Chargers fire offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt

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The Los Angeles Chargers announced Monday night that they have fired offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

Whisenhunt has been with the Chargers since the final year of Mike McCoy’s tenure as head coach in 2016. Whisenhunt was kept on as offensive coordinator by new Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn when he was hired in 2017. However, the Chargers apparently feel the relationship has outlived its usefulness.

“This is not an easy decision and definitely not one that I take lightly,” Lynn said in a statement from the team. “You win as a team, and you lose as a team. It’s never about just one person. At the end of the day, however, I simply felt a change was needed at this time. I want to thank Ken for his years of service to the Chargers organization and wish him nothing but the best moving forward.”

As of Monday night, the Chargers offense ranked 17th in total yards and 24th in points scored. The offense has faceplanted the last several weeks after Melvin Gordon returned to the team from his hold out. The Chargers have not scored more than 20 points in a game in the last month as part of a 1-3 skid that would have been winless if not for a missed Eddy Pineiro field goal try Sunday in Chicago.

The Chargers will now try to right the ship with a different voice leading the offense.

54 responses to “Chargers fire offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt

  1. Unlike the Titans who win a game and then lose a game, The Chargers take it to a whole other level by having winning seasons and then losing seasons.

  2. Why today? Didn’t they beat a good Bears defense yesterday? Have to admit I don’t follow them so much being on the other side of the country, but have they been THAT bad? I’m surprised.

  3. Whis is a good guy, but I think his stubborn play-calls have hurt the Cardinals & Chargers at times. The run-run-pass & outright predictability without any motions to throw the defense really makes his offenses stale when Warner/Rivers are cold. I do however think he’s been made a scapegoat by Anthony Lynn, who has started games slow this year as the head coach who should be getting his guys ready to play. He should be able to land another gig elsewhere in the NFL.

  4. Way to not mess around coach. If it’s not working the way you want it make the change. People gave Mike Zimmer flack about dumping DeFlip late season. You only get one shot usually to coach a team. Do it your way and own. Strong play.

  5. I don’t like this move at all. The problem is Gordon. All of the offensive problems started when he came back when they insisted on starting him and running the offense through him. That is not the OCs decision.

  6. Lynn is reading the tea leaves, and knows he has to do something to save his job.

    Wisenhunt was made the scapegoat but, in fairness the Chargers offense has plenty of weapons with (Rivers, Allen, Eckell, Williams,Gordon) and should be better.

  7. Lynn won double digit games last year & went to the playoffs. Lynn has earned 2020 depending on how that season goes. So has Nagy.

  8. snowlock2013 says:
    October 28, 2019 at 11:33 pm
    Jeez, fired after a win. That’s rough.


    Feel for the Bolts.. they have no home.

    And the CheeseHeads will fill the soccer stadium on Sunday.


  9. Smart move by Lynn. Get rid of the guy who would have been the obvious choice to be the interim coach when they fire Lynn. This way, maybe he keeps his job until the end of the season.

  10. He is NFL mafia. He will have a job next year. For some reason, these retreads just keep popping up. For the life of me, I don’t know how some of these guys keeps getting jobs.

  11. Didn’t see that coming. What needs to happen is Telesco should be replaced by someone who knows how to build an offensive line. Seven years in and it’s worse than when he took over.

  12. Too bad the Spanos’ can’t fire themselves, They are the real problem. Telesco should have been the scapegoat as he has absolutely no clue.

  13. Ken Whisenhunt time had probably come and gone in SD. He’s not the most creative offensive mind. As long as he wins, he’s goes unnoticed. The team isn’t winning, so you make a move to add a spark in the offense. I get it.

  14. Great guy, but he is not the best offensive mind. I remember him with Kurt Warner telling the press that his ideal play call is to run twice on first and second down to get as many 3rd and 5s as possible. The only reason why they made the Super Bowl was because Kurt Warner was the offensive coordinator.

  15. That fire was a joke…Wiz was NOT the problem…Wiz got fired because he’d be the replacement for Lynn…and would believe Wiz took a similar team and almost won a Superbowl..Lynn…not even close…

  16. Whiz is a terrible coach. Any Cardinals fan knows that Kurt Warner was the real reason the Cards had success when Whiz was there

  17. how many OC and HC has Rivers gotten fired now? but every year everybody talks about how great Rivers is….

