Jets trade Leonard Williams to Giants

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Word that the Jets were open to trading defensive lineman Leonard Williams was proven correct on Monday, but Williams won’t have to change much about his daily routine.

He’ll still be playing his home games at MetLife Stadium and will just have to program his GPS to go to the Giants’ training facility in New Jersey. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jets have agreed to trade Williams to the Giants for a 2020 third-round pick and a 2021 fifth-round pick. The fifth-round pick will become a fourth-rounder if the Giants extend Williams’s contract and the Jets are paying $4 million of the $6 million left on his deal.

It’s the first time the two teams have completed a trade since 1983. Williams will get a chance to play his former team in Week 10.

Williams is in the final year of the deal he signed after the Jets drafted him with the sixth overall pick in 2015. Given the Giants’ 2-6 record this year and the use of future picks to acquire Williams, one would think they’d like to extend his contract beyond this year but there’s no word of anything on that front at this point.

Williams has 20 tackles while starting all seven games for the Jets this year. He’s been a reliable presence up front for the Jets as he hasn’t missed a game since joining the team, but his play never quite reached the level that some predicted when he left USC. The Giants hope they’ll push the right buttons to get him to that point.

37 responses to “Jets trade Leonard Williams to Giants

  1. Good value for someone who hasn’t done much since being drafted. Don’t get me wrong, he has the ability to be dominant and often commands double teams, but so do a lot of other players that still generate sacks. Hopefully in a different scheme he can reach his potential,. Happy to get the picks for him. Just please don’t trade Robby.

  2. Because he sucks. Granted he gets double teamed and the jets have never been able to land a true pass rusher but Leo is not worth the contract he is going to seek. Zero sacks just isn’t going f to cut it. The jets got a good deal not really sure why the giants would do this u less they plan to resign him which will than make this deal a lot better for the jets

  3. A 3rd and 5th for a guy most mock drafts had going in the top 3 in 2015? I’d take that gamble.

  4. Leonard hasn’t lived up to the hype of his draft position. PFF says he is great. Your own eyes will say he is a bust.

  5. I think there are a couple of things at play here.

    1. He only has 20 tackles, without many impact plays. He’s at the end of his contract and will be looking for more money than he is worth at this point.

    2. This was a move by the new front office to get rid of under performing players drafted by a previous regime.

    While I would have liked more for him, the fact is he is a distressed asset and it is better to trade him now than to lose him for absolutely nothing. I understand that by losing him he would play into the compensatory pick formula, but the Jets normally sign more players than they lose, so it wouldn’t be that big of an impact regarding a comp pick.

  6. ”Dan Sardo says:
    October 28, 2019 at 12:46 pm
    One dumpster fire team trading a player no one else wanted to another dumpster fire team.”

    Wow that’s a lot of hate. On a more positive note, the kid has talent and hopefully a change of scenery and some different coaching will help him reach his potential. If he does it will help the Giants. And good job by the Jets getting quite a bit for him. High draft picks might be what they need to get their program really rocking

  7. Giants hosed on the deal. This guy is an all time great draft bust. He’s never really doubled because he doesn’t need to be and I’ve only seen him make one good play of impact in like 4 years.

    How do you keep drafting in the top 15, and have such little to show for it?

    Anyway, good job by the crappy Jets to get something for this bum. The problem now is, hell command too much as a FA and the Giants will get hosed on the contract.

  8. robigd says:
    October 28, 2019 at 12:41 pm
    A 3rd and 5th for a guy most mock drafts had going in the top 3 in 2015? I’d take that gamble.

    8 7 Thank You


    You clearly haven’t seen him play over these past 4 years.

  9. I really hope the Giants had a contract somewhat in place here before making this move…nothing else makes sense for a team playing for the future.

  10. had to be done. odds were slim the jets were going to re-sign him & this safeguards against the gamble of the compensatory pick. giants get a steady player with huge potential & the jets get badly needed draft picks. good trade for both teams in my opinion.

  11. the analytics say he’s a solid player but he doesn’t put up the counting stats so fans are down on him.

  12. He’s gotta be thrilled to be going to a good team with a bright future. Knowing he doesn’t have to play for a incompetent organization with a crap QB has to be a good feeling. As a Giants fan I like the move. Big Cats going to ball out with the G-Men!

  13. Doesn’t have to move to a new city.
    Just a different locker room and a different wardrobe.

  14. Two mid round picks for that guy??? Joe Douglas wins. Great job. Now turn that into a couple OL or a pass rusher or cornerback.


  15. The1Gmen3 says:
    October 28, 2019 at 2:21 pm
    He’s gotta be thrilled to be going to a good team with a bright future. Knowing he doesn’t have to play for a incompetent organization with a crap QB has to be a good feeling. As a Giants fan I like the move. Big Cats going to ball out with the G-Men!


    I thought you were describing the Giants

  16. Leonard Williams playing next to Dexter Lawrence will make that line alot better. 2 hog mollies going after it.

  17. Other teams can’t double team both Williams and Lawrence. This will change the dynamic along the Giants D line. Think BJ Hill is going to the bench, or only get spotted on passing downs.

  18. We all know the jets never develop there players they have a good track record for that and they have darnold seeing ghost now! May be a good pick up for the giants, time will tell!

  19. charliecharger says:
    October 28, 2019 at 7:23 pm
    Williams is a beast. The Giants are improving fast. Their future is bright.

    9 2 Rate This


    hahahahah! abwahahah!

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

    Yes, the Giants, in dire need of picks, waste two of them on a guy who is a bust for the Jets (hence why he was dealt), who now need to pay him at least 8 mil per because he has that leverage he should not have.

    He is the most middling/non playmaking top 5 dl pick since
    marcel dareus.

    A bust is a bust. If you pick a line player in the top 5, the player needs to be at least Pro Bowl level legit.

    Your comment is why Jets fans are constantly led to believe their players are good just by where they are picked in the draft.

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