Packers re-sign Tremon Smith, cut Darrius Shepherd, Evan Baylis

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The Packers have re-signed kick returner Tremon Smith, the team announced Tuesday.

Green Bay cut Smith on Oct. 14 after claiming him off waivers from the Chiefs on Sept. 16.

Smith played three games with the Packers, returning three kicks for a 22.7 yards average. In 18 career games, he has a 26.5 yards average on 36 returns.

Chandon Sullivan returned three kickoffs for a 16.0 yards average Sunday.

The Packers cut returner Darrius Shepherd and tight end Evan Baylis.

Shepherd played six games, getting 53 offensive snaps and 31 on special teams. He returned nine kickoffs for a 16.3 yards average in two games with Smith off the roster before Sullivan replaced him. He also had two punt returns for minus-9 yards.

Baylis played five games, seeing action on 12 offensive snaps and 53 on special teams.

12 responses to “Packers re-sign Tremon Smith, cut Darrius Shepherd, Evan Baylis

  1. I’m actually surprised Shepherd made it this long after the Lions game with his performance.

  2. Tre Smith is a speedster and I liked him while he was active. If anyone cares to remember I wasn’t completely happy about losing Trevor Davis. I know Gute got a pick for him, but I want dependability out of a returner. Shepherd has done next to nothing in the return game and showed me the ability to muff kicks. Gotta move on.👉

    The Baylis move was most likely to make room for Jace Sternberger on the active roster. Jace is eligible to play this week.


  3. Where do these guys get their names? What’s wrong with Bill or Sam or Ralph? What’s the point momma?

  4. Feel bad for Shepherd. Seems like a good guy and made some nice catches to make the team. The int off his helmet was on a pass behind him where he slipped to come back to the ball. He looks like he’d be a decent slot receiver.

    Packers should’ve kept & had Smith returning kicks the whole time. That problem is likely solved now.

  5. freefromwhatyouare says:
    October 29, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Tre Smith is a speedster and I liked him while he was active. If anyone cares to remember I wasn’t completely happy about losing Trevor Davis.

    I know you and I have been on different ends of the Trevor Davis spectrum.
    My opinion has always been borne out of my frustration with the fact he’s never been able to contribute in any other meaningful way to the team, despite numerous opportunities.

    But, with all things being equal, I begrudgingly agree that I still wish we had him.
    The Packers return game is a mess.
    And they lack the quality gunners we’ve had in the past.

    Kick returns have almost become an extinct artifact in this league making returners a dying breed, but ball security on punts and a little juice in the return game is still a unique quality in GB.
    Which is something Davis definitely gave them.

  6. Watching the return teams this year make me wish we still had Jeff Janis for crying out loud. Janis coupled with Scott’s booking leg and hangtime would equal a huge play. Janis was one of the best gunners from this decade and he made his presence known MANY times on returns.

  7. I could live with the mistakes that Shepard made during the Lions game – part of the learning process. He kind of overcompensated and never really returned a punt after that but at least he caught the ball. What really bugged me is that he could have cost the Pack the game against KC by not coming up and catching that last punt at the 15 or soe and letting it bounce so that it got downed at the 2 or 3 yard line. If not for some excellent running we could have been punting from our end zone. Seems that there is a lack of awareness that you simply cannot teach. Hope our new returned can at least catch the ball as required. Returns are nice but not fumbling is paramount.

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