Kenyan Drake: Cardinals came and got me for a reason

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The Cardinals lost to the 49ers on Thursday night, which made Kenyan Drake feel right at home after he spent the first eight weeks of the season with the Dolphins.

Drake arrived in a trade from the winless team early this week and played a prominent role for Arizona in his debut. Drake ran 15 times for 110 yards and caught four passes for 52 yards as the team played without David Johnson and Chase Edmonds. He also scored the team’s first touchdown of the game.

“They came and got me for a reason,” Drake said, via the team’s website.

While Drake’s efforts weren’t enough to get Arizona a win, they did show why the Cardinals chose to give up a conditional 2020 draft pick for the running back. He’ll get a bit more time to settle into his new surroundings before facing the Buccaneers in Week 10.

13 responses to “Kenyan Drake: Cardinals came and got me for a reason

  1. Drake was impressive last night. Good to see him show up and play so well against a great defense. It will be interesting to see how things shake out once Johnson and Edmonds are healthy.

  2. As a Fins fan, I am very happy for Drake and wish him success. The Dolphin’s Fire Sale made sense with Drake. He is in a contract year and did not want to be in Miami. He would not be signed so try and get something for him. Same with Minkah Fitzpatrick. He is talented, but I can guarantee this explosion will not be a weekly thing. He had good games even with Miami’s putrid OLine. The Dolphins need to build around Oline and DLine first. Certainly not a slightly better than average RB.

  3. Yeah, we know the reason. They ran out of RBs… Still, he did look fantastic last night!

  4. Watching Drake last night makes you wonder what the dolphins are thinking . They had some good players Tunsil, , Quinn, Fitzpatrick,Drake. Even Tannehill and Stills were good at times. They were capable of having a decent year instead of putting their fans through a season like this. In hopes of striking it rich in lottery. They may pick up a player or 2 in free agency to help but they will have to over pay to get them . The colts for 1 have to s of money and a much better chance of reaching Super Bowl . Why would top players choose a team coming off a 0-2 win season over them if money is close. Anyway congrats to Drake had a good game last night. I’m sure it won’t be his last .

  5. This Cardinals team looks good, it may be a little to late this year but watch out for them next year. Fitz is pacing for 80 catches and almost 1,000 yards this year, hopefully he gives it another go next year to help Murray develop.

  6. If Drake continues to play like that for the rest of the year he’s going to become a very rich man next year…and after watching him last night, deservedly so. If I were the Cardinals I’d sign him to an extension now.

  7. They can save on that conditional draft pick by shutting him down for the rest of the year.

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