Byron Leftwich hopes he’s still coaching Jameis Winston next year

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston‘s future is in doubt as he’s quarterbacked Tampa Bay to a 2-5 record in this, the fifth and final year of his rookie contract. But his offensive coordinator doesn’t want him to go anywhere.

Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich told the Tampa Bay Times he believes Winston is the Bucs’ best option in 2020.

That, of course, isn’t up to Leftwich. The front office may disagree, and Winston may also want to see what his options are in free agency. The Buccaneers could prevent Winston from testing the waters by putting the franchise tag on him, but the franchise tag for quarterbacks next year is expected to be about $27 million, and so far this season, Winston hasn’t looked worthy of that kind of deal.

At least, that’s how it looks to most on the outside, but Leftwich is adamant that if a couple of breaks had gone the Bucs’ way, their record would be better and the perceptions of Winston would be different.

“It’s four or five plays here or there that you’ve just got to really change and get out of our system just as a team, really,” Leftwich said. “That comes to winning the football games. If you win some of the games that you lost, it’s all different, right? The narrative is all different. So we’ve got to understand that, try to fix those plays and hopefully when we have the opportunity in the future, that we make those plays to win football games.”

If some of those breaks go the other way down the stretch, Winston can change perceptions, and perhaps earn himself a lucrative second contract in Tampa. But if Winston and the Bucs keep playing as they have so far, it seems likely that Tampa Bay will be looking for a new quarterback in a few months.

20 responses to “Byron Leftwich hopes he’s still coaching Jameis Winston next year

  1. I did not know Leftwich was his QB coach. I will in the future avoid placing a wager on the Bucs. #yikes

  2. Of course, id you take away “four or five plays” I would choose the interceptions but obviously, ten we’d bee taking about kyle orton or Brian Hoyer,

    James Winston is who he is, and he is not a franchise quarterback.

    He is not even a good person, so he couldnt be a good back up or teammate or coach

  3. Next year, there’s a chance that Winston is gone, so maybe Leftwich will stay to coach a new QB.

  4. That, in itself, should disqualify Leftwich from any say in NFL personnel.

    It is absurd to say if a few plays went differently that would make Winston seem like a better QB. Every QB has plays that don’t go his way. Those balance out. Plus, Leftwich would have to believe every year Winston has been in the league it was just bad luck that he sucked.

    If the Bucs keep Winston, they are as incompetent as he is.

  5. Do you have a friend who is in a terrible relationship but constantly makes excuses about their significant other’s behavior? This is the Bucs with Jameis Winston.

  6. Maybe he can get the team to carry Winston down the field like they did him back in the day!

  7. If there are any two people that should be exiled from Buccaneers country it’s Byron ‘windup’ Leftwich and jamies ‘Turnover’ Winston…
    If they bring JW back, the majority of their fan base will Diminish severely!

  8. what happened to Derrick Brooks helping/guiding Jameis? that didn’t really work out to good…

  9. Jameis Winston
    61.1% Cmp% -16,700yds- 7.6 Y/A- 102 TD- 70 INT- 61 Gms

    Troy Aikman
    60.3% Cmp% – 11,650yds- 6.3 Y/A- 58 TD- 62 INT- 60 Gms

    Brett Favre
    62.6 Cmp% – 14825yds- 6.9Y/A – 98 TD – 66 INT – 61 Gms

    Tom Brady –
    61.6% Cmp% – 13,925 – 6.9Y/A – 97 TD- 52 INT – 62 Gms

    The Bucs can Throw Jameis Under the Bus all they want,
    The GM is the Problem.
    No O-Line, No Running Game- No Defense – No Secondary in 5 Years.
    They ask Jameis to Fix everything that is Wrong with the Horrible Job done by the GM Jason Licht and it’s too much.

    Put Jameis Winston On the Chicago Bears with That Defense and get back to me.
    We will then See What An Indictment The Bucs Front Office Truly is!
    He’s Numbers stack up to Hall of Fame QB’s, they got a Team and Coaching Stability Around them. Jameis Hasn’t!

  10. Phillip…

    Now look at Blake Bottles, Josh Freeman, mark Sanchez, others guys that actually compare with Winston…
    Garbage time build stats is meaningless!

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