Bill Callahan mum on Washington’s QB after the bye week

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Dwayne Haskins made his first NFL in Buffalo on Sunday and one of the first questions to Washington interim head coach Bill Callahan after the 24-9 loss was whether Haskins will make his second start when the team returns from the bye week.

Haskins was elevated to the first team because Case Keenum suffered a concussion in Week Eight, but giving the first-round pick a chance to run as a full-time starter over the final seven weeks of the year makes some sense. Whether Keenum is healthy or not, Washington is 1-8 and figuring out what they have in Haskins could salvage something from a terrible season.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” Callahan said, via JP Finlay of

Haskins was 15-of-22 for 144 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. He was sacked five times and ran three times for 14 yards.

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  1. Haskins wasn’t the worst starter in DC QB history today. With a game plan straight from 1990, he wasn’t put in a position to make history either. What is the benefit of holding back on naming him the starter? Run it back 1990 style! Make the call. You put #7 on his chest. That is a major show of confidence, at least in a PR sense (winning off the field). You didn’t give him the #7 to treat him like he’s a #5 (Shuler for those who have blocked that from their memory). Haskins might be middlin’ in the end. Most QBs are middlin’ in the end. Lock in on #7 today and turn the team toward tomorrow.

  2. This was a pretty good outing for Haskins. Turnover-free QB play always is. His limits did limit the offense, but this is at least an outing to build from while the previous outings were strictly outings to forget. I’ll take it for now.

  3. Is it possible to fire an interim head coach??? Bill Callahan is absolutely awful. 3 games without a Touchdown??? That is absolutely unheard of in today’s NFL. Don’t get me wrong Jay Gruden needed to be fired but there is now way his offense would’ve go me 3 games without a touchdown. Most interim head coaches provide a temporary spark or keep the standard they took on. Callahan has been 100 times worse than Gruden. ANOTHER REASON TO FIRE BRUCE ALLEN

  4. It is a tough decision as both quarterbacks are equally adept at not scoring points. As the Redskins have consistently lost under Keenum, Haskins, Gruden and Callahan, perhaps it is time to get to the root of the problem and get rid of Bruce Allen.

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