Report: Trent Williams does not plan to play this year

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He’s back, but he’s not really back.

Washington tackle Trent Williams reported to the team on Tuesday. JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reports, however, that Williams “has no intention of playing this season.”

The strategy underscores the reality that Williams showed up for one reason and one reason only: To get credit for the current year of his contract. If the deal tolls, he’ll be under contract through 2021; if it doesn’t, he’ll be a free agent after 2020.

That becomes an important distinction if/when Washington tries to trade Williams in the offseason. If the new team gets Williams under contract for two years, it presumably would be willing to give up more than if he’s signed for only one year.

Surely, Washington won’t happily pay the balance of his $10.85 million salary, if Williams won’t actually be playing this year. And if there’s any straight-faced argument to be made by Washington that the contract tolls, Washington will make it.

At this point, Washington’s goals become simple, if Williams truly doesn’t intend to play. They’ll want to pay him as little as possible in 2019, and they’ll have to get as much as possible for him in 2020.

So, basically, this thing isn’t over. It may only be just getting started.

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  1. Smart move. I’m sure his back is starting to feel a little tight now. It worked for Jalen

  2. If he reported to get credit but doesn’t plan to play, then what difference does it make if he reported or not? Doesn’t that leave him open to the argument that he is still in a way holding out?

    Does that also mean that the Redskins can suspend him for conduct detrimental that would cause the contract to toll as well?

  3. This is bizzare. The guy reports to the team but isn’t going to play (bad back, flu, Jaylen Ramsey syndrome) but expects the team to pay him? The team could have moved him but now has a bigger problem? Dysfunctional at best, totally asine for certain.

  4. Not trading him was another disservice to the franchise. I know teams don’t like to be leveraged by their players but at a certain point, you have to be realistic and move on. What do you gain by forcing him to report?

  5. It’s a trade off for players. They get paid ridiculous money to not be able to choose where they play (once they sign that contract the owners can do what they want). So to just hold out or not play? I’m on the teams side to not pay them. Suspend without pay.

  6. changeosea says:
    October 30, 2019 at 10:17 am
    The Skins used to be my favorite team. Snyder has made me loath this once great organization. I hung on for far too long.
    How does someone just hate the team they root for and root for someone else? Honestly, I’m asking. Apart from Seahawks fans, who are new to football and just became Hawks fans, how do you root for another team. The Niners have sucked and then been good, sucked some more and have been good. No matter their record I still root for them. There’s no way I could like another team other than the Niners. I wouldn’t expect that from any other fanbase. Redskins deserve better for sure, but how you just like another team is beyond me.

  7. The Redskins’ dumpster fire continues to rage. Can someone please call the fire department? ie #FireBruceAllen.

  8. Eagles fan here. Washington is not some second rate market/fan base. Tons of HOF’ers, multiple super bowls and some very quality players and an enormous fan base. Just unbelievable to watch n owner and GM literally crush a franchise.

  9. It seems like putting this information out strengthens any eventual case the Redskins have for not counting this season against his contract. So my question is whether this information came from him, or if it was leaked by the team. Especially since it’s cited to “a source”.

  10. If this is true then the NFL needs to nip this trend in the bud. No player who does this crap (Williams, Ramsey, etc) should be signed by any team ever again. If they don’t somehow put a stop to this, every malcontent will think he has leverage just like every diva thinks they deserve to be the highest paid at their position. The NBA lost tons of fans when they ceded power to a small group of players who manipulated rosters to their liking. This could do the same for the NFL. Play hardball with the CBA. Put in a statement that absolutely stops this behavior. The NFLPA would have to sacrifice the vast majority of players in order to defend a small but growing number of malcontents. One bonus…it is not “collusion” if the NFLPA agrees to it beforehand. Players want to smoke weed, ok, no more protection for dirtbags that try to get out of their obligations by acting like Antonio Brown or Williams/Ramsey.

  11. I don’t think he cares about the money. He wants to not play for the Redskins and if he doesn’t show up, he’s still stuck being under contract to the Redskins. I’m sure he’d let them keep all their money if they traded him or released him. He’s doing what he has to do in order to get away from Washington. He’s not holding out for more money or a new contract. He’s holding out to not play for a team who he believes endangered his life with bad medical care.

  12. I think he’s fine with not getting paid as long as he gets credit for the contract year. If the team suspends him without pay, so be it. He’s going to meet the bare minimum requirements to get to a new team by 2021, whether he’s paid along the way or not.

    Bigger picture: this war of attrition is way worse for Washington than for Williams. What do players around the league think when they see Washington get to this point with their *best* player and a team leader?

    What is Brandon Scherff for example thinking right now on the final year of his deal? Do you think he wants a long-term extension from Washington just like Williams had? Does anyone?

  13. Why can’t they suspend him or make him inactive and thus prevent him from getting credit for this year? How can the NFLPA allow a guy to show up and refuse to play and not do something?

  14. Suspend him….he has a contract and isn’t playing while healthy. Time for a Bob McNair type comment about inmates…but in the PC culture…Ill get banned.

  15. The players will certainly “get theirs” in the CBA. But stuff like this, will ensure the owners also “get theirs” by getting off the hook on paying players pulling these kinds of antics…

  16. They should have traded him and got something in return. Now they get nothing. The same thing they’ve been giving their fans during the Bruce Allen tenure. That team has become a joke. It’s a shame.

  17. redandgoldhitman52 says:
    October 30, 2019 at 10:48 am
    Suspend him. Selfish player. He’s an embarrassment and an idiot.

    You people need to get a grip. It is not like he is holding out for money or a contract. The man had serious medical concerns and was treated like dirt. So defending the team is a slight bit of BS. And unless you have had cancer or the scare of cancer then do not even try to give an opinion because you do not know how it feels. I have had cancer 2 times and if my employer had the right to decide if and when I sought treatment he would be liable legally and in some cases criminally. Understand what you are talking about and the situation before you make ignorant comments.

  18. niners816 says:
    October 30, 2019 at 10:29 am
    changeosea says:
    October 30, 2019 at 10:17 am
    The Skins used to be my favorite team. Snyder has made me loath this once great organization. I hung on for far too long.
    How does someone just hate the team they root for and root for someone else? Honestly, I’m asking. Apart from Seahawks fans, who are new to football and just became Hawks fans,

    The same Seahawks who lead the all time series w/ San Fran 25-16 and have the only head to head postseason win? Those Seahawks?

  19. Snyder and his leadership group are laughing stocks of the NFL yet again. Hands down the worst franchise in the league.

  20. I think there are a lot of uninformed readers on this site. Williams never held out to get more money or because he didn’t like his current contract or wanted to renegotiate. He felt that the Washington medical team severely mis-handled his medical issues, and asked prior to the pre-season to be traded due to irreconcilable differences with the way the team treated their players. He gave them plenty of time to make a value based trade, hell the Browns would have traded for him in a heart beat. It was the ego’s that run the Redskins that have completely flubbed this situation up, how do you have the man report and then announce mere hours before the trade deadline that he is available, after you spend almost 6 months not even listening to offers. I can’t see any current Redskin players or free agents looking at Washington as a desirable destination to take their talents to town. The only way they sign someone in FA is to way overpay the market value, as money is (at this point) the only incentive to play for Washington.

  21. I heard he couldn’t put his helmet on today! I wouldn’t expect him to play much with that situation!

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