Black cat makes it to the official NFL account of Monday night’s game


The cat that crashed the party on Monday night has made an appearance in the official NFL account of Monday night’s Cowboys-Giants game.

Here’s the specific entry from the National Football League Game Summary, as Peter King pointed out after we wrapped Tuesday’s edition of PFT Live: “The game has been suspended. Cat on the field. The game has resumed.”

The cat lingered for a couple of minutes, provoking another classic Westwood One radio call from Kevin Harlan, who expertly worked in a sponsor plug while narrating the feline’s foray on to a football field. After it exited through one of the tunnels at MetLife Stadium, the question became whether the cat was scooped up by security personnel. (The folks on the field had no interest in getting close to it.)

If the cat, which looked to be fairly well fed by the nacho scraps and other loose foodstuffs at the facility, managed to evade capture, maybe he/she will make a return on Sunday, when the Jets host the Giants.

An appearance from the ultimate symbol of bad luck would make plenty of sense when teams with a combined record of 3-14 get together for their once-every-four-years game that counts. On Monday night, the cat brought very bad luck to the home team.

The Giants led 9-3 before the cat crashed the party. Post-cat, the Cowboys outscored the Giants, 34-9.