeks.
    Too many big plays given up.
    Hopefully Savage will be able to help limit those in the future.

    Facing another tough matchup, with or without Patrick Mahomes.
    The Chiefs are a Damn good football team, well coached too, and GB will have to bring their best to beat them.

  5. conormacleod says:
    October 25, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    I’m reserving judgment until the Packers play a few games on the road. Ask me at Thanksgiving how good they are.

    Fair enough.
    They’re currently 2-0 on the road with wins in Dallas and Chicago, albeit a small sample size, the next few weeks should tell us much more.
    Until then……….

  6. Tell us how good the Vikings are after they play KC, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit, Green Bay, and Chicago in the 2nd half of season.👌

  7. I think what Adams means by still limited is having to play on that Packer’s team. Isn’t the Packer’s defense now ranked 26th? And still falling. A healthy mahomes would have 500 yards just himself against that d

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