J.J. Watt tweets confirmation he is out for year

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No need to wait for the MRI tomorrow.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt confirmed his own bad news on Twitter: He is out for the year with a torn pectoral muscle.

Watt initially retweeted a video from the Texans showing Watt tackling Josh Jacobs for a 6-yard loss in the second quarter. The Texans wrote: Look out for No. 99.

Watt replied, “Shoulda told my pec to look out lol”

He then followed with another tweet about the injury being season ending.

“This game can be beautiful and it can also be brutal,” Watt wrote. “Absolutely gutted that I won’t be able to finish the season with my guys and give the fans what they deserve. I truly love this game and can’t stand letting you guys down. Thank you for all of the thoughts & well-wishes.”

Watt had three tackles, a tackle for loss and a pass breakup before leaving the Texans’ 27-24 victory.

Watt, 30, played all 16 games last season after many thought his career might be finished after back-to-back injury-plagued seasons. The three-time defensive player of the year played three games in 2016 before needing a second back surgery and played five games in 2017 before a tibial plateau fracture in his left leg required surgery.

He made only 1.5 sacks in those eight games.

Watt had four sacks this season and has 96 in his career but will have to go through more rehab to get back.

40 responses to “J.J. Watt tweets confirmation he is out for year

  1. He made a tackle today and then immediately proceeded to flex about it, maybe that’s when he injured himself.

  2. That’s good news for the Texans’ upcoming opponents but bad news for fans of football. He’s fun to watch. He’s also an exceptional human being. It’s too bad he keeps suffering season-ending injuries.

  3. Of course he is first to break the news. The real question is, how long will the Texans keep paying that massive salary before they get rid of him?

  4. If Boxcar Willie was still around, he could sing about the “Wreck of the Old 99”.

  5. Great player and great man for humanity. Unfortunately the many years of PEDs and on and off usage has taken its toll on his body. Cue all the negative remarks now about that but I can assure you this is the case.
    The human body can only withstand a certain amount of muscle buildup and tear down over the years and eventually you have tissue injuries like this due to that.
    He will be back because he is not capable of going out this way.

  6. I love how everyone just jumps to PEDs. He’s a strong guy that abuses his body to get around other monsters. I tore my pec a few years back and I don’t do PEDs, nor was it as much force as he probably uses every play. Obviously tho, injuries are a problem with him.

  7. Interesting to see certain overrated players let their ego destroy their careers.

    He is like a modern day Mark Gastineau.

    The Pats dismantled him every time.

  8. With or without Watt … The Jaguars will beat the Texans then own them and the rest of the Division … Book it Baby !!!




  9. Honestly don’t understand all the negative comments about Watt. He’s had a stellar career, plays hard every down, takes time with fans, gives back to his community in a big way and fought back from injuries to have a great season last year. Any team would be grateful to have a player like him…

  10. No way Watt is in the HOF. No Super Bowls and how many playoffs wins? They don’t elect players in the HOF for what he could have done if not injured.

  11. Is he a HOF? Let’s go ahead and list all 3 time Defensive POY winners.

    Lawrence Taylor. J.J. Watt.

    Looks like sure fire HOF to me.

  12. I’ve always thought of JJ Watt as a defensive Rob Gronkowski. Absolute nightmare matchup, someone you start game planning for two weeks in advance…. and then they get injured and are out.

    Having 96 sacks is one hell of a career, thus far. He’ll be back.

  13. That 100m contract was a waste of money…hes just slightly better than average and gets hurt every time you turn around.

  14. As a Texans fan I know he is tough and has laid his body on the line for the team for a long time but I’m starting to worry about him after football. If his doctors say he should call it quits so he can walk when he is 40 then will be proud he played for my team for his actions both on and off the field.

  15. Always broken, and never shows up for big games.
    Highlight reels consist of beating up the weaklings in that feeble division.

    Go back and watch his last 5 games against the Pats. . . you won’t notice him.

  16. He’s a great human being and a great football player,but for a guy who practically lives in the weight room,he has a lot of season-ending injuries. Why is that?

  17. Great player but hurt again. Has to be frustrating for Watt and Texans. How long do the Texans continue to pay a part-time player?

  18. Has there been a more overrated and less productive player in the last ten years? Asking for a friend…

  19. Basing how Watt performs against the Pats is ridiculous. BB always finds a way to neutralize the best player on the opposing team. Remember how he prepared his team for the pass rush using brooms. And no, Watt doesn’t disappear against the Pats. In fact, he’s pretty easy to find. Look for the big dude being double and triple teamed while Brady slices up the rest of the defense.

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