Jon Gruden: Facing Deshaun Watson like facing Michael Jordan

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When Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was making the case for Deshaun Watson to be the first overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, he said any team that passes on Watson will be passing on Michael Jordan.

Eleven teams passed on Watson before the Texans traded up to get him and many of them surely regret that decision after seeing how Watson has developed since coming to the NFL. Raiders coach Jon Gruden got a close look at Watson during Sunday’s 27-24 Texans win and he borrowed a page from Swinney when talking about Watson after the game.

“He wills it out of his team. He makes something out of nothing . . . it’s like going against Michael Jordan,” Gruden said, via Vic Tafur of

Watson willed his way to the game-winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter when he took a foot to the face from Raiders defensive end Arden Key, adjusted his facemask and delivered the ball to tight end Darren Fells while being hit. The Texans have relied on that kind of playmaking all year and the need for it may only increase if early fears about J.J. Watt‘s pectoral injury are realized.

10 responses to “Jon Gruden: Facing Deshaun Watson like facing Michael Jordan

  1. Please can we stop with the MJ comments when they are in different sports? Jordan probably couldn’t throw a football very well or at least not as well as Deshaun, so why say Watson is like Jordan? That is a lazy mind at work. Sorry to hear about JJ’s injury. He has had terrible luck with injuries in his career.

  2. Bernard Sanders/2020🇺🇸 says:
    Hopefully, the raiders & bears keep losing and if the football GODs love Oakland they will be able to draft chase young & Jerry Jeudy with the two first rounder coming in the top 3!!!

    If the football gods truly loved “Oakland” the Raiders wouldn’t be leaving for Las Vegas.
    If the football gods truly loved Oakland they’d have long ago helped the Raiders draft better, thereby avoiding the last 3 1/2 decades of mostly mediocre football.

  3. “Jon Gruden: Facing Deshaun Watson like facing Michael Jordan”

    So, is facing Gardner Minshew like facing Babe Ruth?

  4. Deshaun is great but Houston is not built like a championship team. They will go one and done again in the playoffs this year.

  5. Watson is a great talent. I was blown away by him when he played the Tide and took his team down the field against a stacked Bama team for the National Championship.
    I’m not sure any other QB in the country could have done that – definitely not Trubisky.

    That being said, the Texans Defense and particularly their pass defense is just awful. they traded away one of their top pash rushers and the poor secondary just isn’t talented enough to stay with anyone. And now JJ is gone for the season.

    I feel bad for Watson, he is carrying this team on his shoulders.

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