Joe Flacco out this week with neck issue


Joe Flacco won’t have to complain about the play-calling this week.

Broncos coach Vic Fangio just told reporters that Flacco wouldn’t play this week because of a herniated disc in his neck.

Fangio said that backup Brandon Allen would start Sunday’s game against the 2-5 Browns, and that a decision on the backup would be made later this week.

They could either activate rookie Drew Lock (who General Manager John Elway declared not ready to play) from injured reserve, or promote Brett Rypien from the practice squad.

Flacco’s injury could cost him multiple weeks, and Fangio didn’t rule out the possibility of him going on injured reserve.

Flacco was frustrated with the team’s less-than-aggressive approach yesterday, and now the 34-year-old quarterback will have a different perspective.

58 responses to “Joe Flacco out this week with neck issue

  1. To be fair, Flacco has a bigger issue than his neck.

    And as a Denver fan I couldn’t even tell you who our backup is.

  2. The Bronco ice age continues. We already knew average Joe could not carry the team. What none of us can understand is how come Drew isn’t getting the development he needs to be ready? Elway drafted a QB that needs to develop but didnt hire the people to help him.

    Give this kid a chance so we know whether we need to draft a QB with each of our next 4 picks.
    Get a plan Denver,

  3. Interesting timing on this considering his post game comment. He did get hit hard from behind on the last play but seemed fine during the post game press conference.

  4. Super Bowl 50 must seem like decades away for the Broncos. Poor Flacco, always having to see the “Is Flacco Elite” stories.

    One of a handful of QB’s to beat Belichiks Patriots more than once in the playoffs (P. Manning, E. Manning and Flacco)

    Well, at least he has more money by his age than i’ll ever see by the time i die so at least he has that to hang on to.

  5. Elway inherited a playoff team, lucked into Peyton Manning (Pun intended) and a super bowl. Total failure since, you’d think the one thing he’d be able to recognize is a QB but nooooo. On the bright side, maybe he can talk Osweiler out of retirement.

  6. The Broncos are self imploding in front of our own eyes. In his last year Manning was a disaster as a QB, but he offered the team some intangibles that have been hard to match. Time to clean house, starting by the incompetent GM. By the way, I think that they should have kept Phillips as a HC.

  7. He sucks anyways. Waste of 20 million. If it wasn’t for Peyton Elways a moron when it comes to QBs and OF lineman. Enough Said!

  8. I’m hardly a Flacco fan- but Elway hired an immobile pocket passer but doesn’t give him a decent o-line. His one strength is a nice deep ball- you set up a Offense that doesn’t takes advantage of that, and you just traded away the one guy who could catch a deep pass. Say what you will about Flacco, but he’s always been a good soldier/team guy- to hear him speak out like that was out of character. Have to think either he knew his neck was bad and he wouldn’t play another snap this season, or there is something really, really wrong in Fangio’s/Elways Denver

  9. Trading for Flecko must rank as one of the dumbest mistakes Elway has ever made as GM.

  10. No one likes it when you tell it like it is! their just taking money from him for talking. No one plays anymore, it’s a joke!

  11. All you people screaming for Drew Lock to start obviously don’t understand much. He hasn’t been activated off IR which means he has not been practicing with the team or been a part of team activities since August. You can’t just activate him and throw him in a game. It’s not how IR works.

  12. Eric Decosta absolutely FLEECED Elway out of a 4th rd pick for a QB who was on the Ravens cut list anyway. That says more about Elways ineptitude as a GM than it does for Flacco’s ineptitude as a qb.

  13. well that’s kind of a blessing. hopefully theyre forced to put Lock in there because Elway is sure as heck trying his best to not use him out of fear of even more talk of drafting the wrong guy for the 3rd time.

    Of course he isn’t ready. he’s played like 2 preseason games and hasnt been able to practice. But it’s now or never and I highly doubt whatever backup they have in there is going to do any better. He’s just more okay with feeding Allen to the wolves

    whoever the heck Allen is…

  14. Most of the blame in Denver has to fall on Elway. His record of drafting is simply abysmal. He got by in the earlier days by spending the Bowlen’s cash on flash free agents. But we all know that’s a short term strategy.
    The stars of those perennial playoff sides have almost all left the building, and what’s left is poor draft choices or middling free agent signings.
    How many times will he draft a QB that’s simply not capable of getting it done?
    Siemian in the 7th round is the best he did. Osweiler and Lynch…. what an utter joke!
    Emmanuel sanders must be thanking his lucky stars out in the Bay Area.
    Vance Joseph’s wasn’t the issue, neither was Wade Phillips
    Elway must simply do better after yet another losing season on hand.

  15. ravensrooster94 says:
    October 28, 2019 at 4:11 pm
    Eric Decosta absolutely FLEECED Elway out of a 4th rd pick for a QB who was on the Ravens cut list anyway. That says more about Elways ineptitude as a GM than it does for Flacco’s ineptitude as a qb.
    I get your point, but isn’t quite that simplistic. And I’m no Elway apologist here. If the broncos wait for Flacco to be released, he can sign anywhere. Sure he might have still signed with Denver, but maybe he signs with a team that is capable of winning but only needs a qb, like the Bears or Bills. Elway was giving up the draft pick in exchange for guaranteeing that he lands the player The fact he wanted Flacco is another discussion

  16. 2-14 usually gets the number one pick in the draft this year they may be picking 5th with the pitiful play of the jets, bengals, dolphins, and redskins.

  17. Flacco is garbage and is now dealing with serious injuries every single year, he just needs to hang them up after this season or become a back-up somewhere. Bronco’s fans certainly wont miss him that’s for sure. Hopefully the Bronco’s now decide to play Drew Lock, since Elway says he is not ready and doesn’t want to play him he most likely will light it up when he gets on the field. I’ve learned to always believe the opposite of what Elway says when it comes to QB’s.

  18. Watched the Colts game, Flacco was looking for the bus. He has no desire to be out there. I would not be surprised to see him retire at the end of the year. His body language was strong.

  19. If you watched the game, you’d see they were working on his neck in the 4th quarter. Dude’s neck is hurt! Did nobody watch the game?

  20. Flacco’s problems are higher up from his neck. He claimed he was unappreciated as a top 5 QB. He was only a top 5 QB in his own mind. Now the chickens are coming home to roost in his head.

  21. Better for Joe to go on IR and stay home the rest of the season. Get cut and go be the back-up in Philly for a season before retiring in which he will then enter the Ravens Ring of Honor. Career over w/ a SB win and MVP.
    You ask any kid who plays QB, if they could have Flacco’s career, where do they sign up.

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