Jets still irked by Jaguars running up score last year

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It’s been just over a year since the New York Jets lost 31-12 to the Jacksonville Jaguars last September and several members of the Jets remember the experience quite vividly because of how it ended.

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets remain annoyed by the Jaguars adding a late offensive touchdown and a two-point conversion inside the final two minutes despite having a commanding leads over the Jets in their Week 4 meeting last year.

Simply put, it was disrespectful as hell,” linebacker Brandon Copeland said.

With a 25-12 lead, the Jaguars took over control of the ball with 4:22 remaining. The Jets expended all of their timeout by the 2:35 mark and Blake Bortles hit Dede Westbrook for a 20-yard gain on third-and-1 from the Jets 40-yard line to essentially seal the win away for Jacksonville. A personal foul on Jamal Adams moved the ball to the Jets 10-yard line with 2:10 left to play.

But instead of kneeling out the game as the Jets believe should have happened, the Jaguars kept running plays. T.J. Yeldon carried three straight times to move the ball to the 1-yard line before the Jaguars called a time out as the play clock was set to expire with 27 seconds left. Yeldon then carried once more on fourth-and-goal to score the touchdown that angered the Jets most. Jacksonville then attempted a two-point conversion with Bortles sailing a ball over Westbrook’s head to leave the final score at 31-12.

“I thought it was pretty disrespectful,” defensive lineman Leonard Williams said. “The game was already won. There was only a minute-and-a-half left to go. Not only did they keep running the ball to try to score again, they also went for two points, which was even more over the top.”

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said afterward that he wasn’t trying to send a message to the Jets and that he wished someone had told him to scrap the two-point conversion decision.

The Jets could have stopped those attempts to score and they can flip the script this weekend when the two teams meet again in Jacksonville.

27 responses to “Jets still irked by Jaguars running up score last year

  1. Prob should’ve stopped them from scoring. You are professional football players who make millions, after all…

    Also, the Jags lost the AFCC by taking their foot off the gas. Why would Marrone ever make that mistake again?

  2. Leonard Williams, You’re breaking my heart … be glad you aren’t playing with the Fins this year ….

  3. If only there were a way to stop teams from running up the score, especially in professional sports!

  4. They’re professionals. They should get over it. I don’t see anything wrong with a team trying to score every chance they get.

  5. Only in the NFL am I a proponent of “running up the score”. It’s PROFESSIONAL football. That’s the object. If you don’t like it, stop them. It isn’t right in lesser leagues, but they are supposed to be big, tough men in the NFL. Whining is so unmanly. I can remember the Pats still passing on my Bills when ahead by 30+. I don’t blame them. I blame the Bills for not stopping them. Grow up little boys. You’re at the top of the heap now. No excuses! No whining! Adams got a PF, so he must have been trying, unless he’s an insufferable cheap shot. SMH! No wonder the Jets are a joke.

  6. Disrespectful to the losing players? Maybe. But the fans pay good money to watch a football game-a full four quarters! Not three quarters and some minutes shy of four to watch players take a knee and burn out a clock. The Jets deserved it.

  7. The 2018 jags were a bad team.
    If you are giving up points to Blake Bortles then look in the mirror before you complain about disrespect.

  8. I have a bad feeling about this game. Jets seem to have a lot to play for. Bad season, embarrassed by the Patriots last week, Darnold seeing ghosts, and apparently they are still upset about the Jaguars running up the score.

    Jaguars on the other hand have a tendency to really botch important games and a loss in this one would have a big impact on their playoff chances. So I’m preparing myself to be let down this weekend. I’m more nervous about this game than the Week 1 matchup against the Chiefs.

    Either way between the Jags being one of the more undisciplined teams in the NFL and the Jets being fired up about this game, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a chippy one with a fair amount of post-play scuffles.

  9. And someone is gonna say “if you don’t like it, stop them.” Which totally misses the point. And if you don’t understand, I’m not gonna waste my time trying to explain it.

  10. In 2018 the Jaguars were a bad team.
    If you are giving up points to Blake Bortles then look in the mirror before you complain about disrespect.

  11. Marrone quit his head coaching job in Buffalo because he was under the impression that he was getting the Jets head coaching job in 2015, which obviously didn’t happen. I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with running up the score.

  12. How is that running up the score? It’s not like it was 48-3 or the Jags were running trick plays. They ran the ball 4 times and scored. The Jets need to quit whining.

  13. I love it when these professional football players are crying about something/anything while standing in line to cash their excessive;y large game checks.

  14. I don’t remember this game (and neither should the jets) but perhaps the personal foul on Jamal Adams with 2 minutes left in a game that was already decided might have made the Jags believe there was still a game to play.

  15. You were down by less that two touchdowns. Were you willing to quit? Would you have not tried to score? Let’s say the Jaguars fumbled the ball and you had a scoop and score. Would you have forgone an onside kick? No, you would have your best to come back and win, so they did their best to ensure it wasn’t possible. Their best was better than your best.

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