Steelers fined for Ben Roethlisberger injury reporting

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The NFL rarely punishes teams for lying on the injury report. The Steelers are one of the rare teams to be punished.

The NFL has announced, by leaking to its own in-house media company, that the Steelers have been fined $75,000 for not listing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as having an elbow problem on the injury report prior to a Week Two game against the Seahawks. The league also fined coach Mike Tomlin $25,000.

The Steelers listed Roethlisberger as not practicing on Wednesday of that week for reasons not related to injury. He fully participated on Thursday and Friday, and no injury was ever mentioned. Roethlisberger suffered a non-contact elbow injury during the game, resulting in season-ending surgery.

Pittsburgh’s goose apparently was cooked by comments the following week from quarterback Mason Rudolph, who told reporters that he had heard about Roethlisberger’s elbow issue in the week after the team’s Week One loss to the Patriots.

It’s unclear whether the NFL would have punished the Steelers if Rudolph hadn’t inadvertently blown the whistle. Typically, the league looks for reasons not to announce to the world that teams cheat on the injury report, because plenty of them do.

But it’s harder to not take action when candor results in these matters coming to light. For example, the NFL punished the Jets for hiding a torn biceps tendon suffered by Brett Favre during the 2008 season not because the league investigated the situation after reports emerged in late 2008 that Favre was suffering from the injury, but because Favre kept talking about it in 2009, to justify his poor performance in the final weeks of the season.

A decade ago, the league fined the Jets $75,000, coach Eric Mangini $25,000, and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum $25,000 for the Favre situation. This time around, the amounts were the same (so much for inflation), and G.M. Kevin Colbert apparently got a pass.

59 responses to “Steelers fined for Ben Roethlisberger injury reporting

  1. How many times has it been now that the Steelers have been caught cheating. Where is the outrage. Well I guess there is none, since like the Jets and Giants and a few other select teams, there is one system for them, and one for other teams.

  2. After the AFCCG a couple years ago, Le’Veon Bell told reporters he could only play 6 snaps because he was so injured. He chirped that the Steelers knew about it and that he ever missed a couple practices that week. He said this at a live press conference. No fine for the Steelers…

  3. This is bull. Just because a guys arm is bothering him doesn’t mean it’s an injury. He practiced, so how did they misreport??

  4. Seemed like Leveon Bell and Andrew Luck were more blatant violations, the NFL continues to be very inconsistent.

  5. patfanken says:
    November 1, 2019 at 4:58 pm
    How many times has it been now that the Steelers have been caught cheating. Where is the outrage.

    There is none, because they haven’t been relevant since the 70’s.

  6. I’m no Steelers fan but if the league didn’t whack the Colts for the Mt St Helens volume of smoke they blew concerning Luck’s injuries over the last few years then at this point if a team reported a dead guy as probable they shouldn’t get fined.

  7. What’s the point of injury reporting rules? Is all this really about making sure betting is fair? Is that really the line in the sand for the NFL?
    It’s less costly to drill a quarterback in the head with the crown of your helmet than it is to fail to report that a guy who is definitely going to play in the game has a sore elbow.

  8. I love seeing the hate from some of these fans. So, not disclosing an injury is cheating? Do people understand what cheating is, I don’t think so? When you cheat, you are trying to gain an advantage. What advantage did the Steelers gain by not listing Ben’s injury? Dude didn’t even finish the Seattle game. And, when people do list injury, they are vague, like saying elbow or knee.

    I know the league likes to use injury list as some ploy of competitive advantage but we all know it is to allow the gamblers to adjust their spread and also to let fantasy football nerds like myself to enjoy playing fantasy football, which will in-turn continue to increase my interest in the NFL. This is joke but everyone involved can afford it, so oh well, moving on.

  9. If this had been New England it would have been a $5 Million Dollar investigation followed by a report stating someone more than likely knew something, and then draft picks would have been taken for the next 15 years, but the Pats still would have ended up in the Superbowl so it is what it is

  10. Cheaters plain and simple. Trippin Tomlin is a cheater. That whole organization stinks from the top down to the practice squad. They’ve been cheating for decades. And the Colts are just as bad.

  11. Vegas no doubt put the pressure on the NFL here. If you think about it from a gambling perspective it isn’t fair to have a known issue go unreported. Too many “insiders” can take advantage of the betting lines that are based on false information.

