Eagles put DeSean Jackson on injured reserve

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When word broke Monday that Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson would have core muscle surgery, there was a question about whether he’d be able to make it back on the field this season.

The answer came on Tuesday. The Eagles put Jackson on injured reserve and he’d have to miss eight games to have any chance of returning to action, so any return couldn’t come before the divisional round of the playoffs at the earliest.

The move ends a disappointing return to Philadelphia for Jackson. It started on a high note as he caught eight passes for 154 yards and two touchdowns in a Week One win, but he got hurt the next week and last Sunday’s return to the lineup ended quickly when he aggravated the injury.

With Jackson out of action, the Eagles have Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Mack Hollins at receiver. Former Eagle wideout Jordan Matthews was in town to meet with the team on Tuesday.

31 responses to “Eagles put DeSean Jackson on injured reserve

  1. Failure on all ends and the decision making at the NovaCare has to be called into question. I don’t care what anyone says if your muscle can be torn off a bone after running for 1 play he shouldn’t have been out there and should have been told weeks ago the only way to fix it is surgery. What bones are in your stomach anyway?

  2. With the guaranteed money he is uncuttable for 2020. They might get 2 whole games from him next year. Game 1 and a random game late in the season against a team they would beat anyway.

    Alshon Jeffery’s contract is guaranteed for 2020 as well. That is $25 million next year for 2 over the hill receivers.

  3. The Eagles don’t need another slow wide receiver like Mathews . They need someone with speed like AB or Wallace.

  4. Cowgirl Dak may or may not be better then Carson. But Wentz has one big thing that Dak doesn’t and may never have a Superbowl ring

  5. mikedj42 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    Cowgirl Dak may or may not be better then Carson. But Wentz has one big thing that Dak doesn’t and may never have a Superbowl ring
    So does whoever is Laurie’s secretary. Lots of people in the organization get them that don’t participate on the field. Wince got his gifted from Foles, therefore Prescott and he have earned the same amount of rings.
    By the way:
    Jerry Jones Rings = 3. Laurie =1. The only question is, will PHI have to wait another half century? Probably.

  6. How does this clown ever make a roster? He is so broken that you’d swear his nickname is “Yugo”.

  7. They should not have rushed him back. They had a bye this week, just should have kept him out for one more week.

  8. Did Mr. drop it like it’s hot on the 2 yard line while scoring, get tackled by the blocking sled again?

  9. @danny Woodson you have no idea what you’re talkin about and you’re embarrassing yourself.

  10. He got hurt the first game of the season when he did three somersaults in a row after scoring a touchdown. I thought at the time it was a stupid thing for someone over 30 to do and I was right. Hot dog!

  11. mikedj42 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm
    Cowgirl Dak may or may not be better then Carson. But Wentz has one big thing that Dak doesn’t and may never have a Superbowl ring

    Perhaps. But Foles won that ring. And also took them to the playoffs last year.
    Wentz has done squat so far.

  12. skmad2014 says:
    November 5, 2019 at 5:15 pm
    Dak > Wentz.

    32 out of 32 NFL coaches, including Jason Garrett, would take Wentz over Dak. Injuries and all. He is literally that much better. Dak has had better skill position players every year and has only been successful when his offensive line is dominant.

  13. Wentz zero rings……dak zero rings…..foles one ring…….any proud qb doesnt show off a sb ring of a sb that he didnt play in……heck he didnt even play in the playoffs…..probably would not have won the sb with wentz as qb.

  14. One of the few things that Chip Kelly got right was ejecting Jackson and McCoy from the team! Seemed crazy at the time, but knowing what we do now; it showed great vision!

    There’s an inverse relationship to how much guaranteed cash that Jackson has in his pocket and how much he plays. When he’s flush in cash, he’s always injured. When he’s on non-guaranteed years, he plays. He still can’t block and is a liability in the running game and is completely predictable in this manner. He’s a rank jerk to the team he’s playing for when he doesn’t have the cash and can’t play once he gets it!

    Kelly was simply right about McCoy, too. Sure, it’s exciting when he makes big runs, but run where the blocking is, not act like you’re Barry Sanders juking defenders who aren’t there to look cute and make highlight films! They implemented a running scheme for a reason! Follow it! This is also why Buffalo moved on from this narcissistic primadonna!

    Neither is worth the money nor the headache of their narcissism!

    And I’m a Redskin’s fan, not an Eagles fan! We saw, first hand, what Kelly saw in Jackson. And like in Philly; Jackson will also lose the team 1 or 2 games a year by doing selfish, narcissistic and low rent things to taunt the other team rather than think of his own teammates!

    It baffles me that Philly would go back to this well. It’s like getting back with an old girlfriend that you clearly know is nuts and then being surprised by how she acts!

  15. ScreaminEagle says:
    November 5, 2019 at 8:03 pm
    id take a look at Jennings who just got cut from the Seahawks


    The Eagles are crazy if they don’t put in a waiver claim for him. He has all the measurables they are looking for, the question is if he can mentally put it all together.

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