Joe Mixon: We’re all frustrated by inability to run the ball

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The Bengals returned from their bye week on Monday and they’ll return to the field this week with a new quarterback running the offense.

Ryan Finley‘s chances of leading the team to more success than the 0-8 mark they achieved with Andy Dalton at the controls would be helped by the emergence of a running game. The Bengals managed 476 yards on the ground over the first half of the season, which is the worst output in the league and something running back Joe Mixon hopes will improve in the second half.

“Everybody knows that I’m frustrated. Who wouldn’t be frustrated? I feel like I should be putting up way better numbers than what I’m putting up right now,” Mixon said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “To go from first in the AFC in rushing and s–t, we’re probably last right now in the AFC. It’s embarrassing to me. That’s not my expectation and it shouldn’t be anybody else’s expectation. I’m not complacent to what the hell is going on. I’m frustrated. Everybody knows that I’m frustrated, but the coaches are frustrated, too. We are all frustrated.”

This may be a tough week for the running game to find its footing. The Bengals will host a Ravens team that’s allowing the second-fewest rushing yards per game and Baltimore would surely like to force Finley to beat them in his first NFL start.

12 responses to “Joe Mixon: We’re all frustrated by inability to run the ball

  1. Man, they’re picking a ROUGH week start a rookie. Most likely they’ll be pass heavy as they play from behind against a dangerous defense.

    This game is possibly the absolute worst position you could throw a rookie into.

    Can’t say that I’m stunned that the current coaching staff of the Bengals thinks this is a good idea…

  2. The only ways the Ravens can lose to the Bengals:

    * They look past them to the following week’s game against Houston
    * They get caught up by the fact they thumped the Pats, and therefore they think they can sleepwalk through the Cincy game.

  3. Got to feel bad for Mixon. Has to make 2 cuts to get back to the line of scrimmage on most plays.

  4. Mixon is just in his 3rd season as a Bengal. Try being a fan for the past 30 years. That’s frustration! No playoff wins, and year after year of incompetance from their management. Mike Brown has to be the worst owner in sports and he’s tarnishing the great Paul Brown’s name. Every empty seat at Paul Brown Stadium has Mike Brown’s name on it.

  5. Unable to run
    Unable to stop run
    Unable to pass
    Unable to stop pass
    Unable to win
    Unable to entertain their fans

  6. Its pretty sad when WEBN (the station that broadcasts Bengals games) is playing ads on the radio last week that start with “enjoy a weekend where the Bengals can’t lose” for one of their parties they were advertising.

  7. So they are 0 and 8 and he’s frustrated with his personal stats being down? That about sums it up for this loser…

  8. The offensive line is worst in the league. Mixon numbers look awful, but he only gets one or two carries a game where first contact is beyond the line of scrimmage. Andy was never great, but pass blocking is equally inept. Not sure how throwing some kid in there is going to prove anything other than get him killed.

    The sad part will be when Green, Boyd and Ross get on the field at the same time they will accidentally win a game or two and screw up the first overall pick.

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