Shane Steichen a hit on first day running the Chargers offense

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The Chargers made a big change to their offensive coaching staff after beating the Bears in Week Eight.

Ken Whisenhunt was fired as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Shane Steichen was tabbed to call the offensive plays for the rest of the season. His first day in the job couldn’t have gone much better.

The Chargers set season highs in rushing yards and total offensive yards in a 26-11 win over the Packers. That earned Steichen some praise from head coach Anthony Lynn when the game was over.

“Shane did an outstanding job,” Lynn said, via the Los Angeles Times. “I thought he was aggressive when he needed to be aggressive. He did a good job establishing the run when he had to.”

The Chargers can get back to .500 by winning in Oakland next weekend. A repeat of Sunday’s offensive performance would help make that happen while raising confidence that the team can still find its way into the playoff mix before the year is out.

15 responses to “Shane Steichen a hit on first day running the Chargers offense

  1. I give the Chargers credit, they needed a big win and got it.

    When a game is lost you don’t sit around and dwell on it.

    The Packers are on to Carolina.


  2. I think most Packer players were still asleep until the 2nd half. Good game by the bolts but what an embarrassment for us. Just didn’t show up.

  3. “The character of the guys in the locker room. I feel pretty confident we are going to respond.”

    100% focus is on Carolina for the Packers. Big game this week before the bye week.


  4. Hat’s off to the Chargers and their fans. The Packers were out-coached and out-played. Not even close, and as a life-long Packer fan I’ve seen a lot of snoozers.

  5. The whole game just felt off. From not showing the kickoff to our suddenly inept o-line, everything was out of whack.

    Ironically I wasn’t too jazzed for this game last week because I thought it’d be an easy win against a boring team. I think the Packers thought the same and completely overlooked this team.

  6. I liked the new play-calls. The Whiz was getting too predictable. That was clear during last years play-off game against the Patriots, when the LA Chargers could do nothing.

  7. Great performance by the Chargers, but remember it was against the traditionally horrible Packers defense. Let’s keep it up against tougher teams.

  8. He deffinetly did well, its not like the LA is lacking talent they have probpwlers on both sides of the ball havent lost a game by more than 1 score. I thought they would be making push for another playoff spot, and they can be with be the rest of the AFC is playing.

  9. Gotta love watching MN fans talk smack about a team that beat them this year and is a game and a half ahead of them in the standings. Wasn’t it just 8 days ago we best the team that dropped you to 3 losses? Don’t let reality get in your way though guys.

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