Richard Sherman: Nick Bosa deserves defensive player of the year consideration

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San Francisco cornerback Richard Sherman has been very impressed with rookie teammate Nick Bosa.

Sherman said after today’s game that he believes Bosa is a defensive player of the year candidate.

“Right now, he should be in line for defensive MVP,” Sherman said.

Bosa had three sacks and an interception today, and Sherman said Bosa is doing all the things on the field that his teammates have seen him do every day in practice.

“He’s an incredibly poised player,” Sherman said. “He’s everything you could ask for. He’s probably one of the best picks in 10 years with just how he’s played, and he’s played like this since Day One. If it wasn’t for the ankle injury, everyone would have seen early on in the preseason. But when he didn’t play in the preseason everyone was like, ‘Oh, my God, he’s the No. 2 pick and he hasn’t played.’ But if you came in here, if you watched him from Day One like we got to, he plays like a 10-year vet, he plays with such savvy, poise, aggression, that it’s like he’s been playing on this level. You can tell he’s been coached up great from an early age, his family has great pedigree. But he’s an incredible talent, and he’s so humble.”

Bosa has been everything the 49ers thought he would be, and more. He absolutely is one of the best defensive players in the league.

14 responses to “Richard Sherman: Nick Bosa deserves defensive player of the year consideration

  1. A lot of what Sherman says has to be taken with a grain of salt, but Bosa is playing very well.

  2. Some high praise from Sherman.

    If he can stay healthy he may just end up in the mix. At the very least he should win defensive rookie-of-the-year. It’s scary how good he could become.

  3. Power was cut from 2m people this weekend in northern CA. Over 180k are under evacuation orders.
    Fortunately, there was sufficient power available to get that 49er game in. Thank goodness. Imagine the dollar loss….

  4. What if he sez something that doesn’t agree with his political ideology now? Will he still be up for the award in his eyes then?

  5. Beast! Jimmy G getting injured was a blessing in disguise. I was skeptical about Bosa. Good thing I’m not the GM!

  6. If Bosa stays healthy Defensive player of the year is definitely a possibility. Stats don’t lie and Bosa is racking them up. Hats off to Lynch, for drafting this guy and props to Shanahan and Saleh for putting him in a position to succeed. Niners defense and Bosa will take this team a long way this year, and years to come.

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