Report confirms what Le’Veon Bell said himself regarding trade interest

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On Thursday, Jets running back Le'Veon Bell said that four teams had talked to the Jets about trading for him: the Texans, Chiefs, Packers, and Steelers.

On Sunday, ESPN reported that Bell was telling the truth.

Adam Schefter of ESPN, citing unnamed sources, reports that the Texans, Chiefs, Packers, and Steelers explored trading for Bell. (Although Schefter mentions that Bell said himself that the Steelers were “in the mix,” the item from Schefter doesn’t mention that Bell also flagged the Texans, Chiefs, and Packers as interested teams.)

It’s kind of a strange situation, to say the least. Given, however, that some expressed skepticism that Bell was being honest or accurate as to the teams that tried to trade for him, it apparently made sense to confirm that Bell’s version of the events was accurate.

Bell’s comments from Thursday seemed to suggest that a new team may have wanted Bell to rework a contract that will pay him $27 million fully guaranteed through 2020. Bell made it clear that he would not have reduced his expected pay.

And so he remains with the Jets, presumably since he’s due to make half of the $27 million next season — and since no other team may be willing to pay him $13.5 million in 2020.

9 responses to “Report confirms what Le’Veon Bell said himself regarding trade interest

  1. No running back is better than his o line. No back who can catch is any better than his qb. Jets line ain’t Pitts. Darnold aint no Ben. Bell took the money and is now stuck with the j-e-t-s.
    Nuf said.

  2. johnnycantread says:
    November 3, 2019 at 12:57 pm
    Jets are suffering from buyer’s remorse.
    Won’t be surprised if Bell is elsewhere next season.

    It’s not Bell, the Jets suck! They’re getting beat 21-7 with a minute left till the half against Miami……………Miami, that says all you need to know.

  3. At first hearing the Steelers interest per Bell, I called it “fake news”. As much as I like Bell as a player, his couple instances in the past that he “bailed” on unfortunately cause me to question his remarks…my bad I guess.

  4. Bell is still Bell. Look at the left side of the Jets Offensive line. Does anyone mention this or is it too over everyone’s head? He almost never has a lane to run thru all his yards are after contact.

  5. Gase and Douglas are apparently not great fans of Bell the player and it looks like they’re going to move him in the offseason. Bottom line is he’s looked average for the most part and that isn’t necessarily all about him suiting up for the Jets these days. Steelers reacquring Bell would be a stunning example of just how much a of business it really is at times for those who prefer to believe that’s somehow an overblown concept.

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