Jameis Winston makes the latest non-guarantee guarantee

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Thirteen days ago, it was Eagles coach Doug Pederson. Then, it was Browns receiver Jarvis Landry. Now, Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston has said something that inevitably will be characterized as something other than a guarantee.

“I’m feeling like we’re going to get better next week and we will win,” Winston said regarding the looming Week Nine trip to Seattle. “That’s how I’m feeling. I’m feeling like we will win.”

Winston and/or coach Bruce Arians may try to soften that, and the wiggle room already is there. He didn’t say we’ll definitely win, he said he’s feeling like we will win.

Of course, Winston has far bigger issues than whether his words will be characterized as a guarantee. With seven games played and only two wins, he faces a steep uphill climb to convince the Bucs to keep him around for 2020. And if he’s not the starter in Tampa Bay, where will Winston get another chance to be the starter?

22 responses to “Jameis Winston makes the latest non-guarantee guarantee

  1. I have a feeling that only wins Jameis will see is when he looks at half of his last name, but there won’t be a ton of them.

  2. Jameis, as a Bucs fan I will surprised if your able to get out of the locker roomed dressed right. What a joke of a franchise.

  3. 61 games, film, going back to 2015.. If he could play better, it would have already happened… At this point, he is just trying to buy time to collect as many paychecks before the inevitable happens and he becomes unemployed and unwanted.

  4. Yeah well just a lil heads up there Winston – Seattle gots lots of crab legs but people don’t just take them, they buy them. Yeah, you know, with money.

  5. Next week, huh? This week didn’t feel that way, though, right? Pretty humorous when the weakest link on the roster starts guaranteeing games.

  6. Get arrogant and own it, somebody, please! Like the Miami Hurricanes of old, say you’re gonna rock them, believe it, own it, show up in camouflage and do it.

  7. Every player on the team should have that same feeling of “going to win” the next game, the next play and the next opportunity presented. If not, the chances are small that you’ll have any success going forward.

    The Seahawks take this next game seriously as their next championship opportunity and feel they are going to win. I’m betting on the Seahawks in this one.

  8. Winston shouldn’t be guaranteeing anything. The only thing that should be guaranteed by the Bucs is that Winston is through there. If not, I feel sorry for the fans. How much more of this lousy QB play do they have to endure?

  9. Sometimes when you take over a team you have to make do with whats already in the cupboard, but you have to think Bruce Arians will have a different starting QB this offseason. Ill be surprised if Winston is in TB next year.

  10. I really don’t see the problem with this. Winston did not guarantee anything, much less in the way that Landry did. He expressed confidence in his ability to win, as every competitor should do. Would we reacting the same way if another player had said this?

  11. If this franchise has shown us anything it’s that they’ll make whatever excuse they have to make in order to enable him and justify keeping him. Even though no other team in the NFL would want him as their starter.

  12. In the Buc’s defense, every team in the league would have taken him or Mariota with that pick…and lost.

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