  18. The problem with the Bolts is the organization. No direction or set path, constantly changing coaching staff and nickel and diming playing personnel decisions. Letting Drew Brees go, Rodney Harrison, Junior, Weddle, Carney, the list goes on and on. Or how about that David Boston signing? Their disaster at kicker has cost them games going back years and yet still they wander in the valley of darkness (see Bears for confirmation). Dean Spanos is a cheapskate owner who has ruined that organization. The last GM they had who was worth his weight in salt was the late John Butler. Look at their disasterous home playing field! Its a joke! They’re a joke! It is going to take much more than a different offensive coordinator to turn that train wreck around. Poor Phillip Rivers. He has to know that he has no chance at a title with the good ship Spanos. I hope for his sake that I am 100% wrong. It will be very interesting however to watch that team not fill SoFi Stadium.

  19. I guess some of you never seen his disastrous stint as coach in Tennessee…he was absolutely horrible

  20. They have a veteran offense. They shouldn’t need a coordinator. They’re struggling like a lot of teams that got the offseason blessing by the masses.

  21. So who is taking over? Anyone? Is this a net positive or a net negative for the Bolts? … is it a net positive for the Packers who are visiting on Sunday?

  22. briang123 says:
    October 28, 2019 at 10:27 pm
    What’s been the one constant with the Chargers inconsistent offense for 15 years now? That’s the change that needs to be made.
    Better than your qb, and its not even close – hater.

  23. 3 TD passes were dropped against the Bears, Williams dropped 2. Wide open all 3 guys. Only 6 points out of it because the Chargers missed a FG. How they can blame the OC for that? The Chargers caught all the breaks last year, but just like the Bears this year, they are not getting them. That’s why their record is so poor.

  24. While Whisenhunt isn’t very good and they could use an infusion of fresh ideas, this move will not help. The head coach is over his head, the QB is rapidly rapidly showing his age, and the OL stinks. The Chargers need a complete overhaul.

  25. briang123 says:
    October 28, 2019 at 10:27 pm
    What’s been the one constant with the Chargers inconsistent offense for 15 years now? That’s the change that needs to be made.


    You are absolutely correct but you are not supposed to say this or the media would beat you down and sob uncontrollably.

    If someone wants to win their fantasy football league then Rivers is your guy, but………

    If that team had Nick Foles at QB, they would be a force.

  26. What do you expect from a team that left San Diego and has no fan base in LA? They have been making bad moves for years now. There jinxed look at there injuries they had. If Lynn survives this year it will be a surprise.

  27. Yeah, it’s probably not the injuries. It was Whisenator.

    Other things it could be:

    Not getting Mike Williams designed plays.
    Not getting a push on the offensive line.
    Rivers’ arm strength totally disappearing.

    Ken is the scapegoat for a much larger problem.

  28. Edward Halverson says:


    Feel for the Bolts.. they have no home.

    And the CheeseHeads will fill the soccer stadium on Sunday.


    The Cheeseheads fill every stadium every week. There are 4 NFL teams that travel like the Packers fans – Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, bears. They always have large portions of the seats. Other teams only do so regionally.

  29. I have to imagine someone a QB has had and issue with the play calling. I don’t Lynn ( a defensive guy) makes that decision without buy in from Rivers.

  30. Hes a scumbag…when he was the Cardinals coach..allways THRU HIS PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS…as a cardinal fan me and most redbird fans were so happy when he was fired

  31. I just hope the Packers don’t look past this game. Classic trap game. No coasting allowed – show up to play the game, and keep the foot on the gas.

  32. This looks more like a Wiz got fired because he was the next in-line for the HC job if/when Lynn got fired and I don’t think anyone can deny that Lynn’s ass is RED HOT right now!

  33. jimmyt says:
    October 29, 2019 at 12:08 pm
    What they need is a home, say St. Louis or somewhere like that.

    NAH the billionaire just needed to pay for his own stadium and the team would still have a home!
    Some cities are getting sick and tired of billionaires wanting the taxpayers to filp the bill for these billion dollar plus stadiums, just like these cities won’t flip the bill for the Olympics which lose money considering the cost getting the venue’s they build.

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