Brian Hoyer flew by seat of pants, nearly landed plane

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The Colts weren’t able to come back and win, but the fact they had a chance speaks to the importance of a trustworthy backup quarterback.

And for Colts backup Brian Hoyer, it was a matter of introducing himself to people on the fly.

Hoyer arrived after the training camp retirement of Andrew Luck, and generally runs the scout team in Colts practice so starter Jacoby Brissett can get the work he needs. So the fact he rolled off the bench in the second quarter and threw for three touchdowns after Brissett went down with a knee injury was impressive.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that probably 98 percent of the plays he ran today, it was probably his first time running them,” Colts wide receiver Chester Rogers said, via Stephen Holder of “It’s true. He’s mainly on the scout team [during practice], giving the defense a look. He’s a baller.”

Backup quarterbacks aren’t going to get a lot of reps anywhere, but Hoyer said that yesterday was a blind date with some of his targets.

“It was my first time throwing to him today,” Hoyer said of wide receiver Zach Pascal (five catches, 76 yards and a touchdown).

It didn’t help that he didn’t have star receiver T.Y. Hilton either, out with a calf strain. And depending on today’s tests on Brissett’s knee, Hoyer might have to spend more time getting to know his good friends.

9 responses to “Brian Hoyer flew by seat of pants, nearly landed plane

  1. You cant dress a pig up and call it a cow… a pig is a pig.. Hoyer has done this before… as hes been on 8 teams and won the starting job also. Why act like Hoyer is unknown and hes shocked us.. Hoyer is just like Fitzpatrick.. he plays great THENNNNNNNN he fizzles back to being a back up QB..

    CHILLLLLLLL out… He is who we thought he was.. and get the stat line right… Hoyer threw 4 TDs… one to Fitz!! lol

  2. he plays great THENNNNNNNN he fizzles back to being a back up QB..


    You chill out… This worked up over Brian Hoyer and comparing him to Fitzpatrick? come back to earth

  3. Dude is no slouch as back-up QB. He’s done it before, shouldn’t be too shocking

  4. Seems like more backups are playing this season than any other I can recall.
    Even with a effort to protect QBs, they’re still dropping like flies.

  5. You played against what was a third string QB a year ago with a rookie running back. I think a team 5-2 would have ran away with the game with Brian experience

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