Mohamed Sanu “felt great” in Patriots debut

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The Patriots opted to go for it on fourth down in Browns territory late in the first half of Sunday’s game and Tom Brady fired a pass to a player who hasn’t been on the team all that long.

Mohamed Sanu joined the Patriots in a trade with the Falcons last week, but he knew to get to the sticks and turn around in time for Brady’s pass to arrive. Sanu said Brady “put it on the money” and that he caught it in “self-defense” for a first down that helped set up a field goal try.

That field goal attempt would be blocked, but the Patriots would go on to win 27-13 and Sanu said he “felt great” after contributing two catches and 23 yards to the effort.

“It’s really special because you can see why they are the way they are,” Sanu said in comments distributed by the team. “You can see why they have won as much as they have. How deliberate they are at practice and the time they spend on the keys to the game.”

Sanu will get some more time to get acquainted with his new team this week before the Patriots take on the Ravens in their final game before their bye week.

13 responses to “Mohamed Sanu “felt great” in Patriots debut

  1. Welcome aboard!!
    Should really start to see him gel with TB12 after the bye week…Pats will have Harry on the field by then too….& Wynn to the O-LIne just around the corner…..
    Go Pats!!!

  2. I didn’t think he’d be on the field for a few weeks, but clearly the Patriots have learned to give a simple game plan to guys just to get them working and on the field.

  3. He did well enough for a guy who just arrived that week to a complex offense in bad weather with Brady needing to release quicker than ever due to a heavily patched o-line.

  4. Our offense is good enough. Nobody is scoring more than 20 on this D.

    I was impressed with Mayfield. He was the first QB this year to play NE and not poop his pants. He had a really rough day vs the NE D but he never quite broke. None of the other QB’s we faced this year can say they didn’t break. Not even Big Ben.

  5. Yeah it’s going to feel great knowing the refs are going to be on your side while you’re on the Patriots.


    Like when on a punt a Brown’s defensive lineman jumps early, crashing into the line, but the penalty is called on the Patriots because a gunner, far away from where the lineman jumped, made the slightest of movements.

  6. Yeh…he was not set correctly on the 59 yard screen! You cannot face the line and be still

    No call…changed the mo entirely

    Was third down

    Patriots get the calls all the time

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