Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry don’t understand having to change cleats


The Browns wore brown jerseys. The Broncos wore orange jerseys.

It looked weird.

Odell Beckham said the Browns announced to the players mid-week that they weren’t wearing white jerseys. The Pro Bowl receiver blamed that on shoe-gate.

Beckham and teammate Jarvis Landry were told by NFL officials in the first half that they were wearing non-conforming cleats and would have to change at halftime to be allowed back on the field for the second half.

“To be honest, obviously you guys know I have a deal with Nike. I really wasn’t going to say nothing, but if I don’t say something then it’s just going to be used against me so. . . .,” Beckham said, via video from Jake Trotter of ESPN. “I have a deal with Nike. We were supposed to wear white jerseys this week. In the offseason, before the season even starts, in June and July, we sit down and we map out the cleats. ‘All right, this is it. Bam! This is the jersey you’re going to wear. Cool.’ This week, on Wednesday or Thursday, we switched jerseys from the white to the all brown, so I had no cleats left to wear. I had none I could have wore, and the black ones I was wearing for the rest of the game for some reason was just hurting my feet, so I went to the ones that was most comfortable. I’m pretty sure they changed the rule and cleats wasn’t a big deal. It’s only a big deal to the people who are talking about it.

“When I have cleats on my feet, they can be hot pink, lime green. It’s never going to affect me. It’s not something that I worry about while I’m running routes, reading coverages and trying to win the game. So it was just a tough day. Literally just switched the jersey, so cleats that I had was not for that jersey. We were supposed to wear white. The cleats were white. I just had to go with whatever was most comfortable to play in.”

Landry said he didn’t “really understand” what the NFL’s problem was with the cleats.

Landry wore golden slippers, and Beckham his Joker shoes in the first half. Both switched at halftime.

“When we went up to the Nike headquarters to start game planning for throughout the season and our uniforms and things like that, these things get cleared by the league before Nike can start processing the shoe,” Landry said. “So Nike processed the shoe and thinking, I guess, they had the green light from the NFL. So I didn’t see it as being a a problem or a distraction to anybody. I’m just trying to play football, but you know. . . .”

Beckham has complained at least twice this season about uniform violation letters from the NFL. He received a warning letter from the NFL after wearing his expensive Richard Mille watch during a game early in the season.

The NFL told him to stop wearing a watch.

Beckham later posted the letter he received from the NFL informing him of a fine for his uniform pants not covering his knees during the Week Six game against Seattle.

He said Sunday the NFL is singling him out.

“You just got to know your situation, know who you are, where you are and know they’re going to try to take them off regardless,” Beckham said, “even though I’ve seen people in cleats that are completely different colored from their team and they can wear them all game on a prime-time game and for some reason when it comes to me, it’s just not the case.”

68 responses to “Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry don’t understand having to change cleats

  1. Or maybe you could stop drawing attention to yourself and the NFL wouldn’t bother you, Odell. I know its hard but you might could try.

  2. Funny how the rest of the team didn’t have the same problem. Unsurprisingly, two diva WRs don’t understand why they have to adhere to the rules.

  3. He’s not wrong – there are hundreds of pictures of players with their pants above their knees THIS SEASON, but he’s the only player to receive a fine for it. It’s ridiculous. They’re dreaming up ways to “keep him in line”

  4. This was the biggest game of the year for a losing team trying to save their playoff hopes.

    Instead of coming out focused and beating a first time NFL starter, we have team leaders (literally) wearing clown shoes, and we lose. Jermaine Whitehead gets himself (almost certainly) suspended/cut after the game.

    The team has no discipline.

    They fired the league’s biggest disciplinarian last year who had them ROLLING.

    Bob Wiley must have been right about Kitchens not being primarily responsible for the offensive success last year. I think he made Baker feel at ease and comfortable, but not much more. He looks to me a like a cool guy who rode in on his likability and profited from Zampese (and Wiley)’s coaching, and most certainly from Williams’ disciplined.

    What I can’t understand is how Dorsey didn’t know that, if it is in the fact the case.

    Also, stacking Beckham and Landry (two veteran guys with big personalities) is proving to be too much for Baker to handle. He was better off with Landry and a bunch of lesser known guys, where he could take the leadership role himself. He seems to be a bit overmatched by the situation, from opposing defenses, from the star power of his own WR core, and his coaching isn’t helping him.

    What a disaster.

  5. They just salty about the watch, Odell. Yeah, you know they jealous, wishing they could rock a bodacious piece like that on they wrist during a game. Course, they know it wouldn’t compare cuz ain’t nobody rock a watch or way cool kicks like you Odell. You just too cool.

  6. You would think he would worry about the game and not his Nike deal. Very telling post-game chatter. Loser

  7. “To be honest, obviously you guys know I have a deal with Nike. [You know, the biggest athletic shoe company in the world and they can’t get me a pair of shoes in 4 days cause it is almost impossible for them to get another pair of cleats in my size.]”

    OBJ isn’t a bad guy at all, but he certainly doesn’t have the necessary focus to help the Browns win.

    Could you just focus on, I don’t know, football???

  8. Imagine if even half as much time had been spent preparing for the game as was wasted mapping out the shoe selection.

  9. Man… I used to want the Browns to get better and win.

    Now, I enjoy seeing them fail with Mayfield and Beckham.

