Dean Spanos: London story is BS, Chargers aren’t going anywhere

Getty Images

The Chargers moved to Los Angeles in 2017 and they aren’t going to be moving to another city in the near future.

That was the word from team owner Dean Spanos on Tuesday in response to a report from Vincent Bonsignore of that “the possibility of the Chargers moving to London has been broached among league personnel.” The report also indicated that the team would “at least listen” if the prospect was broached.

Spanos was quoted in the article as saying the team is “fully committed and focused” on Los Angeles. Tuesday’s response was a bit stronger as he called the notion of a move “a lot of crap.”

“We’re not going to London. We’re not going anywhere. We plan to be in LA for a long f–king time. That was bulls–t, that story,” Spanos said, via Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times.

The team’s Twitter account underlined that message by playing a clip of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “I’m not leaving” speech from The Wolf of Wall Street, although they muted the profanity from the movie in a way that Spanos didn’t bother doing while shooting down the idea.