Kwon Alexander tweets “everything happens for a reason” after torn pec ends season

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49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander will miss the rest of the season after tearing a pectoral muscle in Thursday night’s game, via multiple reports.

An MRI on Friday confirmed the team’s fears.

Alexander tweeted after the news broke of his eventual placement on injured reserve, writing, “I’m built for this shhh! It’s all part of the game! I sacrifice everything when I step in between the white line! Ima be Legendary! Everything happens for a reason! I’ll be back.”

Alexander played 40 of 57 snaps in the victory over the Cardinals.

Rookie linebacker Dre Greenlaw, a fifth-round choice, is expected to be the next man up for the 49ers at Alexander’s weakside linebacker. Either Azeez Al-Shaair or Mark Nzeocha likely take over Greenlaw’s spot at strongside linebacker on base downs.

11 responses to “Kwon Alexander tweets “everything happens for a reason” after torn pec ends season

  1. Has been superb in pass coverage this year, and instantly became a team leader with his energy and spirit. A big loss for the defense and for the team.

  2. I hate to shatter the bubble, but sometimes bad things happen. And there’s no celestial plan. It’s just tough luck.

  3. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    November 1, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    49ers are dropping like flies. We’ll see if they can adjust.


    Not a lot of people talk about this but we’ve been rather injured most of the season. Our #1 RT, #1 LT, #1 FB, and #2 CB have been out since our earlier season games, among others. Still been playing at a pretty high level. No gonna lie. This one hurts but injuries are nothing new. The good news is that the majority of those mentioned should be back by our next game. They’ll be fine.

  4. No dog in this fight but I’m laughing at the commenter on a recent Jets/CJ Moseley article on here insinuating the 49ers made the far superior signing due to health reasons.

    That aside, I hope Kwon has a healthy and complication-free recovery, the Buccaneers are my NFC team so I always loved him when he was there.

  5. “Everything happens for a reason” has always been too pat and simplistic for my taste, but given his tweet was borderline retarded in general I’m not surprised he’s the type who’d utter such a notion. What’s for sure is he’s gone for the year, see ya.

  6. Lots of injuries last year and the niners got nick bosa because of it. So yeah. We dont know what this leads to. Everything does happen for a reason. Get well Kwon

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