Aaron Jones named NFC offensive player of the week

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For a change, Rodgers wasn’t the best Packers Aaron.

Running back Aaron Jones was named NFC offensive player of the week, after his filling up the stat sheet against the Chiefs.

Jones had seven catches for 159 yards and two touchdowns, and added 13 carries for 67 yards on the ground.

His 67-yard scoring reception broke a late tie, and helped the Packers improve to 7-1 with a win at Kansas City.

It also showed that they could survive a time of injuries to their top receiver (Davante Adams) and still make big plays in the passing game.

20 responses to “Aaron Jones named NFC offensive player of the week

  1. The top two NFCN teams both have a dangerous RB duo. Should serve them both well for some December – January football if they can all stay healthy.

  2. Davante back now too…

    You scared?

    Of course you are.



  3. Vikings fans will say he didn’t deserve it. After all Dalvin Cook scored a TD against the vaunted redskins defense!

    That’s like scoring 9 TDs vs the 85 bears in a single game!

  4. “Trouble makers on the field”


    The blown up photo of Jonesy waving in Dallas is now autographed, framed, and up on the wall in the music/sports cave.👍 The “trouble maker”s framed and autographed photo was appraised at 520 bucks. That will only rise over time.👏

    If you call him “trouble” then I know he will trigger you more in the future. Score!


  5. conormacleod says:
    October 30, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Well deserved. The Chiefs were stubborn with trying to cover him with a LB and the Packers took advantage.

    I’m guessing the Chiefs won’t be making the same mistake again this week. Thanks, Packers!

  6. slumdog66 says:
    October 30, 2019 at 9:10 am

    How it’s not Tevin Coleman is laughable

    Are you serious?
    Aaron Jones had a much better overall game than Coleman.
    Now, you’d definitely have an argument if you’d said Cooper Kupp, who had an outstanding game too.

    These acknowledgements are nice to receive and obviously fun to debate, but in the end, as long as the Packers keep winning I couldn’t care less if individuals are recognized or not.

  7. It’s hard for a LB to cover a fast RB……that can catch. He’s not replacing the Adam’s targets, he’s creating a whole new play-action options.

  8. If he keeps it up he could become a superstar, he deffinetly is putting some GREAT ground work in this season, but needs to keep doing it consistently to get to that superstar level, but due to the fact that the career of an NFL RB is short while he may get to that status he may not keep it very long, sort of like Gurley.

  9. mrdarkness13 says:
    October 30, 2019 at 11:30 am
    It was against the Chiefs running D c’mon man not like he Mossed someone.

    7 Catches for 160 yards and 2 TDs

    I would say he went Randy Moss on the whole team.

    Add his 65 yards rushing and its pretty clear why he won NFC POTW

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