Get ready for Sunday’s games with #PFTPM

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It’s another Sunday morning. Which means it’s another chance to get yourself ready for Sunday afternoon by checking out the offerings of #PFTPM, starting with Thursday’s Joint Mega-Picks Podcast between #PFTPM and Chris Simms Unbuttoned.

Picks for all games straight up and against the spread emerge every Thursday. And while we freely admit that our track record isn’t stellar, our views represent another item to consider when finalizing your own selections for Sunday and Monday.

The Joint Mega-Picks Podcast also includes our “Best Bets” for the week, the three games against the spread that we each feel the most strongly about.

Friday’s #PFTPM ends the week by answering as many of your questions as possible, which operates essentially as a preview for the weekend to come because most of the questions are tied to current NFL news and developments.

So check out Thursday’s and Friday’s #PFTPM below before Sunday’s games get started. Or, at a minimum, watch the Bengals-Rams preview attached to this post in order to expand your understanding of certain elements of the vocabulary that are unique to our friends in London.