Andy Dalton said agent tried to facilitate a trade ahead of deadline

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Quarterback Andy Dalton isn’t thrilled about being benched by the Bengals, but it appears he’s also unhappy with the timing of the move.

Dalton spoke to reporters on Wednesday about Tuesday’s announcement that fourth-round pick Ryan Finley will be taking over as the starter once the team returns from their bye week.

“I don’t agree with the decision but I’m going do everything I can to help the team,” Dalton said, via Paul Dehner of

While Dalton wouldn’t have agreed with the decision at any point, a little more notice would have been appreciated. He said that his agent tried to facilitate a deal that would send him to another team where he’d still have a chance to play, but there was a time crunch given the timing of the team’s announcement.

It’s impossible to know if more time would have led to a trade, but it seems clear that Dalton will get a chance to move elsewhere via a trade or as a free agent following his release once the end of the season.

30 responses to “Andy Dalton said agent tried to facilitate a trade ahead of deadline

  1. The Red Rifle has certainly had an odd career. Shown some definite talent at times but mediocre for the most part.

  2. thirstyforliberaltears says:
    October 30, 2019 at 12:04 pm
    We wish it would have happened earlier too Andy. Like 5 years ago.


    Bengals fans
    Lol. What is wrong with that team? They keep Marvin Lewis 46 years too long and now Dalton. He’s been holding you guys back for years. They shoulda cut or traded him. The season is lost, show your fans some respect.

  3. Dalton billboards were everywhere in Cincy 4-5 years ago. Now those same billboards are like “ehh…come see our zoo!”

  4. Also…getting paid starter money to sit on the bench and not risk injury for a team with an absolute ceiling of 2 wins seems waaaaaaaaay preferable than actually playing.

  5. Pretty obvious from the get go that Dalton wouldn’t be with the team next year, and with the team sitting at 0-8, I think its a smart move to see what Finley can do. If he fails they can draft a QB in next years draft. Good luck Ryan!

  6. I can see him going to Tampa with Arians to run that offense. People thought Carson Palmer’s career was over as well before Arians brought him back to life in AZ.

  7. Of course he’s unhappy. Just because he’s failed miserably for a decade is no reason to give up on him.

  8. buckstalion12965 says:
    October 30, 2019 at 11:59 am
    Chicago could have used him.

    Not a Bears fan or any Chicago teams at all, but I live in the Chicago market, and it is getting bad. Sports talk radio here is brutal. Ownership and management – no one wants to break the seal on admitting that Trubisky is not the answer. Mack is getting double-teamed, keeping his effectiveness lower than normal and the Raiders get their 1st round pick. So, you’re right – the Bears could use Dalton or anyone else, at the moment.

  9. Joe Goodberry posted Dalton’s stats with and without AJ Green on twitter.

    Basically, Green made Dalton look like a decent QB, but without him he was completely pedestrian. No team is going to trade for a backup QB that’s making $20m.

  10. Dalton has little to whine about in the end given this move should have been made a couple of years ago much less a couple of games ago. His sour contention that he disagrees with the move is just a flat joke. If he honestly believes he’s completely above carrying a clipboard there for half a season then he should just go home and tell them to stick it (he’s not the type of guy who needs or would miss the big money), he wouldn’t be missed.

  11. I can’t blame him at all. No one is saying he is the greatest qb ever but to do that to someone on their birthday and basically scapegoat him for the front office incompetence is a crap move. The Bengals can’t address their biggest problem Mike Brown. It will not change until he steps down or is gone which is the sad truth. He’s a stubborn dinosaur.

  12. Lot of hate for a guy that’s currently 4th in the NFL in offense, 1 spot ahead of Tom Brady……

  13. Organization a total abomination starting from the top. They get nothing for Dalton and AJ will leave next year for sure and they’ll get nothing for him anyone surprised?

  14. “but to do that to someone on their birthday…”

    So they should have waited a week rather than spoil the birthday boy’s day? That is soooo millennial.

  15. Andy Dalton needs to look in the mirror.
    He’s made $68 million by being a meh QB.
    If I was him, with millions in the bank, and 32 years old, I’d retire rather than trying for a backup gig.

  16. Bengals have a team option on him for next year. I could see him in chicago or Miami next year via a trade. Start him and let Trubisquit and whichever QB Miami picks sit a year.

  17. Many Bengals fans clamored for the firing of Marvin and the benching of Dalton. They got exactly what they wanted and now the team is 0-8 looking at 0-16. Tobin has built a team with overrated and failed draft picks. The fix is a few years and a coaching staff change away. This is Dave Shula and company all over again.

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