Mitchell Trubisky studied tape of TV broadcast for “different perspective” of last game

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy is looking for ways to get more out of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and one of this week’s suggestions was that Trubisky watch a copy of the television broadcast of last Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

Trubisky said Nagy told him it would give a “different perspective” from the game film that players normally watch because it would show his facial expressions and body language. Specifically, it would show Trubisky how those things would look to his teammates.

Trubisky said at his Wednesday press conference that he looked like a “shell of myself” and that he wants to alter that in the future so that he can be more of a positive presence for his teammates.

“It was mostly just like a guy who looks super serious and kind of tense,” Trubisky said. “And that’s really not me. Especially when you’re going out on the field and playing the game you love. You should be out there having fun, which I usually am. But I’m not showing that. I think I can portray that in different ways that my teammates can feed off.”

Whatever film you watch of Trubisky, it shows that he’s not been productive enough to reach the goals that the Bears set for themselves this season. The Bears will be up for whatever it takes to get that to change, but it’s far from clear that attitude will be everything for the quarterback.

21 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky studied tape of TV broadcast for “different perspective” of last game

  1. Hopefully he keyed in on the parts where they talked bout how much he sucks and isnt an nfl qb…..only plus is dwayne haskins starting would make trubisky only the 31st worst qb in the league

  2. You want to be a more positive presence for your teammates??? TAKE CARE OF THE FOOTBALL BECAUSE YOUR TURNOVERS ARE KILLING THEM! Yikes…this ain’t complicated.

  3. I’m thinking the coaches were giving him a pretty big hint that being an announcer, and not a player, was probably a better life choice for him at this point…

  4. Bear fans, you guys just won the division, i would think that he’s earned at least a year of grace. The Bears were not close the year before.

  5. What’s interesting is you can watch him walk up and his head barely turns, eyes don’t move much. It’s there but not much.

    He’s not reading the defense at all. Calls play, walks up and wings it…

  6. This is just further evidence that Nagy is Trestman redux. If neither of your QBs play well, if your receivers drop balls constantly, and if your offensive line only plays a decent game (in week 8) when you change the scheme, it isn’t them…

    it’s you.

  7. A better suggestion would be for Nagy to watch media commentary on how badly he managed the end of that game. Shameful that he lets his ego sink the Bears season. Teams had his offense figured out halfway through last season. Dump him and Pace….

  8. I heard Jim Miller on the radio today make the point that in this last game against the Chargers and even going back to the playoff loss to the Eagles, Trubisky moved them down the field at the end of both those games and put them in position for the kicker to do his job and win the game, and Miller was right. As badly as Trubisky may have played,earlier, he still had them in position to win. Probably calling his own plays instead of having Nagy yakking in his ear calling for something stupid like a jet sweep or wide receiver screen. Also probably rolling out to avoid the rush that walked through that turnstile of an offensive line. Make no mistake, he should have shown more improvement this season, still misses too many throws for my liking but it’s way too easy to just pile on Trubisky, Nagy deserves at least as much if not more of the blame in my opinion.

  9. Is it me or does Nagy remind you of the John Shoop offense? If I see one more wr screen I’m going to puke.

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