Eagles hope DeSean Jackson will be fine after bye

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DeSean Jackson‘s return after a six-week absence lasted exactly one series, but they hope one more week off will serve him well.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said during Monday’s appearance on WIP that Jackson should be OK after this week’s bye, and that yesterday’s early exit was precautionary in light of the groin injury that kept him out since Week Two.

“Leading up to the game, he had been in his rehab, running, and felt really good,” Pederson said. “He had a great week of practice and preparation and we had looked at the Bears game as a possible date for him to return and play. He felt good. It was something we had a lot of collaboration on, not only with our doctors, but with DeSean to play in this football game. He was going to be limited, we knew that going in. He wasn’t going to play the full game. Everybody was comfortable with that decision.

“He gets into the football game and he had a moment there where he said something felt something, and so we took him in for really precautionary reasons. And everything, what I heard after the game, checked out good. We’ll check him out again this morning. I’ll get an update here in a little while. But I fully expect him to be good in a couple of weeks.”

The Eagles play the Patriots in Week 11, and they’ll need Jackson down the stretch.

He had one catch for 8 yards before leaving yesterday.

6 responses to “Eagles hope DeSean Jackson will be fine after bye

  1. Hope is all we got right now and there’s not much of it to go around.
    He obviously is nowhere near 100% and I doubt an extra week or two is going to change that.

  2. cobrala2 says:
    November 4, 2019 at 9:05 am
    Hope is all we got right now and there’s not much of it to go around.
    He obviously is nowhere near 100% and I doubt an extra week or two is going to change that.


    Right, because you’re a doctor who is intimately familiar with the situation and know exactly what’s going on here.

    Look…you may turn out to be right, but none of us have any real idea about what’s happening with this dude’s body, other than the fact that he’s aging. They want him ready for the end-of-season run. They’ve got their two biggest games ahead and it was pretty evident early on that Trubisky couldn’t hit the side of a barn. There was no need to keep DeSean in that game.

  3. The problem isn’t DeSean or the injury, it’s the front office’s apparent disinterest in having multiple options with deep threat capability. 2017 showed that even a pedestrian Torrey Smith made a huge difference in the play calling success. It’s clear Doug is going to throw first and often, so Howie needed to get on the same page and get a roster that suits this preference (or vice versa).

  4. This just goes to show how different practice is from a game. He was fine all week and plays 2 plays IN A GAME and he quits. Keep thinking practice is as good as the preseason. Iverson was wise beyond his years.

  5. Anyone who’s ever had an abdominal injury or especially surgery will tell you its never the same. Once he accepts this is his new %100 he can be effective again until then we watch our offense live 5 yards at a time.

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