Odell Beckham Jr. believes Browns “shied away” from challenging Stephon Gilmore

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Odell Beckham Jr. has admired the Patriots from afar. He got to see them up close on Sunday, and he could be starting to realize that no other team is like the Patriots, especially not the Browns.

After Sunday’s loss at New England, Beckham bemoaned the fact that the ball wasn’t thrown his way more often.

“I just felt like we didn’t challenge as much as we could have,” Beckham told reporters in reference to cornerback Stephon Gilmore holding Beckham to five catches for 52 yards on seven targets. “I think we kind of shied away from it. I was expecting and looking forward to it, but that wasn’t the case today. We had a couple plays, but for whatever reason we didn’t do as much challenging as we talked about. Other than that whatever came my way, pretty much I caught. Whatever opportunities I had I made the most of them. You can only control what you can control.”

That’s the downside of adding a star receiver who: (1) wants the ball often; and (2) isn’t shy about saying so. Especially if the team isn’t winning.

If the team is winning, complaining about not getting the ball more comes off as selfish. If the team isn’t winning, the player can find cover in the simple notion that, if he’d gotten the ball more, maybe the team would have won.

For the season, Beckham has 34 catches (tied for 33rd in the league) for 488 yards (23rd) and one touchdown (tied for 92nd). That’s not the impact that the Browns or Beckham envisioned, and it’s not the season that anyone envisioned for Cleveland.

While the schedule does indeed soften, the margin for error is becoming narrower; the Browns basically have to finish 7-2 to have a shot at getting to the playoffs. And Beckham, who may spend some of the next 30 hours wishfully thinking that he’ll be getting a call from Browns G.M. John Dorsey informing Beckham that he’s been traded to the Patriots, will likely continue to not-so-subtly complain about his lack of involvement in the offense, especially if the Browns keep losing.

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  1. and it’s not the season that anyone envisioned for Cleveland.

    Maybe not the media, but I’ll bet there are way more than a few people with reasonable common sense that could see this coming from a mile away.

    Has trying to stock a team with talented egomaniacs and then making no clear effort to reign them in and focus them on a common team goal ever been successful?

  2. ….The Mighty Patriots….Home Wreckers.

    The beginning of the end……………

  3. 7 targets isn’t shying away. If he was open more, he’d have had more targets. Gilmore is just hands down the best CB in the game….by far.

  4. If OBJ had blocked for his running back on that fumble recovery for touchdown by the Patriots instead of running for a TD celebration; it might have been a different game!

    I watched him every time they replayed it, and he never blocked! He was making a beeline to have a celebration! Team guy?

  5. Those modest stats still massively flatter OBJ as most of his 52yds came in one garbage time catch. Other than that they got him the ball in 2 designed bubble screens to keep Gilmore off him. And 3 other catches on 5 attempts for very little except almost gifting Gilmore a pick-6.

  6. I hope OBJ is happy away from the dumpster fire NY Giants.
    Now he’s with a great team and a great QB, putting up huge numbers, and keeping his mouth shut because he’s happy.

    Oh, wait …

  7. The problem for ODBJ seems to be … DROPS …. When you drop a back shoulder throw that Tony Romo described as perfect on a crucial 3rd down …. why should a QB trust you?

    And it’s not the 1st time he’s dropped an easy catch … some became picks and let’s not forget the wrong routes that became picks …

  8. OBJ is going to end up angry again, and I love it.
    He was a popular millionaire with the Giants but that wasn’t enough.
    Let him stew.

  9. Please. Frustrated Browns fan. This guy for some reason drops very catchable balls! But I love watching the circus one handed catch up in warm ups. Do your job dude.

  10. mashoaf says: Do the patriots even have the cap space to take on Beckham?
    Pats have only $1.5m, but Brady would push half his pay into next year for a great addition who was unselfish enough to restructure too. But they don’t need a mega-diva like OBJ, they have Harry coming back and Sanu on board. What they need is a bit more o-line though Wynn’s expected return from IR should help. Maybe a deadline trade for Solder’s return? Giants haven’t quashed the notion of a trade, and he’s prob the one lineman who could quickly get back into the Pats’ system to be useful and grateful enough to be out of NY and not going to Cleveland to be willing enough to restructure. And Pats have plenty of picks for next year. Just sayin…

  11. It’s all about OBJ. He’s far more concerned about himself being seen as a superstar and the best receiver in the league than anything else in his world.

  12. He was so distracted by his man-crush on Brady and not so secretly wanting to be a Patriot that it was all he could do to catch a pass with two hands. 5 for 52 are a scrub’s game numbers.

  13. backindasaddle says:
    October 28, 2019 at 10:51 am
    It’s all about OBJ. He’s far more concerned about himself being seen as a superstar and the best receiver in the league than anything else in his world.
    Isn’t that his job?

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