Khalil Mack feels Sunday’s loss “was on us as a defense”

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In the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s 17-16 loss to the Chargers, Bears head coach Matt Nagy faced questions about not trying to push the ball closer to the end zone before Eddy Pineiro‘s attempt at a game-winning field goal.

Nagy said he had “zero thought” of doing anything other than kneeling down to run time off the clock after Pineiro missed from 41 yards and that served as a tidy way of assessing his confidence in the offense after a pair of fourth quarter turnovers contributed to the Bears giving up their lead.

The ineffectiveness of the Bears offense has been a talking point all season and there will be more discussion of it this week. Linebacker Khalil Mack sees a different reason why the Bears lost their third straight game. The Chargers only gained 231 yards and used a short field for the go-ahead touchdown, but Mack feels the defense wasn’t up to snuff.

“I feel like it was on us as a defense,” Mack said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Because we were capable of holding them down. We shouldn’t have let them score 17 points.”

The Bears defense had two bad games before the Week Seven bye, but Sunday’s outing was more in line with their better outings. Mack still believes it wasn’t enough and said it will be “huge for us to step up and take over games” in the weeks to come. That would be welcome, but it still might not be enough if the offense doesn’t find better footing at the same time.

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  1. Loss is on Nagy and the offense for only scoring 16 points and for not trying to get any closer for the final kick.

  2. It hasn’t been on the defense all year….trubisky needs to step it up, nagy needs to call a better game, why werent they running montgomery all season instead of waiting til week 8…..the defense cant stay fresh when the offense doesn’t help sustain drives and put up points…..2 different 1st and goal inside the ten and you settle for field goals cause you wanna try and be cute…..

  3. Noble… but not even remotely true.

    Faker Mayfield pitches wonderfully to rushing D linemen…. seriously, how do you even let go of that ball?

    Offense gave them no chance to win that game.

    Sum total of that offensive talent is operating at half… or less than the value of its individual parts.

  4. For what Mack is getting paid and what they gave up for him, he just hasn’t produced. Disappears far to often in games.

    Also, Nagy just isn’t a head coach, he’s an avg OC, that’s about it.

  5. That big trade for Trubisky and Mack isn’t looking quite as good now. Tough times ahead.

  6. But I thought that trading away 2 1st rounds picks for Mack was going to win the Bears a Super Bowl, what happened?


  7. Gonna be interesting to see this locker room implode when they keep losing like this

  8. Loss is on Nagy. He didn’t show any faith in his offense to run one more play to get their kicker a bit closer. Nagy then made excuses why he called for the kneel down. I realize Chicago’s offense is struggling, however a head coach must offer his players the opportunity to prove themselves in situations such as this. Team continuity is dependent upon the trust the coach has in his players. If Nagy cannot trust, he should offer his resignation.

  9. Nagy deserves criticism. 41 yards is not a gimme, ever. You Coach to put your team in the best position to win, including the kicker. You don’t even have the stones to run the ball? Your genius offensive mind can’t trust play-action left & boot the QB right with clear instructions to for an easy pass to the TE, run or throw the ball away?

    This guy put all kinds of bad juju about the FG game this offseason. Congratulations, you took a knee & made it worse!

    The Beeahs are playing a 1st place schedule & many outside of the windy city expected a regression. The fact that D is producing but the O’s lack of production highlights the fact that Nagy & Trubinsky are in a dark place right now.

  10. Nagy is still defending his inexcusable decision to not try to put the kicker closer. It was most likely a game losing mistake. That is exceptionally poor coaching when you know your team has kicker issues and has been burned by them before.

  11. The first of the two 1st round picks the Raiders got from the Bears was used on Josh Jacobs. An argument could be made that Jacobs has done about as much for the Raiders as Mack has for the Bears. And the Bears are making that #1 next year move up the board.

  12. :43 seconds, a time out and first down at the 23 yard line is plenty of time to try to actually get a touchdown to win the game. Rodgers, Brady or Brees certainly wouldn’t have been taking a knee there. Chargers would almost be expecting a run since they were already in field goal range. That’s the perfect time to see if you can get a receiver open. If he isn’t, throw it away. Then when the Chargers see that they are actually considering throwing, they back up their DB’s and maybe that opens a bigger hole for a running play on 2nd down. Taking a knee with all that time left and putting all that undo pressure on a rookie kicker was arguably the dumbest play call of the Bears’ extremely long list of stupid play calls this season. Another lowlight was the obvious offsides free play where Trubisky threw a 5 yard slant on a free play. Go for the end zone kid.

  13. r8dernation says:
    Should of took less money and stayed a Raider.

    So, take less money to stay on a team that is also losing? What genius would want to do that?

  14. With so many holes on offense were the Bears the right team to give up those picks to land Mack? Also that 2nd 1st rounder is looking more and more like an early pick for the Raiders.

  15. Pagano is the problem. He is not Fangio! Of course Fangio is not an offensive mind in Denver either!

  16. Trubisky2019MVP said “For what Mack is getting paid and what they gave up for him, he just hasn’t produced. Disappears far to often in games.”

    When the Bears traded for Mack, I said that (1) Mack is great player but he sometimes disappears in games, and (2) the Bears defense was already very good and the incremental benefit of adding Mack to it would not be worth the draft picks that the Bears gave to the Raiders.

    I was 100% right.

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