Chargers win as Bears miss last-second field goal

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Bears missed a last-second field goal and lost today at Soldier Field.

This time it wasn’t as big a game as last year’s playoff heartbreaker, and it was Eddy Pineiro instead of Cody Parkey, but the result was a 17-16 Bears loss to the Chargers today.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy will be heavily criticized for his play calling throughout today’s game, including at the end, when he decided to settle for a 41-yard field goal instead of trying to pick up extra yardage to make it closer.

Mitchell Trubisky was better than last week, and he had a big run to put the Bears into field-goal range at the end, but the Bears’ offense is still not functioning at the same level it did last season.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers wasn’t great, completing 19 of 29 passes for 201 yards with a touchdown and an interception, but he did just enough on a day when the Bears’ defense largely shut down the Chargers’ running game.

The win improves the Chargers to 3-5 and drops the Bears to 3-4. That’s not where either of these teams, coming off playoff seasons in 2018, expected to be right now. Both teams have a whole lot of work to do.

55 responses to “Chargers win as Bears miss last-second field goal

  1. Well, at least Bears fans can rest in the fact that you are in the cellar of the best division in football..

  2. And once again Nagy will make it all about the missed FG and not why his offense could only manage 16 points.

  3. Poor Bears fans. Kickers must have a conspiracy thing going on for them. Good thing my friend Frank is a Packers fan.

  4. Doink.

    (I thought I’d never be able to type that word again on a Bears article after Parkey was cut.)

  5. Blair Walsh II… bears are not sneaking up on anyone this year……no first round pick next year!! Its a 2 team race in the North!

  6. Bears to place entire offensive team on inactive and unable to perform list for game against the Eagles. Mack to QB game.

  7. No discussion of a pair of turnovers by Mitchel, one leading to points and just enough to lose by 1?

    He didn’t play THAT well.

  8. A deserved loss. At what week is Ryan Pace gonna man up and own the terrible decisions he’s made bringing in those two clowns? The Mack trade is starting to look very suspect by now too.

  9. What an entertaining game. Now that all the good games are over for the NFCN this week we can all enjoy our night.

  10. turdbustky is terrible but he is the gm’s choice so nothing will be done about him.

    Nagy out coached by one of the worst coaches in the league.

  11. Who in the Bears organization thought Trubisky was the future of the team , he hardly played in college except 1 season and did nothing.

  12. It’s the Curse of Walter Payton. Da Bears let the freaking Refrigerator score a rushing TD in the Super Bowl instead of my favorite running back of all time. It’s why things keep going badly for Da Bears. Truth

  13. Doinked the first one, wide left the last one.

    Not sure how, “Be You” means leaving it to a kicker in Windy Chicago instead of taking a couple shots. They had a time out. Could have at least ran a run play or something.

    First to Worst. Bear down.

  14. They rushed for 163 yards but refused to run with a TO left to make the FG easier. Bizarre decision.

  15. The only time they mentioned Mack was to mention that they hadn’t mentioned Mack…

    Great trade.

  16. Nagy fired Monday and Pagano as interim HC for the rest of the season with Helfrich calling the offense wouldn’t bother me at all. The Bears would still finish 6-10 but they wouldn’t have TV commentators openly questioning the coach at least. At this point it’s more about respect than wins anyway.

  17. Actually Einstein, Mack did have a sack and I believe it was late in the fourth to force the Chargers inside the 10. A competent coaching staff would have been able to take advantage of that. And it was a great trade, he still draws double teams every game. It’s the Pace first round reaches like Leonard Floyd who aren’t taking advantage, Roquan Smith too, did he even play? I don’t trust the Bears scouting and certainly not Pace to do anything right with the first round picks, I’d rather have the Pro Bowl player in Mack. Don’t forget, he traded up to get Trubisky with one of those sacred first round picks. I’ve been reluctant to criticize Trubisky because the O-line isn’t solid and of course there’s Nagy’s minor league offense, but he made 2 major mistakes late that you just can’t have. I’d still give up on Pace and Nagy before Trubisky. Pace and Nagy need to go. I’m glad someone mentioned the wide receiver screens, more arena league crap from Nagy. The game wasn’t televised in my area but apparently Montgomery got more caries than Cohen (finally!) and Patterson. Yep, this season is certainly over for the Bears. I noticed Jordan Howard had a nice game today and I’m sure the Eagles will pound the Bears next week. At least my Sundays will be freed up for the rest of this season.

  18. How many sacks has Khalil Mack put up so far ? And people were laughing at the Raiders !

  19. Nagy is TERRIBLE. He is PERSONALLY responsible for at LEAST two Chicago losses.

    And yes, Trubiski is bad, but even that is made much worse by Nagy; ie: Bills QB Josh Allens abilities are very similar to Mitch, but the Bills KNOW HOW to get the most out of that type of QB. Nagy is too stubborn and is limited as a QB coach. He’s a “system coach” – he has NO vision other than “his plays.”

  20. raiderfan121 says:
    October 27, 2019 at 5:03 pm
    How many sacks has Khalil Mack put up so far ? And people were laughing at the Raiders !
    Actually anyone who knows (played) football knows Mack was (and usually is) dominant. The Chargers donated two TO THREE players every play just to handle him. He affects almost every play. The other Bear defenders arent taking advantage of all the attention on Mack. In fact it obvious Aikeem Hicks was a more important compliment to Mack than we all realized. They had to double him too – yet this year the defense cant take advantage of the Mack factor.

  21. raiderfan121 says:
    October 27, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    How many sacks has Khalil Mack put up so far ? And people were laughing at the Raiders !
    I’m no bears fan, but Mack is still making plays. One man does not make a team and with Akiem Hicks on IR the whole defense is trying to make up for that. The same way as any team does when losing a dynamic player.

  22. Trubisky and Nagy have wasted a good (not great) defense and thrown away the season. At this point the Chicago offense is embarrassingly bad with not even the slightest hint of hope for improvement. MT is not an nfl qb. Period. End of story.

  23. Why are Bears fans so puzzled? Just another example of proving a well known NFL math formula: Bad coaching + bad QB = bad results.

  24. Hope that the Halas family is truly appreciative of the US Supreme court. Without a little legal casino bet watching two teams like the Charges and the Bears can make for a long Sunday afternoon.

  25. Here is my real thought about the game, if the Chicago Bears spent as much time on team fundamentals as the time they spend on their stupid end-zone dances, the Bears would be one of the top teams in the league. Stop the dances start the winning…

  26. Mack is a great player you can’t take anything away from him. But the loss of first round draft picks, a tougher schedule, and a poor offense with a QB that isn’t progressing = the Bears peaked last year. Other three NFC North teams all trending up.

    Interesting to see what they do with Trubisky. Do they continue their investment with him, or cut losses? He probably isn’t in the top 40 of NFL QBs, currently, and doesn’t seem to be getting better. There’s a half dozen backup QBs that are better than him (NO, TEN, CAR, JAX) including possibly one on their own team, and on one of the worst teams in many years (MIA)

  27. In year 3 he should be progressing his reads and is not. His arm isn’t bad but you need both the arm and the reads ability or NFL CBs and safeties will eat you alive.

  28. Matt Nagy is a total fraud and a snake oil salesman. What a con man. He is not a head coach. Mitch Trubisky or Chase Daniel are not starting or back up quarter backs in the NFL

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