Trent Williams’ contract may still toll by a full year

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Tackle Trent Williams unexpectedly reported to Washington on Tuesday, presumably in order to ensure that he will get credit for the 2019 year of a contract that runs through 2020. There’s still a chance he won’t.

In the Joey Galloway grievance from 19 years ago, the Seahawks argued that if a player under contract holds out for even one regular-season game, his contract tolls for a full year. Galloway, who ultimately was on the roster for eight games in 1999, won the grievance.

The ruling has since been interpreted as giving players under contract the ability to be on the roster for only eight regular-season games and avoid a tolling of the contract. If a player is on the roster for fewer than eight regular-season games, the team would have a potentially stronger argument for tolling.

Williams rejoins Washington with eight games left in the regular season. If Washington takes advantage of the ability to use a roster exemption for Williams, he’ll end up with fewer than eight games on the active roster. That could prompt Washington to fully utilize the roster exemption (typically, teams can use it for up to three weeks), to take the position that his contract tolls, and to force him to fight for an expansion of the Galloway case to allow him to be on the roster for less than eight regular-season games.

It ultimately could be a losing argument for Washington, but there’s no downside to giving it a try. And there’s no reason to think that Washington would take an aggressive approach aimed at keeping Williams under contract for an extra year, since that would enhance his eventual trade value in the offseason.

14 responses to “Trent Williams’ contract may still toll by a full year

  1. Yeah, that sounds like a BRILLIANT move…..
    Try to screw over a player twice & then try to keep him around an additional year….. sounds like something the Deadskins would try to do!!!!!

  2. Only the downside of looking even more like a horribly run dumpster fire. They need to trade Williams for as much as they can get, fire their entire football operations staff and then hire a well respected GM/President who has contractual control over everything, and specific language that allows him to overrule Synder if they so choose.

  3. How are there not clear rules on this? This is a multi-billion dollar league with around 1,000 players under contract and nobody really knows at what point a season counts?

  4. Don’t let him get the credit for this year and trade him. Since he doesn’t want to be in Washington. Trade him for a draft pick or picks after the season. Washington needs to start new rebuilding. Let him go and play for somebody else a few years before he retires. He hasn’t played a full season in years. Thanks for playing for Washingotn for years. Hopefully our next coaching staff knows how to handle players better.

  5. How are there not clear rules on this? This is a multi-billion dollar league with around 1,000 players under contract and nobody really knows at what point a season counts?

    This is what happens when you have a disfunctional union and a disfunctional league office, and both treat any undefined or uncertain areas in the CBA as potential gold mines for leverage. Both sides will react strongly AGAINST defining these areas without obtaining concessions from the other side, and so we end up with rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

  6. sounds like something a horribly run org would do… so not out of character for Washington or the Jets…

    Flip side is Williams might be itching for that fight… we aren’t quite sure what it is they did with his medical records to tick him off… There could HIPPA violations or things like that in play.

  7. So, he ceremonially reports and then refuses to work and gets paid anyway? If anyone thinks that’s reasonable, go to your job site and refuse to work. See how that works out.
    I can’t stand Snyder and BA and how they have detonated a once-great franchise but that is truly wack.

  8. You guys are missing the whole point, BA is making a statement with Trent that says: I refuse to let the inmates run the asylum. The NFL is starting to become the NBA were players dictate the outcome/rules. Trents worth nothing now, so don’t pay him this year and let him sit next year out again, losing another 15 million and still be under contract for 2 more yrs. You can’t report and not play. Do a Al Davis on him like he did to Marcus Allen, let him rot. BA asked for a king’s ransom because he didn’t want to trade him in my opinion.
    Lets see who wins in the end. #fireallen

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