Freddie Kitchens: “No dysfunction” with Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry cleat issue

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The Browns continue to be, well, the Browns. Despite the high expectations, dysfunction lingers. One specific form of it emerged on Sunday, when receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry were told by officials that, if they didn’t change their non-conforming cleats at halftime, they wouldn’t be permitted to take the field in the third quarter.

On Monday, coach Freddie Kitchens took issue with the notion that the cleats kerfuffle constitutes evidence of dysfunction.

“I asked the guys to take the cleats off, and they took the cleats off,” Kitchens said. “I didn’t recognize the cleats during the game. I don’t really look at their cleats, you know? It was brought to my attention that they need to take the cleats off. I asked them to take the cleats off, and they took the cleats off. There was no dysfunction there.”

Kitchens also pushed back against the idea that the issue undermined the team.

“I feel like any time they’ve potential to hurt the team than that is not a good thing, but they didn’t hurt the team,” Kitchens said. “They took their cleats off when they were told to take their cleats off.”

But it can be argued that they did hurt the team, because it created a distraction. And the last thing a 2-6 team needs is another distraction — especially regarding something as frivolous as footwear.

11 responses to “Freddie Kitchens: “No dysfunction” with Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry cleat issue

  1. The fact that Beckham was more concerned after the game about his shoes vs. his team losing a potential season ending game shows exactly where his priorities are. And if that is not dysfunction, then evidently 2-6 is OK with the coach too.

  2. The only positive I have as a jet fan is seeing how bad and terrible the browns are and realize they are a bigger and the biggest disappointment. Yes really this is all I have this year I know it’s sad. And also the fact that darnold is better than baker. So I at least feel good about those things. Other than that my life sucks

  3. Kitchens is in over his head and it’s obvious he isn’t ready to be a HC. They seemed to be improving with Williams running the show and inexplicably decided that being successful was not the Browns way…

  4. Kitchens is right it’s a non-issue. The only people upset about it are the Browns. Has no effect on the outcome of the game whatsoever.

  5. The NFL should institute in-game penalties like the NHL. So Beckham would have to sit out a series for a uni violation. Or something.

  6. This is what happens when half of America celebrates breaking rules or laws that they find inconvenient for their own agendas. It then catches wildfire and filters down to Americas children to do the same. Disrespect then becomes cool and hip. Great role models guys. Clap clap.

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