Deshaun Watson: No limits on fun plays and crazy throws

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s left eye still showed the damage done when he took a cleat to the face while throwing a game-winning touchdown pass against Oakland in Week Eight, but the swelling didn’t do anything to take away from his play or his ability to rescue plays the way he did against the Raiders.

Watson made the highlight reel by escaping a pair of Jacksonville pass rushers and flicking the ball to running back Carlos Hyde, who ran for a first down that helped set up a Watson touchdown pass. Watson said after the 26-3 win that he feels like there’s an endless amount of things he can come up with on the field to counter what defenses throw at him.

“There’s no limits on that,” Watson said, via the Houston Chronicle. “There’s a lot of football left, a lot of opportunities left, so there’s going to be a lot more. A lot more fun plays and a lot more crazy throws and all kinds of stuff. I just kind of react. The more people try to get me down, the more crazy it will get for sure.”

Watson ended Sunday’s game 22-of-28 for 201 yards and two touchdowns while also picking up 37 yards on the ground. He’ll get a week off to rest his eye and come up with new moves to confound defenses before returning to action in what will be a highly anticipated matchup with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Week 11.

5 responses to “Deshaun Watson: No limits on fun plays and crazy throws

  1. He’s been awesome and is obviously a winner, my biggest concern is him getting a fat head.

  2. The Texans need to go all in on him to win the SB in the next 3 years. Playmakers as QBs don’t last as long in the NFL.

  3. Had the opportunity to see him last year outside the bubble at reliant stadium. This cat is huge for a qb. May explain why he can do what he does.Ive seen him take some vicious hits,and he rarely leaves the field. Seems the only way to get him out of a game,is to shoot him.Tough ,though ballplayer.

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