Brandon Allen wins first start 24-19 as Browns stall in red zone


The Browns had five red zone possessions. Two other possessions ended at the Denver 21 and Denver 28.

They scored 19 points.

That wasn’t enough.

The Broncos, behind a quarterback making his first career start, beat the Browns 24-19.

It was Denver’s third victory in its past five games, giving the Broncos a 3-6 record. The Browns lost their fourth consecutive game to fall to 2-6 on yet another disappointing day.

The Browns settled for field goals on four consecutive drives in the first half, on possessions ending at the Denver 21, 12, 9 and 12. With 5:23 remaining in the third quarter, the Browns decided to go for it on fourth-and-one from the Denver 5-yard line.

Baker Mayfield was ruled short of the line to gain on fourth-and-one on a questionable spot. Al Riveron, the NFL’s supervisor of officials, upheld the decision of officials on the field.

The Browns’ last chance came with 3:23 remaining in the game.

Cleveland faced a fourth-and-four from the Denver 28. Mayfield tried to force the ball into Jarvis Landry double covered over the middle, and it fell incomplete. He never saw Odell Beckham, who had a step on Chris Harris Jr. down the sideline.

Beckham, who made two highlight reel catches on his five catches for 87 yards, was not happy.

But Allen won the day.

Joe Flacco won only two games for the Broncos. Allen won the first start of his career.

Allen completed 12 of 20 passes for 193 yards and two touchdowns, giving him a 125.6 passer rating. He did not blink all day.

He got help from Phillip Lindsay, who had nine carries for 92 yards and a touchdown, and tight end Noah Fant, who had three catches for 115 yards and a touchdown.

Mayfield went 27-of-42 for 273 yards and a touchdown to Landry, who had six catches for 51 yards.

26 responses to “Brandon Allen wins first start 24-19 as Browns stall in red zone

  1. Playing at altitude is very nice advantage.

    A five point win at home against a diminished Browns team
    is not really much of a positive.

  2. When you want both teams to lose but unfortunately one has to come out on top. I wanted Cleveland to lose because they run their mouth too much. I also want Denver to lose because Elway needs to get the boot. Hopefully Allen didn’t just save him.

  3. If I was the owner I would fire Kitchens tonight and tell him to buy his own flight back to Cleveland

  4. Two decisions made me lose confidence in Freddie Kitchens today:

    1) Going for it on 4th and 1 when the defense was holding up and you couldn’t get in the red zone all day; take the FG, pull within two points and put the game on your D’s back against a first time NFL starter.

    2) OK, you chose to go for it instead — AND YOU PULL NICK CHUBB OUT OF THE GAME?!???!

    The guy’s team is undisciplined all year and his decision-making in a critical moment with the season on the line is atrocious.

    Bring Gregg Williams back.

    He’s got to go.

  5. Good job by Allen and the Broncos defense. Today was a reminder that the Broncos do have some talent on the roster. However, after the week 10 bye, I want to see Drew Lock starting. He’s the heir apparent 2nd round pick and we all need to know if he can actually play.

  6. Brownsweregood; we watched the same game.. he’s had seven games in the NFL to learn yet still coaches like he’s OSU playing Midwestern Southern Valley Vocational Tech College. Certainly not my Kosar Browns… Ditch Kitch!

  7. Freddie Kitchens: can’t coach on the NFL level. It’s that simple. Baker Mayfield: threw into double coverage when one of the best WR’s had a step on his man. He’s a walking commercial not a quality NFL QB. It’s that simple

  8. This was the Browns chance to prove their struggles were due to an absurdly difficult schedule. Patriots in New England. Rams in LA. The Jackson 53 in Baltimore. The Russell Wilson 53. The 8-0 49ers in SF.

    So now the sked includes Bengals *2, Ben-less Steelers *2, Dolphins, Cardinals, Broncos.

    They can go 10-6.

    What do they do?

  9. It was the Browns, you’re expected to beat the Browns!

    Only the names have changed in Cleveland since the 1-31 Hue days!

    Kitchens, what a BRILLIANT HIRE! He should be a “one and done” HC.

  10. nflhistorybuff68 says:
    November 3, 2019 at 7:42 pm
    Three Allen’s in a winning boat today…

    Yea but two of them help their teams win, the other one just grabbed onto the coattails of his D at the start of the season and he’s just going along for the ride!

    Josh in case you’re wondering.

  11. Never believed any of preseason hype about the browns but dang — I certainly didn’t see this coming. They have taken a giant step backwards. OBJ is right – this isn’t all on Baker Mayfield – they’ve got issues from top to bottom. No quick fix to this mess.

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