Reporter says Baker Mayfield “had been disrespectful so many times”

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The reporter who felt the wrath of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield today after asking what Mayfield called the “dumbest question you could ask” says that it wasn’t the first time he and Mayfield haven’t seen eye to eye.

Veteran Cleveland sports writer Tony Grossi said on ESPN 850 in Cleveland that he’s not trying to pick a fight with Mayfield but also feels that Mayfield is needlessly antagonistic when he asks questions.

“I didn’t want to be in a confrontation with the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, but he had been disrespectful so many times in the last couple weeks in response to simple questions by me,” Grossi said.

Grossi and Mayfield have a history: Grossi reported before the 2018 NFL draft that Mayfield had demanded first-class airfare when making pre-draft visits and suggested that made Mayfield a prima donna, something people close to Mayfield took issue with. Grossi said today that Mayfield’s issue with him stems from that.

“I think it goes back to the pre-draft conversations we had, things I said, things I wrote. OK, fine, but you have to move along,” Grossi said. “I tried to talk to him twice, alone, but he just wants no part of that. If he’s not going to do that I have to do my job as best as I can.”

Grossi said he’s uncomfortable becoming a part of the story but stands by the way he conducted himself when questioning Mayfield.

50 responses to “Reporter says Baker Mayfield “had been disrespectful so many times”

  1. It’s ok, Grossi. It’s pretty clear that you will be around much longer than him in Cleveland.

  2. Grossi is well respected by fans and media. I’ve been reading his stories for over 20 years and he tells the truth. Mayfield needs to change his diaper because he just pooped all over himself. The kid is another Johnny Manziel. Not a leader of a football team. All talk.

  3. Uncomfortable enough to talk about it, got it. Baker’s a boneheaded guy, no doubt, but airing dirty laundry publicly is conducting yourself professionally?

  4. I have never liked mayfield and I have never been positive about his chances of success as a pro. I do believe however he and all other top prospects should be flown first class. Really any choice organization would do that but this is the Browns

  5. Isn’t Gross the guy who called former owner Randy Lerner “the most useless billionaire in the NFL”? Hope this tiff with Baker doesn’t cost him his job again.

  6. There’s an old saying about not picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrell and seems Mayfield is.

  7. The most perplexing part of this story is that (at least some) NFL teams don’t fly in draft prospects first class. Not even those they’re considering drafting number 1 overall and committing millions of dollars to. Very cheap, even for the NFL.

  8. In reading your report about the pre-draft situation in 2018, it certainly is easy to understand why the qb would be upset on the writer making statements based on either heresay or imagination. QB may be a jerk, but the writer seems to be keeping him company in that room. This seems a clear case of a writer assuming a most superior attitude and demanding the qb grant him unlimited authority in the relationship.

  9. Tony Grossi must be another one of Hue Jackson’s fanboys. You can spot them a mile away.

  10. That fidget needs to man up and act like a franchise QB and he can start by being respectful and then string together 9 games playing like a real NFL QB. The prime donna act is getting old and Daniel Jones is playing better without 3 pro bowlers. He should start looking over his shoulder. Dorsey is not going to let the losing keep happening while #6 regresses on the field.

  11. He is an arrogant brat. What has he done so far, to behave like this?
    It’s shockng that he is so rude. Shame on you Baker Mayfield.

  12. I love OU, Mayfield not so much after he did the OSU flag plant, very disrespectful.
    It was a stupid question, no matter how someone responds, ask a REASONABLE question & maybe you get a reasonable response.

  13. If you’re going to be a jerk, you better win something. Right now Baker Mayfield is an overrated child who can’t do the easiest part of his job without throwing a fit.

    That ain’t good.

  14. I have a feeling that Mr. Grossi is routinely antagonistic and/or asks leading questions, and thus that it’s players who become understandably tired of his conduct and attitude, not the other way around.

  15. Of course the reporter wants to move on from a negative pre-draft story.

    The QB in question is now residing in his home town.

    There is actually nothing wrong with the mentality:

    Never forgive never forget

  16. Folks like Grossing seem convinced their “work” is necessary as opposed to the excuse for a real job that it is. Entitlement on display. Doesn’t change anything about Mayfield.

  17. The two things I took away:

    1-this reporter seems to be as hated as Mayfield and yes indeed his question was a dumb one.

    2-NFL teams don’t send private jets to bring in the number one overall pick in the draft class???? That to me is shocking.

  18. I follow the Cleveland media closely. Grossi actually is kind of a toxic reporter… he has a way of tying new people to the losing of the past they had nothing to do with, which (slightly) contributes to the perpetuation of the culture of losing in Cleveland.

  19. Mayfield is a spoiled brat. Nothing really accomplished in the NFL. Defenses already have his number. And of course, the Haslam’s remain clueless.

  20. Watch Gregg Williams get asked questions by Grossi from last year. That’s all you need to know about Grossi. Trying to always make news not report it.

  21. If you have to come out and publicly announce that you’re not a tool, um, you’re probably a tool.

  22. Grossi has more history then that. He also said he would retire if the Browns took Baker and then called his friend and fellow OU alum Kyler Murrey “Manziel 2.0”. The man has been a toxic trash reporter for over a decade and lost his job at the citys newspaper as the beat guy because of it. Baker answered other reporters questions for 8 minutes before this moron came out, so its not like he was huffy the whole time. Just when this dope asked something stupid.

  23. Grossi sucks. This ain’t the first time players/coaches did this to him. He asks stupid questions, trying to get stupid click bait quotes and then he gets mad about it. Same thing with his social media. He says stupid stuff, people disagree, he blocks them. Maybe one day he’ll realize when you ask stupid questions to get click bait quotes, people will actually respect the questions he asks….but until then, I hope all players and coaches are jerks to him. He is, so why not be a jerk back to him.

  24. Who couldn’t see this a mile away ?

    This team had disaster written all over it.

    1st Year Head Coach.

    2 VOLATILE WRs who’ve known each other since college and have big mouths.

    An Obvious Hot Head QB. At some level he has Ryan Leaf written all over him.

    This ain’t gonna end well.

  25. NEWSLASH!! Mr. Reporter, it’s RUDE to interrupt Mayfield’s answer and that’s what you did. “But..But..But..” Shut the piehole and LISTEN. If you had, you’d understand he was giving you a nuanced reply, which was required because your loaded question was seriously flawed.

  26. I’m sorry he hurt your feeling, maybe moved to green baby. there’s some decent whining tolerated up there.

  27. barneyrumble says:

    October 30, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    There’s an old saying about not picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrell and seems Mayfield is.

    Is that you O.J.?

    O.J. said the same thing yesterday!

  28. Just hope he doesn’t come to Miami after bombing rest of year like Rosen did this year lol. Anything else I’m good haha.

  29. It should be pretty clear that he is from a winning organization! And they are not winning! So he is not in his comfort zone when it comes to loosing. Surrounded by a lot of talent with an unqualified coach and a terrible line! Put Baker in Dallas uniform and he will produce numbers and win! Im not a fan honestly! Born and bread Ohio through and through! The truth is the truth. He expects more from his teammates and the people surrounding him. Including the media!

  30. Grossi is a known of a write and relies on pot-stirring and drama to keep his job. He’s akin to Skip Bayless. He taunted Mayfield intentionally.

    The problem with the Browns is Kitchens is not ready to be a head coach. Teams have film on him no and they’re kicking his butt week in and week out. The team is rarely prepared to play. When you have a back like Chubb, Landry and OBJ at receiver, and a gunslinger QB there is no excuse to not put up points.

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