NFL, NFLPA to investigate Trent Williams’s medical care

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Washington tackle Trent Williams spoke to reporters for the first time since ending his holdout and the main topic was the growth he had removed from his head this offseason.

We’ve known for some time that Williams was unhappy with how Washington handled the situation and he said on Thursday that he first went to the team’s doctors about the growth more than five years ago. Williams said he was told that it was minor and not referred to another physician at that time. The growth got larger over the years and Williams learned it was cancerous when he had it removed this year.

The team asked the NFL and NFLPA to investigate those claims “under the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement that provides for an independent third party review of any NFL player’s medical care.” Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that such a review will take place.

Williams did not pass his physical upon returning to the team because he had discomfort when he put on his helmet. The team said they are looking for a way to customize the helmet so it works for Williams, but it appears to be well short of a sure thing that Williams will be playing at all this season.

11 responses to “NFL, NFLPA to investigate Trent Williams’s medical care

  1. Why in the world was he relying on the team’s medical staff for a growth on his head in the first place???

  2. So he waited six years while the thing kept getting bigger before seeking an outside opinion? Team doctors aren’t their personal care physicians. Trent owns some of the responsibility here. If I go to my own doctor and get told something is no big deal, yet I observe the condition getting worse and worse, I’m seeking a second opinion. It’s also been reported the team referred him to other doctors and Trent didn’t follow through. Only Trent and the team know if that’s true, but if it is, I’m not sure why he’s complaining now.

  3. Who cares? The situation isn’t going to be fixed. Williams doesn’t trust the team. He’s made that clear to anyone who will listed (and I doubt he’s any kinder when talking to teammates in private)

    I can see the “he should of got an outside opinion” argument. Sure you can say he has some responsibility in this, he does. But 2 things….first, think of it like a mechanic. If your car doesn’t feel right, and your mechanic tells you it’s fine, then you take it to someone else and he tells you it’s going to cost $2,000 to fix, but it wouldn’t of been that bad if you got it fixed 6 months ago (when the other guy told you it was fine), it may be your fault you didn’t go to the 2nd guy sooner, but that doesn’t make the first guy any less incompetent. 2nd, you can’t constantly say that you give players “the best medical care possible”, which the NFL regularly does, then say “well, what are you just assuming we are right for? You should of checked with someone else”…..I thought you gave them the best? Why should they just assume you are wrong, if you are supposed to be the best?

  4. I am failing to grasp how the multi-million dollar earning Trent Williams was hogtied by the Numbskins and prevented from seeking alternate medical care for a bump on his head. While team doctors might be good for jock itch, pulled muscles, or shooting pain killers, I’d not trust my overall health to them.

    This is entirely Williams’ problem. He was lazy and needed someone to blame while he was drugging himself stupid at the expense of the team.

  5. Why Why Why Didn’t Washington Just Trade This Guy, When They Had The Opportunity ??? A First Round Pick Was Supposedly Offered..(According To My Close Friends At PFT)..They Could Have Saved Themselves A HUGH HEADACHE !!!!!!

  6. Most Dr’s should be able to tell what a cancer growth looks like ……. most interns also ………. if not a biopsy would have done the trick for sure.

  7. Is there any other creature on this planet more childish and self-centered than an over-paid, over-coddled professional football player? Well, I guess over-paid, over-coddled professional basketball players fit the bill.
    Trent Williams is an adult. Trent Williams is a millionaire. Trent Williams needs to take responsibility for himself and spend his OWN MONEY to get a second opinion. Grow up and act like a man Trent.
    So we’re told he’s the best left tackle in the game. Big deal, what have the Redskins won while having the best left tackle in the game? Nothing.Trade him for anything at the first possible opportunity and get rid of the whiner!

  8. Imo they didn’t trade him because they are not at fault and they hope they can repare the relationship. Doubt it.

    90% of time it’s a non-cancerous tumor and tumor can evolve.
    They applied the standard medical protocol for this type of tumor.
    Unless team’s doctors said to him the tumor had 0% chance to become cancerous, they are clean.(i made a lengthy post yesterday about that but didn’t made the cut…).

  9. We all know how loving and caring teams are with their players!
    Especially when it comes to patching things or repairing things the right way! I remember a running back that needed surgery, there were 2 options one where he was going to be out for 4 weeks but there were risks of permanent side effects the quick way. That player was gone the next year after he decided to do what was best for HIM!!He was treated like an outlaw and sellout by the team.

  10. They probably knew he wouldn’t pass another teams physical either. If he can’t pass his own teams physical what’s the point? Just saying.

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