    Also, it’s cheating.

    The Steelers team docs (and coaching staff) knew Ben was in pain and the fact they didn’t report it was simply to gain an edge. You don’t know the other team to know your dude can’t pass and that you’ll be pushing out a run heavy script. Not that it mattered since he got hurt throwing in that game, but it could have made a difference if he held up.

  12. I don’t get it. They fine the team and Trippy for this trifle but give Trippy a pass for trying to trip a player during a game.

    Guess you just gots to has you priorities.

  13. The joke here is that it was ahead of the Seahawks game – who oft cheated regards Sherman. But at $100k per game week that’s gonna cost about $3m for the Colts regards Andrew Luck.

  14. All the people who support losing teams always come out whining about cheating. Get over yourselves.

  15. Obama called out the call out culture recently. Had he displayed this level of courage and mindfulness 11 years ago I would have voted for him twice.

    Now, about this calling out basically everyone for cheating, yeah that.

  16. Come on, injury reports are for betting lines, period. Every team pulls this stuff, some get busted. You really think Gordon was injured enough for IR, heck no. Was he injured at all? Maybe, but probably no more than a lot of guys at this point in the year. The Patriots exploited a loophole in the system. So, a shady injury designation. Who, besides bettors, really cares.

    There’s an article out there explaining Gorden IR deal.

  17. Last year, the Steelers lied about AB’s availability before the season finale. And a few years back, LeVeon Bell took a “personal day” before the playoff loss to the Pats. Turned out he was injured.

    If players like Burfict get progressive discipline for multiple offenses, why aren’t the Steelers losing picks?

  18. I laughed about the guy saying the Steelers haven’t been relevant since the 70s. I think Roethlisberger’s won two Super Bowl rings correct?

  19. patfanken says:
    November 1, 2019 at 4:58 pm
    How many times has it been now that the Steelers have been caught cheating. Where is the outrage.


    Oh please, it’s not like they were video taping something.

  20. I am down on my luck man, serious. I keep getting cheated. Might as well go shoplift a Mr. Goodbar.

  21. What happens when a player lies about an injury…#20 Ramsey…….will he get fined for faking a back injury?

  22. Hard to believe there could be a new low for this team. Now they are convicted cheaters with a 3-4 record, their only victories against horrible teams.

  23. I have no doubt Goodell took one look at the Steelers 2015 psi data and ordered it all launched into the sun. These guys and their 70s roid trophies are really something.

  24. There is none, because they haven’t been relevant since the 70’s.

    Ya winning two Lombardis since 2000 sure is not relevant. Bing a homer is common but being a very obtuse homer is not. You can tell you have only been watching football since Bradycame to play for the Pats because before him no one care about the Pats. You jealousy is showing.

  25. @Lemmy Aksyadis:
    history would suggest he didnt need or miss your vote…either time…but thanks for sharing i guess…even if on the wrong page.

    and if you’re not a bettor, why would the accurate reporting of injuries make any difference to you?

    is it cheating as in a violation of the writing and spirit of the rule? obviously, yes. is it akin to actively participating in something that aids your on-field performance? I would say not.

    i find it quite ironic that WHENEVER Ben or the Steelers report one of his injuries, you same clowns come out to call him a drama queen, or say he’s over-exaggerating or whining for attention, etc…but when he/the team says little to nothing about an injury, now they’re the most egregious cheaters in the entire history of cheating in the NFL…and thus, i still cannot take your criticisms and judgments seriously..just sounds like hate and jealousy to me…but keep it up, it’s great reading!

  26. tylawspick6 says:

    “Roonacheat, Tomlicheat”


    Could you put a little effort into it?
    Brady… (“Shady”) and Belilchick… (“Belilcheat”) is fairly clever.
    Your spin on Rooney and Tomlin is just lame.

  27. Pats fans need to think for a second…how many draft picks have the Steelers lost for cheating…..and the Pats? A false equivalence is the usual fanboys defense. The Steelers will be looked at as the serial Cheaters the Pats are….so your attempts are weak and amusing but fitting for a fanboy.

  28. Steeler fans are really upset by more cheating. Hate to see it. Just hate to see it

  29. How can someone accuse someone of not being a pats fan if they only been a fan for for twenty years? How many years before youre considered a fan? Pats have been good since Bledsoe.

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