    They’ve replaced the Panthers, since Cam is out. Now I’d like to see the Panthers win and McCaffrey continue to do well.

  10. You have a deal with Nike? Sorry but you have a deal with the fans, team and league. Sorry about then first and then you can worry about your hobbies and messages. Fyi you and your team stink if you didn’t know.

  11. Are the Browns planning to win another game this year? Like, maybe as a Christmas present to their fans or something? It’s starting to look like they’re back in tank-for-draft-position mode. Man, this is a depressing franchise. It’s like rooting for Vanderbilt.

  12. If the league approved the shoe before hand then he has a point. Everyone bashing him for this incident are wrong. The other 50 things he’s done possibly warrant criticizing but this one not so much…

  13. “In the offseason, before the season even starts, in June and July, we sit down and we map out the cleats.”

    Oh, so that’s what he was doing instead of training and practicing with his team.

    Clown shoes, visor, watch. The priorities of a narcissist.

  14. You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes…
    But also understand that the shoes must adhere to NFL dress code regulations.

  15. Clown shoes. Perfect for a clown show and clown owner, GM (for being head over heals for Baker), coach.

  16. A modern day Chad Johnson before he changed his name. Do you remember him wearing a Hall of Fame jacket after scoring a TD? I doubt that will ever happen in real life.

  17. NFL released a statement regarding Beckham’s shoes. He was told to change the cleats or play the second half wearing a clown suit, clown makeup, clown’s wig and clown nose. When he refused, the league told him to change the cleats.

  18. Lamar Jackson: Don’t matter what I wear. I’m faster and better than all ya’ll.

    Browns players: but do you look cool?

    Browns fans: FML

  19. Cut Baker Mayfield and keep the Duo from LSU or cut both of the diva WRs and keep Baker?

    I honestly believe Mayfield is a solid QB that can win games. You can’t win with players like Beckham. Landry, maybe.

    You bring in someone great like Patrick Mahomes and the WRs will cause him to rot.

    Great fantasy football team, just not a winning one.

    Poor Cleveland.

  20. Diggs and Thielen wear custom cleats Every. Single. Week.

    Diggs had bright orange this week and slime green last week. Last I checked, those dont contrast with purple and gold.

    It’s okay to admit they’re being targeted because that’s exactly what happening.

  21. watchfullhose says:
    November 3, 2019 at 9:33 pm
    He’s not wrong – there are hundreds of pictures of players with their pants above their knees THIS SEASON, but he’s the only player to receive a fine for it. It’s ridiculous. They’re dreaming up ways to “keep him in line”

    100% correct. This is ocular proof that people only see what they want to see. Nothing we can do about it though. The same ppl that complain about “media narrative” fall for it every single day and dont even realize it.

  22. If it’s not the watch, the pant legs or the cleats.. It surely would be something else. Clearly he’s a target. He’s just defending himself and people act like he’s not focusing on football. People who have no clue, obviously, who likes to pretend as if they know better. Happens all of the time on the internet.

  23. Beckham, You are what is called a repeat offender. You will get extra scrutiny because of that and it is abundantly clear that you feel the rules don’t apply to you.

  24. Cleveland definitely in the hunt for “worst ever record for a team so highly regarded before the season started” award

    Beckham a major reason why….

  25. Beckham obviously will never grow up. Landry was just as dumb to go along with this genius idea. Don’t complain that the brass is targeting you when you do something like this just about every week. Some leaders they are…

  26. What non-sense. He clearly had time to bring alternate cleats to Denver he clearly just doesn’t care about being fined. He’ll take it as long as it gets him talked about. Next time he pulls this kind of thing, and he will, the NFL should suspend him. And the Browns would be better off trading him away in the off season. Get some picks / players get rid of a headache.

  27. It’s obvious which players had a strong male role model in their lives and which ones did not.

  28. hendricks83 says:
    November 3, 2019 at 9:44 pm
    Should have kept Gregg Williams as Head Coach!


    I’m no fan of Gregg Williams but I am in absolute agreement with this.

    And as for OBJ, he’s the anti-Barkley (Sir Charles)…..EVERYTHING gets in his head. He was poison in NY and he’s showing he’s no different in Cleveland.

  29. They full well know the uniform rules yet they still insist on wearing their Clown Shoes. Why?…because they’re completely obsessed with standing out and being seen. In other words….it’s all about them. These guys are the ‘Anti-Team-Player’. I think the best way to deal the Clowns insisting on wearing their Clown Shoes is to penalize the team on the field for it. Give them a 15 yard & loss of down penalty for the initial infraction, and every play the Clown Shoes remain on their feet. Fining these Diva-Clowns means nothing. But if it kicks their entire team in the cherries…the Clown Shoes will never be an issue again.

  30. Do you understand your job? You’re not in a fashion show, it’s football game. You’re supposed to catch the ball, now shut up and play. You are an embarrassment to EVERYONE!!

  31. On a different note, one of the Redskins players had yellow-gold cleats on and one player had cleats that were only that color on the soles. I kept seeing imaginary flags on plays until I realized what I was looking at. it was very distracting, especially since I’m accustomed to seeing a flag on every other play…

  32. I remember telling my friend, when Odell got there it was going to be the worst thing ever for Landry. he will start acting like a fool just like OBJ for attention.

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