Jermaine Whitehead threatens critics on Twitter, prompting team response

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Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead probably needed more than the standard 10-minute cooling off period.

Whitehead went on a social media rant only minutes after the Browns’ 24-19 loss to the Broncos, taking out his anger on his critics.

Whitehead, who wore a brace on his left hand, struggled to tackle Sunday. He finished with no statistics.

His threatening tweets got his Twitter account suspended and promoted a statement from the Browns.

“Jermaine Whitehead’s social media posts following today’s game were totally unacceptable and highly inappropriate,” the team wrote, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “We immediately spoke with Jermaine upon learning of these comments. The Browns in no way condone that type of language or behavior. This matter will be further addressed internally.”

Whitehead’s account is not verified by Twitter, but the Browns confirmed it was his.

“Don’t get shot at lil b—- …can you whoop my a–. f— football… let me know when you need the address,” Whitehead replied to one critic.

He also tweeted to another, “Imma kill you b—-… that’s on blood.”

Whitehead went after Dustin Fox of 92.3 The Fan who had tweeted, “Whitehead’s effort tackling today is a joke.” That prompted Whitehead to reply, “Come get it in blood b— made a– lil boy. I’m out there with a broke hand …don’t get smoked f— a– cracker”

Whitehead didn’t follow rule one after a loss: Stay off social media.

78 responses to “Jermaine Whitehead threatens critics on Twitter, prompting team response

  1. Back in the preseason, Browns HC Freddie Kitchens was gladly promoting his team’s scuffles during practices with other teams, letting the Browns know his expectation was they don’t back down from anyone, even if it included some fighting during practices.

    It was such a sign of what was to come – undisciplined players doing what they want, the team atop the leaderboards in penalties, his WRs putting their fancy illegal shoes ahead of doing what’s right…

  2. Love it when these guys go off.

    Gives the true definition of the man.

    Internet tough guys!


  3. Hard to make Baker Mayfield not look like the most annoying player on this team. Whitehead pulled it off easily. Now a player on the Browns threatens to kill people?

    I am rooting for Rex Ryan to take over this job next year. That would be one entertaining dumpster fire I would love watching the browns then.

  4. Way to keep it classy… Cleveland was a better team when they weren’t winning any games

  5. His first instinct is to get on twitter? The team is not a priority…Don’t yap about officiating / the media if you aren’t willing to clean your own house….wait, haha. I’m being logical and talking about the Browns.

  6. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the league to address his racially charged rhetoric. Love the double standards that exist today. Oh well, just another sub human savage that will end up in jail or in a ditch at the conclusion of his playing days.

  7. Never heard of this guy, probably won’t be seeing him on the field much after this, but if he had a broken hand and couldn’t tackle or catch, why was he on the field?

  8. Browns need to close up shop. They’re nothing more than a complete embarrassment.

    This racist individual must be met with harsh punishment from the league and a visit from law enforcement.

  9. This is complete anarchy. Kitchens should have never ever received the head coaching position. That was an insult to loyal Browns fans.

  10. After reading an interview with him after the game I was left wondering how this guy even passed the entrance exam to get into college. Then I realized he’s a football player and he probably had someone else take his tests for him.

    I hope this guy is saving his money because there’s no way he’s going to be able to get any sort of broadcasting job.

  11. You know, even on the 0-16 team, it wasn’t this bad. They don’t win another game this year that I can see and honestly, they don’t deserve to. Fire Kitchens, bench Mayfield and play Gilbert and cut this racist Whitehead fool who can’t even tackle (but they probably won’t).

    Anything less and no fans should even bother showing up for the rest of the home games. Let ’em play in an empty stadium, they are pretty used to it by this time of year anyway.

    Total garbage organization.

  12. No way you can explain away “blood” or “cracker”.

    The NFL needs to sit him for the rest of the year.

  13. I mean, did anyone besides me see this coming?

    A lot of ME ME players, a QB that is a punk to the core, and a clueless coach we was better suited working with RBs and not being the CEO.

    The Factory of Sadness never disappoints!

  14. What a mess, I have always had a soft spot for the Browns for decades, but this team is impossible to cheer for this year, Whitehead needs to be suspended for conduct detrimental to several organizations. You have all these big headed players that can’t handle the adversity because they aren’t mature enough, I can understand that some people feel Cleveland deserved this, for buying into the hype for wanting a winner after the years of struggling. They certainly didn’t deserve this… a bunch of diehard fans supporting this team, when a handful of players only care about how the represent themselves, and in Whitehead’s case he didn’t even seem to care much about how he did that.

