Trent Williams didn’t pass his physical

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Left tackle Trent Williams reported to Washington after Tuesday’s trade deadline passed without a deal sending him to another team, but he’s not going to be practicing with the team yet.

Head coach Bill Callahan said on Wednesday that Williams did not pass his physical with the team. The reason why he didn’t get a thumbs up was because he felt discomfort when he tried to put on his helmet.

Williams had a benign growth removed from his head this offseason. The team’s handling of that growth was at the heart of Williams’s holdout and led to reports that Williams was resolved never to play for the team again.

There was another report since Williams returned to the team that he has no plans to actually play for them this year. Washington currently has a roster exemption for Williams, although the failed physical would complicate his status under any circumstances.

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  1. Brilliant, maybe. A release might cure that condition, but red tape and rules will screw it up.

  2. They aren’t trading you.

    A) Report, act hurt, get put on IR, collect your paycheck.
    B) Report, act hurt, get released, become better, sign elsewhere

  3. The staff at the Redskings should have sat him down and said “look we have a great trade deal for you, another team who is in the running for the super bowl wanted you but, we said sorry, he is damaged goods, cant put a football helmit on so were stuck with him’.
    Ya that would have set him off.

  4. To think, Snyder and Allen could have traded this guy for multiple high draft picks. But hey, who needs extra draft picks when you are 1-7?

  5. Look guys I know the Redskins arent exactly playoff bound but you cant blame Trents condition on the Redskins!!!….Thats all on Trent! Correct me if im wrong but wouldnt a trade require Trent to pass a physical???

  6. AB should have used the helmet excuse so he couldn’t get cut and lose all his guaranteed money. Helmet won’t fit BIG HEAD!! No arguments PAY THE MAN. Only in AB’s dreams.

  7. Williams only came back to get half of his salary and a full year of service towards free agency. He may not intend to play at all this year. Why didn’t he try on a helmet for the past four months? But I do like him sticking it to Danny Boy.

  8. The management is not good but let’s not defend Trent Williams here, this is clear case of conduct detrimental to the team. As for the trade scenarios it’s obvious that the alleged offers was a smokescreen, Washington never received an official offer of a first round pick and balked at letting him go for a second rounder.

  9. I know that some guys have no options. But if I was a high level NFL player, I would never want to play for this franchise. I would never want to wear that helmet either. It’s uncomfortable just seeing it on TV and hearing people say their team name.

  10. stephanebonics says:
    October 30, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    if I was a high level NFL player, I would never want to play for this franchise.
    Me neither. But it’s hardly just this one – there are half a dozen teams in the league so poorly run that playing there is career suicide.

  11. You can’t put it past Lil’ Danny and Cousin Brucie to pressure the team doctor to flunk Williams at his physical. This is the same owner that sold beer in men’s rooms at the stadium, purchased peanuts from bankrupt airlines and sold them as new, claimed for decades that the season ticket waiting list was over 200,000, then fired the business manager who told the truth (that there was no waiting list), and keeps the GM with a .400 winning percentage for the past decade

  12. Sounds like Trent was mad he didn’t get traded and concocted this fake helmet discomfort thing so he could chill and still get half his salary. Another team’s helmet would have given him no “discomfort”. What an embarrassing clown. GO NATS!!!

  13. I’m always against the player holding out….. ALWAYS.

    This time I’m for the player. Perfect example of the NFL not stepping in to make sure a team fields a team that can compete.

    Hell even baseball has figured that out!

  14. Surprised he didn’t pull the fake fall move from Friday. “My back, my neck, my neck and my back”….

    Wanna bet his helmet feels great in 31 other cities.

  15. so he puts on his helmet & says it feels uncomfortable & instead of adjusting the pressure in the helmet the Skins just decide we will fail his physical then we will try to toll him so he looses this years eligibility and we force him into another year here.

    We also had offers for 1st round picks from multiple teams & we turned that down.

    In summary. Out of spite is the only conclusion. The Redskins don’t trade him, don’t make their team better, don’t give them the ability to build through the draft.

    Then they fail his physical for an uncomfortable helmet. NOT MAKING THIS UP.

    Then they try to Toll him & make him loose this years eligibility.

    Hey potential Free Agents, we will try to not pay you, run your name through the mud, if your pronounce it right, Kurt vs Kirk, then we will fail your physical for no reason, then we will try to force you into one more season with our terrible team with only 1 win.

    That about sums it up.

    I’m sure players are going to be knocking down the door to come to DC.

  16. They’re both screwed up. Skins management is a total disaster and Williams has rarely played a full season. Seems like he’s always either injured or suspended for something. So now I guess he’ll just sit home playing video games or watching TV. Hey, at least the NATIONALS won!!!!!!!!!! Only championship to come out of D.C. in years. Snyder and Allen are like Dumb and Dumber and Williams is turning into AB. Geesh!

  17. wolverineinnc says:
    “Only championship to come out of D.C. in years”

    Caps won the cup a year ago

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