Tyler Boyd: It’s not Andy Dalton’s fault nothing has gone right

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The Bengals made a change at quarterback Tuesday, with head coach Zac Taylor going door to door informing players during their position meetings. They were surprised but not surprised at the same time.

“Nothing seems to be going right this season,” receiver Tyler Boyd said, via Geoff Hobson of the team website. “It’s not Andy’s fault. There are plays he wishes he had back out there and every guy in this locker room feels the same way. The quarterback is just the most pressured position. I praise Andy for doing what he’s done here. He’s got great numbers. A Pro Bowler. He’s a No. 1 quarterback in my eyes.”

Rookie Ryan Finley will make his first career start Nov. 10 against the Ravens when the Bengals return from their off week.

Dalton lost his job because of the Bengals’ 0-8 record.

“It’s difficult because of all the good things he’s done since he started. You can’t be insensitive to that,” defensive captain Shawn Williams said. “But at the same time we still have a job to do and we still have to fully support Ryan and handle it business-wise and go about it the right way.”

Only five players remain from 2010 when Dalton wasn’t the Bengals’ starting quarterback. Even during the eight games Dalton missed in his career for injury, including five last season, the job always was his when he was healthy.

Now, despite Dalton being healthy, the job belongs to someone else.

“You never like to see guys’ jobs get tempered or played with because at the end of the day you’ve got family,” defensive end Carlos Dunlap said. “But I think it will probably send a message, shock some things, shake some people up or wake some people up and hopefully put that sense of urgency they have upstairs in the locker room so we can go get that first win.”

Who knows what Dalton’s long-term future is? For now, for the first time in his career, he is a backup quarterback.

22 responses to “Tyler Boyd: It’s not Andy Dalton’s fault nothing has gone right

  1. As a loyal K-mart shopper I am offended.
    No but seriously. How don’t they trade Eiffert at least. Unless they think they can get a comp. pick, but Ilyse won’t stay healthy all year- so I don’t know.
    I laughed the other week when someone said Cincinnati could put them selves with the Dolphins and someone else as far as future draft picks. Apparently whoever said that doesn’t know or know of Mike Brown and the Brown family- put themselves in a position to rebuild and be good 2 years from now? No thanks. We’ll just keep the players our fans know until they leave in FA. Whit, Jones jr., J. Joe, Mohammad S., list goes on and on…..

  2. Team had a chance to trade AJ and Andy…..
    But hey let’s not, and sit Andy when AJ comes back!
    Poster above said organization is run like Kmart.
    No no Kmart is too nice of a comparison.

  3. hanktadd says: “Why didn’t they trade Dalton?! That team is run like a K-Mart…”

    Um, who exactly is “buying”?

  4. Most Cincy fans got their wish. Dalton is gone after this year. We now don’t have Marvin or Andy to blame. My guess is still 0-16 for the season. I guess it’s all Mike Browns ‘s fault.

  5. ♫ “Well, is it Teacher’s fault? (oh no!)
    Is it Mommy’s fault? (oh no!)
    Is it society’s fault? (oh no!)
    Well, is it Andy’s fault? ohhhhh nooooo!” ♫

  6. best they can hope for is 1 – 15 this year.It won’t matter how many picks they get, they have no
    one who has any knowledge of how to identify talent. I honestly think that there is no hope for
    them as long as the Brown family runs or owns the team.

  7. While Dalton isn’t the best, Zac Taylor is clearly in over his head. Let this be a fair warning to all owners who are tempted to hire off Sean McVay’s staff. Maybe a full season as a coordinator should be a prerequisite to becoming a head coach.

    Wherever Dalton goes, he’ll likely be a bridge QB.

  8. Tyler the place holder. #1 pick QB in their future. Let Andy retire healthy. Wonder where he would be if drafted by a non perennial looser

  9. Lots of respect for Andy Dalton. His first four or five years in the NFL he went to the playoffs. Won none. Its time. There are a number of teams he could start for. But, its time.

  10. A lot more than Andy Dalton is responsible for this train wreck. Can they bench the coaching staff and management too??

  11. Marvin was to blame for a lot. Poor game management, not having a coaching staff able to adjust to anything and not being able to win a playoff game. He once decided in all his wisdom it would be better to lose to an opponent win 17 so his team could play that team again in the first round of the play offs. They lost to the same team two weeks in a row. But think about that for a minute his plan was to lose. Have you heard of any NFL coach who goes into a season finally with the playoff next week and instead of building his team and playing their game. He says let’s just lose and play them again next week.
    Honestly Tobin and his staff have done a great job identifying and drafting talent. Injuries and players not being who you thought they were is part of the NFL. Cincinnati has had some extremely talented rosters over the years but has never had the coaches to take them to the next level.
    Carson Palmer said before he left Cincinnati that this team will never take the next step with this coaching staff. 10+ years later they fire Marvin.
    It took them like 5 job offers to get someone who would finally agree to be the DC.
    K-mart isn’t run better because the Brown family makes more money. And that’s what is all about.
    That’s why they didn’t trade big name. No big names… No ticket sales. No jerseys to buy. No hotdog to sell.

  12. The overpaid back up receiver is sticking up for the overpaid backup QB. It only took Dalton 9 years but he finally found his long lost clip board.

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