Bears coach Matt Nagy “all about positivity”

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Matt Nagy is trying to emphasize the positive. Perhaps he’s watching the wrong team.

After the Bears coach watched his own team limp for a fourth straight loss, he was trying to put a happy face on the people around him to keep the slide from becoming worse.

“That’s a big part of it,” Nagy said, via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune. “We stay positive and we fight through it. It’s going to come, it’s just a matter of when. And I know it’s hard for everybody. It’s hard for us and it’s hard for everybody out there. But I’m all about positivity, and that’s the way we attack it.”

Nagy’s work as a therapist is getting tougher and tougher, as the Bears are closer to the top of the draft order standings than the ones for playoff seedings

Specifically, he has to work with the Bears’ defense, which is forced to bear a larger burden because of the struggles of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and the entire offensive operation.

“I have all the belief in those guys and how they’re going to handle themselves,” Nagy said. “Even after a four-game losing streak. What happens is you see their character jump up even more and you realize that they lead themselves defensively. Just all in all, the whole unit, they feed off that. So I have confidence they won’t get burned out.”

Still, he knows the pressure, admitting: “the physical side of it is you’ve got to go out and get points on the board. That’ll help them with the burnout factor.”

The fact that the Bears are talking about counseling and burnout at the midway point of the season is as reliable an indicator of the way things are going as any statistical measure.

18 responses to “Bears coach Matt Nagy “all about positivity”

  1. It was obvious to real football fans this team was vastly overrated going into the season and it’s painfully obvious now that this team is rudderless.

    Everyone has to go from the GM down to the QB and that includes Nagy.

  2. The O-line is the same consistency of wet toilet paper. Doesn’t matter how good the defense is, they’re going to get burnt out being on the field after a quick 3 and out form the dysfunctional offense and QB that can’t make a quick decision every offensive possession.

    Let’s stay positive, but not make any changes what so ever……model coaching philosophy there.

  3. Nine total yards in one half. Nine. We have a QB that plays scared, play calling right out of flag football 30 years ago and a Swiss cheese offensive line. Sorry, I don’t share the positive point of view. The team is regressing and that’s a direct result of the coach and Mr. Pace. Both of them should see the unemployment line after this season.

  4. Again its not the defense fault that nagy is tryin to be dr. Phil instead of a head coach…..get your qb to step up and quit calling a bad game with poor clock management…..he shouldnt be talkin to the media, he should be talkin to his qb and workin on fixing the main problem

  5. Doesn’t look like the schedule is getting any easier either. This year teams have had a chance to scout Trubisky and Nagy;s offensive system and design defenses to stop him — combine that with injuries and a first place schedule and regression was assured. Didn’t expect this much though.

  6. joetoronto says:
    November 5, 2019 at 6:35 am

    It was obvious to real football fans this team was vastly overrated going into the season and it’s painfully obvious now that this team is rudderless.

    Everyone has to go from the GM down to the QB and that includes Nagy.


    As a very sad and depressed Lions fan, I’m the biggest Bears hater out there, but it wasn’t obvious (not even in the very least bit) that a team that rolled the division (swept my Lions), finished 12-4 as division champs is overrated. They literally have the exact same team with a much more difficult schedule, but that’s not the problem. It’s Nagy and Trubisky so I will agree with you there.

    I love how you continue to try and justify your ridiculous previous comments. Mack is better than your entire Raiders defense, get over it already, the Bears fleeced you in the trade because everyone knows draft picks can be busts: see Eric Ebron and many others….

  7. The Eagles were one dementional, they have no receivers and the vaunted Bear Defense couuldnt stop run.

  8. Teams had the Bears offense figured out toward the end of last year, Nagy still doesn’t seem to get that. Raider fans that still talk about the Mack trade are like jilted high school girls, they cry themselves to sleep at night in their # 52 MACK Raider jerseys, “How could he leave us like that?” Thanks to the Lions fan, I’ll still take Mack over 2 more Pace first round picks. I’d take Ebron over Kevin White. So sorry to hear the Eagles were dementional on Sunday ……..

  9. Nagy can be positive that DA BEARS will have more losses…..a lot more. No QB, Loser TE’s, bad line, bad play calling.

  10. The offense has gotten worse every game these last 4 losses and now the defense is starting to take on water. Irregardless of their record they are right now one of the 3 or 4 worst teams in the league and I don’t think they’ve even hit bottom yet.

  11. Can’t judge the QB without better play calling and a better O line. I think that last year they did have one, but Nagy chose to realign it. Don’t fix it when it’s not broken coach! I can’t defend Pace who made some idiotic moves, like trading Howard for a 7th round pick.Like trading away several high picks to get the great Trubisky. I am 83 years old and my game is coming to an end. I was hoping for a better season in 2019. I don’t know if I will see a 2020 season.

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