Jamal Adams: Patriots don’t take calls on Tom Brady, so Jets shouldn’t on me

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Safety Jamal Adams tweeted his displeasure that the Jets listened to trade offers for him. General Manager Joe Douglas called it a miscommunication, that the Jets didn’t shop Adams, and said he planned to talk to Adams.

A day later, Adams isn’t ready to talk to Douglas and doubled down on his displeasure with the Jets even entertaining talks about him. In the process, Adams compared himself to the greatest player in NFL history and the two-time reigning defensive player of the year.

“I woke up Monday morning and I kind of found out through a couple of reliable people that I have a lot of trust in that I was being shopped around,” Adams said, via video from sny.com. “You know, at the end of the day, I know he has a job to do and I respect it. I hold myself in a high regard. I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do since I’ve been here for the three years. You know I didn’t take that lightly. I really didn’t.

“When my agent called me and he told me what was going on, it definitely hurt me. You know what I mean? I hold myself at a high level. The Rams don’t take calls on Aaron Donald. The Patriots don’t take calls on Tom Brady. You know what I mean? That’s where I hold myself in that regard. Regardless, that I understand you have a job to do, that’s the way I took it.”

Adams tweeted after the trade deadline Tuesday that Douglas went “behind my back and shopped me.” He said he met with the team late last week to tell them he wanted to remain with the Jets.

Adams continued to insist Wednesday he felt betrayed.

“I felt it needed to be said. I don’t regret it. I don’t,” Adams said of his tweets. “I’m going to continue to be a professional. A lot of people probably disagree, but a lot of people disagree with a lot of people’s decisions on what they do in life period. So I’m not focused on that.”

The former first-round choice answered “I really don’t know” when asked if he wants to remain with the team long term or whether he will ask for an offseason trade.

The Cowboys were among the teams with interest in acquiring Adams at the deadline. They reportedly offered a first-round choice plus a third-day pick, but the Jets wanted a first-rounder and two second-rounders.

Adams said once he heard the trade rumors, he told his agent Dallas “is definitely a spot I would love to land.” Adams grew up in the Dallas area.

“When I found out I was being shopped, and I was on the verge of being traded, that was one of the teams that I told them I would love to go to and it was to go to the Dallas Cowboys,” Adams said. “People got to understand I’m born and raised in Dallas.”

117 responses to “Jamal Adams: Patriots don’t take calls on Tom Brady, so Jets shouldn’t on me

  1. seeing why im saying trade this guy? he’s a prima donna. jets need picks, not loud mouth safeties.

  2. I don’t get it. If anything, he should see this as a compliment. If there are other teams calling and inquiring about your services, it probably means the league regards you as a pretty quality player. The Jets are not the place to be right now anyway.

  3. 24 years old and acting like he is 8.

    Bottom line is that this is a business. Its a game you play but it is a business and you are a piece in that business. A commodity. Very good player and you should understand your value in the league not a team. Jets have every right to blow up this team and look at every single option to get better. Thats what a GM does.

  4. LOL sir you are nowhere in the same category as Brady or Donald but whatever makes you sleep at night.

  5. So if him comparing himself to Brady and Donald want funny enough, the contradiction in the Dallas comment is further proof of hope dumb he is

  6. Hey Jamal, just a little something you may not know. You are no Tom Brady. It’s great that you believe you are a great player, winners usually do. However, it is very unlikely you will be a GOAT in your position.

  7. DId he really just compare himself to Tom Brady?!

    You can’t say stuff like that and expect to be taken seriously…

  8. Jets fans would know better than me: Is Adams similar to Landon Collins, a great box safety with limited coverage skills? If so, cut the bait like we (Giants) did and let another team overpay.

  9. I was with him when he said the issue was them not being honest with him they were shopping him. But now he’s just a moron.

  10. That’s part of football buddy. They pay you millions. They don’t need to be loyal to you. Shut up and play the damn game!!!

  11. I’m pretty sure he’s not comparing his career to Tom Brady and Aaron Donald. I think Adams is the Jets best player by far, so in that sense, he’s right.

  12. As soon as I read the headline, I knew the comment section would contain a bunch of football know-it-alls bashing Jamal. He is just speaking of principle and he is 100% right in stating this point.

    Mindless people just ready to pounce.

    What’s in the water down in the US?

  13. So he goes on and on and on how insulted he was that they shipped him, then ended by saying IF they would shop him he would love to go to the cowboys…

  14. Teams always listen to other teams on trade offers, as nobody is the Hope Diamond, the Mona Lisa, or Tom Brady!

    Just trying to lighten the situation.