    As of right now the Browns have ONE more win than the Dolphins.

  15. As a Bungles fan this Browns team really has me concerned. They have a legitimate chance to ruin our 0-16.

  16. Threatening to shoot someone and firing off a racial slur is a real quick way to get kicked from the league. I hope this dude gets some counseling.

  17. OK so I think we’re supposed to mob him in retaliation on social media and becry the irreparable harms of being called derogatory names… right?

    Nah, I’d rather let him wallow in his misery in Cleveland, that’s sufficient for me.

  18. Here’s the thing, he’s not that good of a player to begin with. He has existed on the outer fringes of the 53 man roster for a number of years and that’s to his credit. But if that’s your spot in the NFL, you shouldn’t think you are above critisism. I think the Browns should just trade him to the Jets as punishment

  19. Flash into the newsroom-Cleveland hired the wrong HC. They had 3rd and 3 inside the 20 and didn’t have Chubb in the game and they gave it to the backup. Twice. Not taking away anything from that player-he’s in the NFL. It’s the thinking behind moves like that is the issue. And where are the captains on the team? Coaches coach and players play-I get it but still.
    I understand the fine line between helpful criticism and selfish self-validation but will no Browns player step up? The Browns also hired the wrong DC. As a team-building exercise may I suggest that they all shave their heads? Nothing else has worked so far.

  20. “I hope this guy is saving his money because there’s no way he’s going to be able to get any sort of broadcasting job.”

    Ha. I see you’ve never watched the NFL Network.
    Or MNF.

  21. The Browns come across as a bunch of immature crybabies. They would have benefited from one more year of Joe Thomas’s leadership.

  22. My Bengals will sign him, give it a few days to die down. Listen, the Bengals play CLE twice and Mike Brown knows how motivated Whitehead will be to face his former team. To top it off, you can pay the guy next to nothing! A win-win for the Cincinnati Bengal organization!

  23. Not sure how the laws work in Ohio but in MN those words he typed qualify as “terroristic threats” and I believe it’s a felony level offense.

  24. Nothing like throwing away your dream job because some random schmoes on the internet hurt your feelings. SMH.

  25. This must be part of the “Hype” that Mayfield said everyone was jealous of. Wonder what all the fools who dumped money on the Browns to win it all before the season think now….?

  26. Should have kept Gregg Williams as Head Coach! Freddie Kitchen is a disaster! Kitchens has run this team into a ditch!

  27. howiehandles says:
    November 4, 2019 at 10:37 am
    Imagine if the races were reversed. He’d never play a down for anyone ever again
    Imagine if he had done something really bad, like kneeled during the anthem. Boycotts would have ensued.

  28. Browns gonna be brown. Brownout! Why are WRs worrying about their shoe choice??? That right there says a lot about how this team is being run.

  29. Imagine if he had done something really bad, like kneeled during the anthem. Boycotts would have ensued.
    He DID do something really bad. He made thinly veiled threats to hurt and/or kill people on twitter.

  30. Seeing now this player is a former Brown, I guess Whitehead was more like John Roper falling asleep at a team meeting than Troy Aikman. When is the case, stay off Twitter.

  31. First things first, his comments are not racist. Did he say in his comments that he thought all white people are “crackers”, no he did not so his comments are prejudice at best, not racist. Fans, media people can say what they want about players, but the minute the players gives the fan and or media the same, the player needs to act like he has some professionalism. Miss with that, give them what they give out. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

  32. jdoncbus says:
    November 4, 2019 at 9:17 am

    My Bengals will sign him, give it a few days to die down. Listen, the Bengals play CLE twice and Mike Brown knows how motivated Whitehead will be to face his former team. To top it off, you can pay the guy next to nothing! A win-win for the Cincinnati Bengal organization.


    When have the Bengals won anything?

  33. Funniest part is that in their tweet announcing he’d been cut the Browns included an image of him playing. Like people needed one last look at him in his Browns gear?

  34. I honestly feel sorry for this kid, if he was mature enough to stay off social media after a loss, let alone not have his rageful, plain stupid outburst… He would still have his job.

    To think this kid ruined his whole career over being a moron on social isn’t a good thing. You can only hope he learns from his mistake and get’s a shot elsewhere. Perhaps learning never to do or say anything so stupid again? Time will tell.

  35. Players hate when fans talk fake tough behind Twitter and the keyboard because most of them would NEVER say or do the things they say in real life.

    Same here. Whitehead is threatening to kill critics and wants to see them out in the streets, please with that. Stop. You played like garbage. You got called out.

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