49ers, as few expected, become the last unbeaten team

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After nine weeks, one unbeaten team remains. And that unbeaten team is, as few expected, the San Francisco 49ers.

Betting on the last unbeaten team was available in some places. One oddsmaker had 16 teams to choose from, with San Francisco at the very bottom.

The odds were: Patriots +750 (bet $100 to make $750), Chiefs +900, Chargers +1100, Rams +1100, Eagles +1100, Seahawks +1100, Bears +1200, Cowboys +1200, Saints +1200, Browns +1600, Vikings +1800, Packers +2000, Ravens +2200, Panthers +2500, 49ers, +2500.

So with a $100 bet, anyone who wagered on the 49ers made $2,500. Frankly, it seems like the number should have been even higher.

The question now becomes how long the 49ers will ride this streak. Next Monday night, they host the Seahawks. Then comes a return visit against the Cardinals. After that the 49ers face a challenging trio of games: Packers, at Ravens, at Saints.

The 49ers then finish with games against the Falcons, the Rams, and at the Seahawks.

That’s eight games without many clear and obvious victories looming. So while the ’72 Dolphins can’t crack open the champagne yet, they probably should keep it on ice.

24 responses to “49ers, as few expected, become the last unbeaten team

  1. “Next Monday night, they host the Seahawks. Then comes a return visit against the Cardinals. After that the 49ers face a challenging trio of games: Packers, at Ravens, at Saints.”

    We see this every year, pretenders disguised as contenders half way through the year.

    We’ll see how they make out against 4 tough teams mentioned above and no, the Cardinals aren’t one of them.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that the Niners aren’t going undefeated. I didn’t think they would go 8-0. I had them going 10-6 at best and that’s still a possibility. I wouldn’t be shocked if they lose to Seattle next week. But the fact that we are in November talking about the Niners being undefeated is pretty impressive. I don’t care how their record plays out, as long as they get into the playoffs. So I’m just enjoying this run as long as I can.

  3. ’72 Dolphins were popping champagne last night at the end of the 1st Quarter in the Patriots/Ravens Game.

  4. Good ground game, good defense, it’s a formula that works in football. I’m sure they won’t go unbeaten, and that’s okay 99.9% of teams don’t go unbeaten. I’m just happy to be watching the most improved team in the league play a good brand of football.

  5. You can be a hater all you want but us Niner fans are stoked that this team is a billion times better than it was last year or the years previous.

  6. I’m glad the 49ers are good again and I can’t stand them! I’m not sure if Russell Wilson can continue his heroics and take them down, but we’ll learn a lot about both teams next Monday night.

  7. I’m glad the majority of the Niner Faithful are sensible enough to temper their expectations, that’s always my mantra going into every season regardless of the previous years’ record. The addition of Bosa was definitely a shot of adrenaline to our D and I’m shocked at how well their performing along with the run game and Jimmy G playing smart football.

    Will they go undefeated, probably not. Will they beat Seattle next week – maybe. But not since Jim Harbaugh left town have the 49ers been prime time t.v and I couldn’t be happier.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. Beat Seattle on Monday and the Niners have a really good lead on their division. That is the most important thing at this time.
    Beat The Packers in 3 weeks and they will have a good lead on a post season bye week.
    Beat the Saints and you have a bit of breathing room on the #1 seed.

    Those are the important games in order of severity. Monday is the most important game left on their schedule. Win that game and you can probably go 50/50 the rest of the year and still win the division.

  9. I love being able to root for Jimmy G. I was terrified the Pats would keep him & double the dynasty years.

    Not that they made a bad call – they did win the ol’ Lombardi again – but it’s one where both teams got what they wanted.

    Not quite as worried about the Stidham era in NE.

  10. The only team that can stop the Niners is the Niners! While the Defense can’t win every game, especially without Kwon Alexander, they will find a way to beat most teams. After the Ravens ran all over the Pats, I think the Niners can too. Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers can’t beat you if they’re lounging on the sideline watching a dominant run game chew up the clock. Then when they finally do come on to play, they have no time to wait for routes to develop because the pass rush is on them like a cheetah chasing a gazelle. Even Kyler Murray couldn’t escape it and he is shiftier than Wilson and Rodgers. Wake up America, Niners are dangerous again and they will make you pay for your delusions that they aren’t. For half a season, all I’ve been hearing is, they’re not that great. They just beat 2500 to 1 odds set by the experts. I call that great!

  11. The cynics will not give Jimmy G any credit for being 14-2 as starter for the 49ers. They claim that when he loses, he is the one to blame, but when he wins, it is because the team is good. The 5-0 record he compiled as starter in 2016 are “meaningless games.” What a crock. The preseason games are the only meaningless games. All regular season games are meaningful. The two game he started and won for New England were definitely not meaningless games. Jimmy G. has a career record of 16-2 in the NFL. Yet the cynics are still waiting for an opportunity to call him a bust.

  12. Re Seattle game. The Niners will have 11 days rest, extra scheme time for Shanahan, and several key players return. Combined with an electric vibe in the stadium and a chance to put a division rival three games behind them leads me to believe the Seahawks are gonna get the Niners best effort. Wilson can win this game but it’s doubtful. Carroll’s bad late game management and dumb challenges won’t help the a Hawks either. Nor will their D who just gave up 34 at home to the lowly Bucs. Niners win convingly IMO

  13. I caught the 49ers-Cardinals game, and I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the 49ers. The Cardinals, despite having no defense and an offense whose only good player is a rookie QB, gave the 49ers a run for their money. When the 49ers face a good team with a good QB, they’ll be exposed.

  14. californianewton says:
    November 5, 2019 at 12:51 am
    The cynics will not give Jimmy G any credit for being 14-2 as starter for the 49ers.

    OH I’ll give him a little of the credit because Jimmy has 13TD and 9 turnovers with only 1806yds passing(he’s 21st in yds and SF is 22nd in passing as a team, but they rank 3rd in combined rushing yards) and those are not great QB numbers by any stretch of the imagination, as a matter of fact they’re average numbers so the 49ers are at 8-0 despite Jimmy, not because of him. Although he does have a great comp % at >70% but his turnover rate is very high and for every TD he throws he gives the ball away 69% of the time, that’s entirely too much! That D, the OL and the running game is the biggest reason they’re at 8-0.

    BTW why do some people always try to give the QB ALL the credit for the wins, its a “TEAM” game? Especially in cases like this where its really the OL, running game and the D? OH I’m not saying that Jimmy doesn’t have anything to do with it but there’s a whole lot of room for improvement in his game, he’s no Brady, Brees, Mahomes or Wilson!

    PS Carr has better numbers across the board but the Raiders don’t have the wins so he’s going unnoticed, just putting it into perspective.

  15. The only team that can stop the Niners is the Niners
    …and the Saints

  16. The odds of Frisco winning the SB has gone from 20:1 early in the season to 10:1 to 6:1 right now.

  17. Being unbeaten in the regular season is no big deal. Winning the Super Bowl is. The Patirots were 16-0 in the regular season, but they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. Any team would rather be the Giants than the Patriots that season.

  18. I listened to talk radio in the Bay Area yesterday and heard some people credit Kyle Shanahan for the 49er’s success. Shanahan is 18-22 so far as head coach in the NFL. In contrast, Jimmy G. is 16-2 as starter in the NFL, and 14-2 as 49er starter. Shanahan is 4-18 as Frisco head coach without Jimmy G. but 14-2 with Jimmy G. as starter. Numbers don’t lie.

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