    Be that as it may, Adams is a heck of a player; in the Jets defensive backfield he is sorely needed..Douglas is probably a better than average GM – coming out the Eagles front office. I don’t fault Adams, as he is voicing something less displeasing than that which came from Jalen Ramsey.

  15. What if the Chiefs were offered all of the Bengals picks for 2020 and 2021 for Mahomes? Would they listen? Like Williams only crazier. With teams seemingly more interested in proven players than draft picks never say never….,

  16. Oh, no!!! How will the Jets ever replace his 2 career interceptions in the lineup!! (one was one an airmail from Stidham)

  17. I’m not so sure the Patriots wouldn’t ever take calls on Tom Brady. Maybe not right now, but in the off-season? If Belichick saw an opportunity to improve his team by trading Brady, I don’t think he’d reject it out of mere respect. I can’t currently imagine such an offer, but it’s possible.

  18. Is this guy really comparing himself to Tom Brady??? He has a mental illness if so. Starting to hate the NFL more and more because of guys like this. Its professional sports buddy, QUIT if you don’t like it!! Just simply quit. NO ONE is forcing you to play for an NFL team. We all know you won’t though, just tough talk. LOL!

  19. The Jets have been so irrelevant in this league since basically Super Bowl 3, this week is the first time I have really heard of Jamal Adams.

  20. this guy’s delusional and is starting to embarrass me. A safety…SAFETY in his 3rd year is now Brady? They should have traded him.

  21. CJ Mosley Le’Veon Bell Ryan Kalil Robby Anderson and maybe even Sam darnold, those are players on his own team better than him, so how about become the best player on your own team and then you can talk.

  22. Guy needs to learn that’s part of the business. Trades happen in the NFL and calls are made all the time. If you’re on the level of Brady, Donald etc… get a no trade clause in your next contract.

  23. I’m confused… Is he comparing himself to Tom Brady and Aaron Donald? Get this guy a CTE Checkup NOW!

  24. His dad was a former NFL player, so it is kind of surprising that he still doesn’t understand this business. It is even more idiotic to see former LSU guys defend him on ESPN.

    There wouldn’t have been a Cowboys dynasty if Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson hadn’t traded the best player on their roster.

  25. If Joe Montana can get traded after winning four superbowls and never losing a superbowl, anyone can be traded.

  26. What he is wrong about is that the Patriots absolutely do take calls on Tom Brady. And the Rams take them on Donald too. Its just that the call is always a quick “no” then it ends.

    And thats actually pretty much what I understand happened with calls about Adams so he is really having a bad nutty over nothing here.

  27. He says he holds himself in high regard. Or esteem. I don’t remember which. Maybe when he’s making out his last will and testament he will donate his ego for study.

  28. Maybe the Jets should have traded this egomaniac. The pats and rams are contenders. That’s why they are not trading away their best players.

    If the Rams were 1-7, you better believe they’d be taking calls on Aaron Donald.

    If the Pats had been losing a few years ago, I bet they would have traded Brady to the 49ers and kept Garapolo

  29. So this clown is comparing himself to Aaron Donald and Tom Brady. That’s some of the best humor I’ve heard in awhile. The guy isn’t full of himself or anything, is he? ROFL

  30. Jamal Adams = Tom Brady…..NOT. Do something first in the league, then get back to us in 10 years. He can’t carry Brady’s jock.

  31. Translation: Teams don’t trade their best players and he is 100% right. The Jets should be taking calls about their QB before his stock goes completely bust. At least they can sucker few GMs to take him like the Cardinals did.

  32. If my employer shopped me around looking to get three employees back to replace me I’d be honored. They better hope someone took the deal because my ego would be out of control around the office if I knew they valued me that highly.

  33. Tom Brady has literally played 10+ TIMES as many games as Adams has. Good luck ascending to tb12’s level, Jamal. # clueless

  34. Adams has a lot of growing up to do. How does he know that no team calls about the 40 year old TB12? Has he not paid attention to the safety market? Ty Mathieu, Eric Reid, Earl Thomas & Eric Weddle, 4 of the best safeties just changed teams. Adams is immature & ignorant. He needs to shut his mouth & do his best.

  35. So I guess it will be ok with Adams if the Jets take calls on him this off-season. But maybe the Jets better ask if it’s ok so his feelings aren’t hurt.

  36. I’d like to sign a contract with the Jets to ride the bench for a decade, pay me the league minimum each year, the media wouldn’t even bother talking to me, I wouldn’t have any social media or endorsements, nobody would even remember me, and I would be forever grateful.

  37. Pretty sure the Rams and Pats field calls for them all the time, they just decline the deal…until they start to decline and get dealt.

  38. In the process, Adams compared himself to the greatest player in NFL history


    I scanned the Article several times, I didn’t see where he mentioned Otto Graham at all. He did compare himself to a cheater though, which is a bad look.

  39. Adams could be the best safety of all time, but he still plays safety. It’s just not as important of a position as others, especially QB. You just have to know how the business works. He should take it more as a compliment than a slight. If teams are calling, you’re in high demand and thought of as a great player.

    There’s no players (MAYBE Mahomes or Watson) that are untouchable.

  40. Is he that good? I don’t watch Jets games. But he’s got to be 3 times better than Ed Reed ever was for a SAFETY to make comments like this. Or for the Jets wanting two 1st rounders and more.

  41. The nerve of those Jets. Just another example of “systemic oppression” these poor players must endure.
    Take a knee during the anthem, Jamal.

  42. LSU – producing quality, well adjusted individuals. The ohio state of the south…

  43. “I hold myself in high regard”. That’s great Jamal but not everyone overvalues you as much as you do. You are no Brady or Donald

  44. hilarious!

    He and Brady walk the higher path huh?

    Both played in 9 superbowls.. all kinds of MVP trophies.. both have every meaningful postseason record that exists..

    wait a minute…!!! huh?

  45. Let’s make a deal….. that’s what the trade deadline is all about…. make me an offer I can’t refuse…. I’ll listen to ANY OFFERS ON ANY PLAYER & unless you knock my Sox off with an offer that’s going to help my TEAM LONG TERM you’re not going to get him……that any & all players don’t understand that THAT’S what every GM in football has the responsibility to do confuses me….football while entertaining is a business & thats just part of the business aspects.

  46. As a Cowboys fan, who has seen a multitude of bad trades and bad free agent signings. I can only thank the Jets for not making this trade. This guy is such an out of touch diva, it is comical. His agent, family or a friend needs to give advice on talking less.

  47. On a more serious note, exactly how does he know or could possibly confirm that the Pats never took a call on Brady or the Rams never took a call on Donald?

    My guess is that when GM’s talk, everything is on the table. The reason Brady has never been traded is that the Pats didn’t get an offer that was equal to his value to the club, same with Donald. Now if Adams should focus on making himself that valuable to his team and then he would have nothing to worry about.

  48. Can anyone imagine this egotistical punk making this sort of “I’m Special!!!” stink on Belichick’s Patriots? Hmmm…..how might BB deal with this???

  49. Jamal, really??? There is a big difference here. The Pats are 8-0, the Rams 5-3, and the Jets 1-6 and the first 2 were in the Super Bowl last year!! What have the Jets done thats relevant lately?? Enough said!!!

  50. nflyyz says:
    October 30, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    As soon as I read the headline, I knew the comment section would contain a bunch of football know-it-alls bashing Jamal. He is just speaking of principle and he is 100% right in stating this point.

    Mindless people just ready to pounce.

    What’s in the water down in the US?


    No no no… he is 100% wrong and so are you.

  51. Another brain lame prima donna on a losing team. How does anyone grow up this delusional? Has he been so enabled he thinks he’s one of the greatest football players of all time? Guys like him and AB do not belong in the NFL…they don’t deserve to be there. Good player, I suppose… never really heard of him before…but wow what an ego. Who needs that kind of cancer in the locker room…. Dump him.

  52. Uhh, wasn’t Belichick planning on trading Brady to the 49ers and making Garoppolo the franchise QB until Kraft shut that down? Sounds to me like he took that call.

  53. Jets fan here. You can go bye bye now. Don;t want guys with this attitude and he probably doesn;t want to be here (understandable), so making a negative out of a positive.

  54. From the WWW: “People with fragile high self-esteem compensate for their self-doubts by engaging in exaggerated tendencies to defend, protect and enhance their feelings of self-worth.” NFL is full of them.

  55. Actually Jamal- Bellicheck was shopping Brady and wanted to keep Garroppolo until Kraft got word of it- big article on ESPN a few seasons ago-

    Please trade this clown!

  56. This is the only time I have ever thought anything bad about him, but he has been complaining about the losing culture there since his rookie year. OF COURSE THEY ARE TRYING TO TRADE you, those are the signals he has been sending for years.

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